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Southern Survivalists League

Group managers: bigbullies, DrPoods, jevouse, Klazam, tussock
Can you survive the Survivalists League?

The Hatchet Man gazed out across the blasted landscape.

Soon they would come. They would battle their way across the landscape, bruised and bloodied, with those that were weak left to try as they might to survive another night. The blood would flow and the crowds would roar as the snap of bone and the thud of wet flesh rang out through dusty and ramshackle stadia.

The Hatchet Man knew this.

And was pleased...
Season 14 Schedule
Five "10-day" rounds
Round 1 Deadline: 8st Aug
Round 2 Deadline: 18th Aug
Round 3 Deadline: 28st Aug
Round 4 Deadline: 8st Sep
Round 5 Deadline: 18th Sep
Winner's Playoffs
Finals Series: weekly-ish

S15 kickoff 21st Oct 2518.
S16 kickoff 21st Jan 2519.
S17 kickoff 21st May 2519.
S18 kickoff 21st Aug 2519.

League Format
TimezoneSWL (Sydney)
Schedule10 days/round
FormatRound Robin
Playoffs4 team KO tourney
The SSL is a one representative per race League, randomly allotted. Five rounds played on an easy 10 day turnaround (due dates all 1st, 11th, 21st, 1st, and 11th) (8th, 18th, 28th for S14), this is a league where players play until death for our unending amusement and distraction.

If you're interested in joining us for Season 14 (or later), we'd love to hear from you.
To let us know, PM any of;


The SSL season chatter thread is a home for predictions, taunts, and slaging off the weaklings you must suffer. We also try to keep the odd relevant peice of information in there.

There is a somewhat active channel in the southern wastes discord server also. Feel free to drop in.

Casualty Cup
The Casualty Cup is a truly special event. The best from the benighted Norscan wilderness and the blasted Southern Wastes are brought together for a whirlwind of blood and excitement.

As the NSL has stopped putting up teams to challenge, our season 13 Vampire champs hold it unopposed. Go tussock, Dynamite it is!
Detailed League Rules
Time ZoneOur default for the league is Sydney time, currently at server +10 hours. By default, games are organised in Sydney time unless coaches agree otherwise. If you can play Sydney evenings now and then (roughly server 10:00 to 13:00 starts, Sydney 6pm to 9pm) you're welcome to come along, we have coaches in from all around the world.
ExtensionsExtensions are granted at the capricious whim of the almighty BigBullies. The HatchetMan decrees that he is brought in to any PMs organising late matches. Please have a time to play already organised if possible, and please include the axeman early if he seems needed.
Two Free CardsTeams in the Southern Wastes are nothing if not resourceful, smuggling in ancient artifacts or planning heinous dirty tricks to gain any edge they can on their opponents. The fans love the unpredictability of it all. +100k for Cards only, use it or lose it to a maximum of eight cards may be taken including the two free ones.
Secret Weapons only*The Southern Wastes is an isolated place populated with nomads and roving bands of psychotic misfits and brigands. As such, games can be well away from turning a profit for stars. Few star players other than the psychotic misfits themselves are willing to go anywhere near the regular season games here, as such You can only hire star players with the "Secret Weapon" skill. Common mercenaries (Dirty Players! Sneaky Gits!) are widely used in addition. Elven types famously refuse to partake in weaponry.
*Stunty teams (Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Underworld) ignore this rule, take any and all stars you like, you piteous creatures.
*Semi Finals and Final, and Casualty Cup. These games allow any star player for any team.
NO TimeoutsThe HatchetMan desires matches be played at a good pace but such skulduggery such as timeouts will not be tolerated. it would be expected that if an opponent is taking too long, a player would kindly ask them to hurry it up. any further issues may be taken to the admins.
NO ConcessionsConcessions disgust the HatchetMan. In fact, as the fans desire blood and the heaping on of misery, there will be grave punishments for the weak of heart. Concede and your best non-permed player will leave the team, you are ineligible for any awards, and you get -3 pts to start next season. Conceding twice is a permanent ban from the SSL.
Spiked Ball (madness)A failed pickup or catch roll during any action results in the such failing players being stabbed, only the last one stabbed can be injured.
This will result in a turnover if the stab breaks armour on the moving team.
Right Stuff (boost)Right Stuff cancels Tackle when a Right Stuff player is blocked by a Tackle player, too small to keep hold of.
Sneaky Git (change)Sneaky Gits are banned for fouling like a normal player but are sent to the KO box instead, ready to sneak back on. Currently buggy, but we're living with it.
Sneaky Git also functions like Guard for assisting fouls, sneaking in some extra help.
Fouling (boost)Players get +1 to break armour when fouling, so please remember to foul, especially the good players.
Skill Rolls (forced)*Players must take all stat gains (choose +MA or +AV, take +AG, take +ST), even if you rolled doubles (e.g. 5+5).
*Stunty teams (Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Underworld) ignore this rule, nuffle also takes pity on such lowly teams.
NO player retirementsRetirement?? RETIREMENT??!??! The very mention of the word fills the HatchetMan with rage. ST3 Minotaurs... Blockers so maimed they struggle to get up... All this fills the crowd with joy. Always remember kids, the only way out... is DEATH.
Divisions, Power RatingsSSL started out as a fine set of dangerous matches for everyone, with random allotment of teams to divisions for nine seasons. But as the older squads grew larger and ever less prone to injury, it was the younger ones taking all the punishment. This will not do!
The result is Power Ratings, considering your most recent season (regular games only) for TD diff, Cas diff, and Score, plus their tournament weight (post-finals), and adjusted for this and that, Whipsundays serves up the meanest and best to the meanest and best, while Paintree takes the next most so, The Blasted Plains await our up and coming survivors plus those having taken a horrible beating, and Red Mountains sees the new teams come in play with a few squads they at least have a decent shot at hurting. Survival, it's tough for everyone!
League Points3 win (or forfeit win); 1 draw; 0 loss; -1 forfeit.
Tie BreakersIf two or more teams end on the same points total at the end of a season, the tie is settled accordingly.
1. Head to Head results
2. TD diff average
3. TD for average
4. Cas diff average
5. Cas for average
6. Coin Toss

