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2007-10-26 17:00:15
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2011-08-28 08:45:28
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Dear John Letters...Thrall to zombie
This is from the actual chat window from my game against Fang you and Goodnight


Dear John, Thank you for your time with the team and letting the vamps drink your blood. How's it as a Zombie? Any nice zombie chicks around. Anyho stay in touch. Bye John

Dear team, this team is really dead...not much going on here...our parties had lots of drinking (albeit blood) and lively err converstation, but this team truely believes in a diet of brains...while I stangely find them delicious now I can't help but long for the days when my neck was used as a pin cushion...love john...ps it is true, all zombie chicks want you for is your brains!

Dear John, the coach asked if you could mail your uniform back to us. Your replacement Johnny needs the shirt. You can keep the soiled pants... Thanks, the team.

Dear team, I am on the LOS, you can have my old jersey over my dead body...no really, if you knock me down and you can get it off that is great...i am not flexible enough to take it off myself anymore, John

Dear John, actually it appears that your jersey is kinda dirty, brains, zombie slime, wolf drool...you can keep it...team

Dear team, thank you for the gift then, btw do you know what I did with my agility and speed? I seem to have misplaced them between my current and former teams...thanks...john

Dear John, it would appear that Rigor Mortis, that is your necromancer's name right?, has struggled with reanimating a little. Perhaps one of your new teammates ate some bits they shouldn't have...team

Dear team, that does make some sense...must say with how many brains i have been eating lately I haven't had to go to the lue in quite a while...maybe they did take the parts I needed?!? well enjoy and good luck finding a new uniform...john...ps send brains

Dear John, You're full of cr*p. We just found a letter in your old locker asking Mr Mortis to consider you for his team! I quote "At least I'll get to do some biting!" Team..

Dear team, I did want to move up into management on your team as a vampire, but was denied every time...coach said it wasn't allowed...I said I would one way or another...Mr Mortis said I would be one of his biters on this team...how was I supposed to know I couldn't be a vampire on a necromantic team? I was just a rookie? Signed John...ps...they really do have a good recruiting program.

Dear John, You've changed. Nothing but a Golem gimp now. Please don't contact us again. We're going back to the castle...Good bye john! Team
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Posted by Overhamsteren on 2011-08-28 09:20:40
Voted 6 for awesome!
Posted by fly on 2011-08-28 09:40:25
Voted 6 for awesome!
Posted by pythrr on 2011-08-28 10:34:28
:) win
Posted by Balle2000 on 2011-08-28 11:22:53
Posted by Electric_Wizard on 2011-08-28 12:02:01
What a sad ending... :(
Posted by SeraphimRed on 2011-08-28 13:48:11
Voted 6 for freshness.
Posted by Brother-Fu on 2011-08-29 14:43:24
Made me laugh, that did.. :)
Posted by Shraaaag on 2011-08-29 14:48:06
Voted 6 for freshness aswell.
If only there were more creative and interesting things like this around, maybe people wouldn't take things too serious :)
Posted by Randy_Moss on 2011-08-29 15:27:02
Love this.
Posted by the_Sage on 2011-09-15 10:06:15