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Grotty Little Despots painted
Grotty Little Newspaper was rebooted last year, and I contributed the painting article below.

Fast-forward to today.. and I just finished a team for the NEXT issue of GLN. I'll post up a picture blog about that team in a few days time; to celebrate the start of the Warpstone Open. Meanwhile if you missed GLN Issue 18 do check it out!

I recall it like it was yesterday. Anubis led me forward into the Hall of Truth, renting out my dead heart - placing it on the scales. I felt no pain, only a great dread as Osiris made judgment on my soul. In life I sinned, often and with great gusto. I broke the limbs of mine enemies. I treated mine nine wives most cruelly. I fought and killed mine own brothers for the crown. But is this sacrifice enough?

Osiris weighs my true dark nature and is satisfied. I may pass through to A’aru - Field of Reeds.

Now I study the Book of the Heavenly Cow; I must reach an enlightened state of disregard for these sacred rules. Soon I will be ready to take my position in our team of ancient dread; fighting beyond death for the glorious Blood Bowl.

Weather is nice, love from دراع ابو النجا

Paintbrush For Hire - BeanBlog

I knew it would come back to bite me. I hadn't had any ready cash for the last Referee's Benevolent Fund donation. The boys had been round - they were very understanding - a crushing blow from a heavy club knocked the wind out of me, breaking half the ribs down one side. One week to pay up, or they'd be be back. Injured and Unemployed I was desperate, I'd do literally anything for cash.

Grotty Little Newspaper heard I was at a low ebb and offered me a freelance painting job. But could I stoop that low? The very thought of working with those creeps disgusted me, but I needed gold, and fast. My stomach turned as I accepted the assignment.

It's a short turn around this one - I need some help - you okay to muck in? You will? Cheers! Grab that rattle can and get busy..

We'll undercoat these Wraithbone. No zenithal shadows, the desert sands bounce back light from all angles.

Mix up a bit of Crusader Skin and Hardened Leather would you? That looks good for Khemri; Now add some Rhinox Hide for the darker skinned models. Pallid Bone looks perfect on them bones, them bones, them dry bones.

Gold and Lapis are perfect for an ancient Egyptian inspired team; simple and effective. Highlord Blue is a bit thin, how about we basecoat Light Turquoise first? That is nice. I'm not sure we'll bother to basecoat all fifteen skeletons though.

Retributor Armour is a lovely rich gold, though it doesn't flow well. This is going to take a while even with both of us. I'll stick on a podcast or two..

Wash the gold with Reikland Fleshshade would you? Quite the bronzed Adonis yes! though you are alluding to the wrong classical civilisation.
All that's left is a trip to the beautician. Darken the shadows with Drakehoff Nighshade, and Gravelord Grey. Nice work on the eyes ^^
Victory lap or two of Abaddon Black on the rims now.. Hmm might have been easier to do them Steel Legion Drab same as the dirt. I'll glue on a few Shrew bones if you pass them over.

Deadline is tomorrow so let's call that job done. Thanks for your help : )
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Posted by DaCoach on 2023-01-24 17:59:33
Looks amazing - great job!
Posted by LemonheadWallenstein on 2023-01-24 19:17:20
they look very nice, classic colours too!
Posted by BeanBelly on 2023-01-24 20:11:34