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Black Box Punctuality
Sadly, I'm quite a punctual person so find I'm often the first person to arrive places and end up waiting about.

I'm finding the sasme thing happening a lot in BlackBox.

I apprciate that people are on the internets doing other stuff while they wait for the draw to occur but surely you should have an eye on the clock so you know when draw time is, even just for the excitement of watching the chat log pop up and tell you which unlucky soul didnt get scheduled.

As a result, I've often found myself sat with the game waiting for the other coach for in excess of 5 mins. To me this seems a bit rude so coudl people maybe look to be a bit more aware after they have activated their team that they need to keep an eye on the draw?

What do others feel on this?
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Posted by koadah on 2012-07-18 09:53:53
Five minutes isn't that long.

We could always just not activate at all then you have no game due to not enough coaches.
Posted by JigerJones on 2012-07-18 10:55:17
+1 rated 6
Posted by Overhamsteren on 2012-07-18 10:55:32
People should pop in 1-2 minutes after the draw, if you need to do something then ask for a small break.

That said I haven't really experienced this to any noticeable degree...
Posted by King_Ghidra on 2012-07-18 11:37:54
Nice attitude Koadah. "Oh you won't pander to my whims? Don't you realise how lucky you are even to be playing me? Well I guess I'll take my ball and go home and see how you like that."

Yeah, nice. Great way to represent Box.

Totally agree with the OP.

Posted by garyt1 on 2012-07-18 11:40:34
I often wait a couple of minutes, not often a lot. I would be getting fidgety at 5 minutes but it is acceptable though as they may have been checking your team and profile. Better a delay at the start than during.
If they disappear at the draw for more than 5 minutes that is annoying though as they only activated a few minutes before.
Posted by garyt1 on 2012-07-18 11:41:44
I wish you could start marking your players before the other coach arrives.
Posted by lizvis on 2012-07-18 11:44:41
hmmmmm........well, let's see..........whats really going on here?
stej seems to primarily play a clawpomb chaos team and has problems with the other coach showing up in a reasonable amount of time, and overhamsteren seems to primarily play a dark elf team and doesn't have a problem with the other coach showing up in a reasonable amount of time.

seems to me its the same problem of this rule set that pops up over and over again, everyone wants to play with clawpomb but no one wants to play against clawpomb. yay CRaP!!! \o/
Posted by koadah on 2012-07-18 12:00:51
@King_Ghidra That's is exactly how it works. If I don't activate when I do, when I return I have missed the draw and people moan that there were only 3/4 coaches so no one gets a game.

No apologies.
Posted by stej on 2012-07-18 13:33:52
Boo, slander. I only have one POMB let alone any CLPOMB on my team :P

The bulk of the team was built up in LRB4 days so is more classic chaos than modern pombfest.

Posted by King_Ghidra on 2012-07-18 13:35:05
Must be quite a burden knowing you are the centre of the universe and the pivot of the entire Box division.

I would personally like to thank you for keeping Box alive. You are a truly selfless individual.

In light of this information, it seems only right that we should all live with your tardy behaviour. I guess sometimes we forget how blessed we are.
Posted by koadah on 2012-07-18 13:51:18

No worries dude. I hope that there are always enough coaches for the Box to run.
Posted by Ludovicious on 2012-07-18 14:03:21
I agree. It really annoys the daylight out of me. However, I can't speak for others but, I would bet that more than half my games, I sit around 3+ mins, which is quite intolerable. Furthermore only a few ever apologize, if they are more than 5 mins. late. This vacancy of a minimum standard is in my view extremely rude.

2 mins is tolerable. If more, ask politely to be excused, and be informative at the same time, why you can't join immediately.
Posted by Overhamsteren on 2012-07-18 14:40:15
Especially if you are going to the loo remember to be very informative and report your experience afterwards, it's only god-damn common courtesy.
Posted by Ludovicious on 2012-07-18 14:51:10
@Overhamsteren - hehe yeah... Point taken. Might have gone a bit too far there.

Didn't mean that kind of detail. Anything remotely personal or private, should ofc stay that. Just something a long the lines: "Sry, I'm gonna be late, I expect to be back/ready in x mins.
Posted by pythrr on 2012-07-18 15:28:25
i totally agree

Useless inconsiderate noobs
Posted by BillBrasky on 2012-07-18 16:49:10
I agree!

....Except for the times when I pass out drunk, and fail to show xD
Posted by Wreckage on 2012-07-18 16:57:35
I would apologise on 8 mins because that's a pretty long wait. But being there after 5 minutes is decent as you have a very short set 10 minute time window to join and are comfortably early.

If you sit there for a couple of hours waiting for a draw to happen because not enough peole join, 5 minutes are nothing. I think Koadah is absolutley right. If you are getting worked up about 5 minutes what do you do when somebody is actually late?

If you play the game you should be aware of the time scedule that is available to you and plan accordingly.

