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Random Musings II
I do like bloodbowl and happily accept that randomness is part an parcel of the game. However, I do feel that the impact taking casualties early on in a match can really destroy any chance you have of playing.

I put forward the following idea. Instead of players going off the pitch at the first sign of cas why not have injuries which impact the game they are currently in?

My idea is that
Every injury results in the player being removed from the pitch as now but they get the resultant injury applied to them there and then and can start playing from the start of the next drive.

So players who get a sprained ankle could still play but maybe lose 2 points of movement for the rest of the game. Some other injury could reduce armor on a temporary basis.I feel this would reduce the impact of bad cas dice. After this the player would revert back to usual stats.

Also, some injuries that cause a permanant reduction could be included which do remove the player from the game from that instant.

Cleary the current injury table would not suffice but it could be adjusted accordingly.

I must say, this is just an idea so feel free to point out any glaring flaws or abuses or comment on any part of this that sounds good
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Posted by Calcium on 2010-10-02 19:07:59
What you are suggesting would mean a lot of new rules or an overhaul of the existing rules. Whatever happens, the current rules (LRB6) are not likley to be changed for quite a while.

I've got to be honest mate, this is a bad idea. Accepting that sometimes you're going to smashed is part and parcel of this game. It's probably best to let this train of thought go, and you are just going to do your own head in with something that won't happen.
Posted by Arktoris on 2010-10-02 19:15:20
in earlier editions there was a random event card that could do something similar to this. If the player was CAS'd, he could ignore his broken bones and heroically continue to play...but at the end of the game you rolled a d6 and on a 6 he'd die.

we don't play with those wonderful cards anymore, so it's just not part of lrb4

GW has poo poo'd on it's bloodbowl customer base so I don't see anything wrong with ignoring their rules and doing our own thing. However, if the inventors of FFB start taking your suggestion seriously...they'll get flooded with literally a thousand other "idea" requests. So they most likely won't.
Posted by stej on 2010-10-02 22:49:54
Thanks for the feedback guys. I dont ever expect any of my thoughts to be implemented but just throwing them out there for discussion.

In a fairly automated environment you could make the rules quite complex and it wouldnt be an issue as the client could handle a lot of it.