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 Issue 6 - February 27 2506

GLN Revival
News & Views
The Ladder Division
by Mezir
Is Ladder dead or just in fibrillation?
A Gobbo's Tale - Part 3
by CandleJack
Part of an on-going story concerning a goblin's (mis)adventures.
A Gobbo's Tale - Part 4
by CandleJack
Part of an on-going story concerning a goblin's (mis)adventures.
The Altdorf School of Referees - Part 1
by DonKosak
DonKosak pays an extensive visit to an important Blood Bowl institute
Team Tactics
Dealing With Legends
by Cloggy
How to make sure Legends don't break your team, by the coach of FUMBBL's all-time top scorer.
Linos: Feast or Fodder
by AFK_Eagle
Correct application of Linemen 101.
Risky Things First?
by pac
Playing with Wood Elves against any opposition.
Admin Corner
by Christer
Informing you of the work behind the scenes on the Web site.
Anonymous Admin Advice Accumulation
by the Anonymous Admin
How to survive the jungle we call #fumbbladmin
Vocal Population: Gentlemen in Bloodbowl?
by MithrilPoint
Notable FUMBBL characters talk about sportsmanship in Blood Bowl.
FUMBBL's Spotlight Match
by RagingGoblin
Jim and Bob give commentary on a match between two long-standing FUMBBL teams.
Grum's Grudging Grumbles
by Uncle Grum (and Mezir)
Words of wisdom and astute advice from everyone's least favourite admin.
Group/Tournament Reports
FUMBBL Cup IV: The Hunt Begins
by AFK_Eagle
AFK_Eagle's preview for the FUMBBL Cup IV Final 32
KO Tourneys: Old and New
by Mully
A discussion of the Blutballas Cup and the Champion's Cup Challenge
BB Vets: Alpha Tourney Wrap-Up
by mikafreak
Summary of a tournament for old Unranked teams.
For Sale
GLN info
Word from the Editor
How to contribute
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