You shouldn't walk around and expect other people to live up to the way you expect them to play but rather just have a good look at the rules and arrange yourself with them.

And then you have a choice. And that is to be rude and drop out of a game after 10 minutes of waiting or to be polite and to wait another 5 minutes.

Apart from that we should all try our best to be polite but to apologise because of 5 minutes seems like taking it a bit far.
Posted by pythrr on 2012-07-18 18:31:07
Apologies are free and make baby jesus smile
Posted by anisdrin on 2012-07-18 19:06:57
I can only agree with Stej.

If you activate, you know that you will have to start at a given time (within the next 5min at most). So there is not excuse to make your opponent have to wait for 5min to get you there.

This is simple not polite.
Posted by Wreckage on 2012-07-18 19:31:10
"Apologies are free and make baby jesus smile."

Maybe thats how you use apologies but ethical persons who value their word wait for situations where they are actually sorry before they apologise.

I'm not sorry when I stall or use piling on or block or clean my laundry or when I take a 3 minute turn or when I'm 5 mins early.
Posted by Niebling on 2012-07-18 22:33:06
@BillBrasky yes if you have to pass out do it before game starts and not doing a Blitz action ;)
I still remember sitting there thinking wth just happend :)
Posted by pythrr on 2012-07-19 00:22:53
"I'm not sorry when I stall or use piling on or block or clean my laundry or when I take a 3 minute turn or when I'm 5 mins early."

Why would you be sorry for being 5 minutes EARLY?
Posted by Nelphine on 2012-07-19 01:44:02
I am firmly on the side of: If you activate, be there within 1 minute of activation. Sure, we have 10 minutes of leeway, but that's for if something comes up. If you know that (for instance) you are going to go grab something to eat, wait the extra 15 minutes for the next activation! If you activate and the doorbell rings, and you're 5 minutes late, that's cool. But make sure if you're going to be more than 1 minute late (which can be explained by looking at forum threads, or the client taking a long time to load) that the reason is out of your control.

I would MUCH rather you waste an extra 15 minutes of your own time to wait for the next activation, then waste 5 minutes of someone else's time if you know you are going to have to miss those 5 minutes.

As far as reasoning: When I played box games, it was generally while at school; I have PRECISELY 90 minutes between classes, and so I expect that game to be done in AT MOST 90 minutes from activation time. If you are 5 minutes late at the beginning, then I'm going to time you out, every single time I possibly can, because otherwise I might not finish the game since I'll have to go to class.

The box (for me) has it's main appeal in getting a game FAST at a particular time. If I wanted to wait (or even have time to wait) 5 extra minutes for my opponent, I'll go play in ranked.

As a note, I don't play box anymore. But I figured giving some reasoning behind why 5 minutes late is unacceptable might be interesting to those who think 5 minutes is fine.
Posted by Ranensol on 2012-07-19 13:49:28
I don't play black box, and having read lots of forum posts and blogs about min/maxers and CLAWPOMB's i don't think i ever will, i have no interest in stroking someone else e-peen...

That said, being late is rude regardless of where you are or what you're doing, and stej is right to point out that it's annoying and see whether he's alone.

On a side note it really is a shame to keep seeing vets with attitudes like koaduh's.
They're like persistent injuries on players, and it's just a shame they can't be fired and replaced...
Posted by koadah on 2012-07-19 16:31:43
Well, I really didn't realise that it inconvenienced you guys so much.

Don't worry I probably won't be bothering you too much in the Box in future.

Just so you know. I care for my partner who is in constant pain. Thats 24 hours a day 7 days a week. On in any week she is likely to be bedridden with it for 3 or 4 of those days.
I also care for my two sons. One has an autistic spectrum disorder. I also have a full time job and in my snippets of spare time run several leagues here on Fumbbl.

It is quite likely that I might try to sneak in a small task before the draw and could be a couple of minutes late.
I could well be interrupted for a couple of minutes during the game too. No doubt that is also a serious crime.

If I listed to you guys I would never play a game on here at all.
Posted by Ranensol on 2012-07-19 18:00:01
@koaduh, Assuming you're telling the truth (i'm not saying either way) then you personally obviously have extenuating circumstances which excuse being late (at the very least), and reasons for being short with people (to a point, it's not their fault either to be fair...).

I doubt very much that every vet i've seen tearing a piece out of someone for daring to say anything has those same circumstances though.
Posted by koadah on 2012-07-19 19:23:41
My posts may have been fairly grumpy but I don't see them as "tearing a piece out of someone".

Stej and King_Ghidra have both been here a fair while so it's not like chewing out rookies. I am usually one of the first people to get on someone who does that.

Loads of people on here have children so there is really nothing special about people being distracted and not beginning a game 'immediately'.

So yes I might get ratty at someone moaning about a couple of minutes. 5 minutes counts as a no show so it's up to you if you want to wait any longer than that.