Our Champions

Season 13 Champions
They Called It Survival
Coached by: tussock

Season 12 Champions
World Renowned Sewer Divers
Coached by: Sharper

Season 11 Champions
Southern Shrike
Coached by: Pyates16

Season 10 Champions
Noisome Swarthy Woodsmen
Coached by: Jevouse

Season 9 Champions
Jim Lahey Experience
Coached by: DustBunny

Season 8 Champions and winners of the last Casualty Cup
They Called it Survival
Coached by: tussock

Season 7 Champions and winners of the 6th Casualty Cup
We Are Wawalag
Coached by: Semitence

Season 6 Champions
Jim Lahey Experience
Coached by: DustBunny

Season 5 Champions and winners of the 4th Casualty Cup
ECB Ladies Ashes Tour
Coached by: m0gw41

Season 4 Champions
Waste Roamers
Coached by: Relezite

Season 3 Champions and winners of the 2nd Casualty Cup
ECB Ladies Ashes Tour
Coached by: m0gw41

Season 2 Champions and winners of the 1st Casualty Cup
Southern Sun Lizards
Coached by: Dlock

Season 1 Champions
Noisome Swarthy Woodsmen
Coached by: Jevouse

Going All the Way
The Beautiful Medal
With 88 paces advanced and 7 touchdowns scored for it!
Itsy Bitsy Locals

Giving it all Away
Belted Slipper
With 54 paces advanced, never scoring is some form of generosity.
Metamorphosis Mischief

Feckless Danger
Babe's Boomerang
With 2 completions for zero gain and no care for the team.
Innsmouth Immortals

Killer Instinct
Butcher's Arm
With 7 casualties caused and a solid 46 blocks made.
Tar Tail
West Side Warp Talons

Ready with the Boot
Boney Boot
With an exemplary 18 complaints made against him to the officials.
Dark Young
Innsmouth Immortals

Real Try Hard
Big Glam Hand
With 38 blocks made and this is all to show for it.
Jim Lahey Experience

Subtle Threat
Ironbark Knuckles
With 2 casualties caused and just 9 blocks made.
Itsy Bitsy Locals

Hogging all the Glory
Bouncing Ball
Ran in 3 touchdowns with a mere 20 paces advanced, quick finishing.
Corben Dallas
[L] Wide-Eyed Stupid

Ever so Valuable
Belittling Arrow
Thrice given the Best of the Match award, no clear reason why.
The Branch Breeder
Noisome Swarthy Woodsmen

Giving it Everything
Bloodless Heart
A solid 49 blocks and not missing a turn trying for more.
Jagaa Nooto
Tanuki Terrors

Moment of Genius
Big Mitt
Not looking much like it, pulled off one beautiful intercept.
Porxinder Deadlystroke
Mopping Beards

Continuous Presence
Bludger's Shield
Never missed a turn, but never did anything with them either.
Phoenix Havalena
Mopping Beards

Southern Survivalists League.

The greatest Survivors, by roster, or anyone surviving at least four seasons.
Updated End of Season 13.
* Note these teams have retired from the league, though some do return from hiding.

Thirteen Seasons

74 games for Jim Lahey Experience (Twice SSL champs).
73 games for Noisesome Swarthy Woodsmen (Twice SSL champs).

Twelve Seasons

72 games for They Called it Survival (Twice SSL champs, one a Casualty Cup).

Eleven Seasons

55 games for Black Gulf Breakers (Thrice Division winners).
42 games for West Side Warp Talons (Once Division winners).

Ten Seasons

45 games for Ravageport Ne'er-Do-Wells.
45 games for Southern Shrike (Once SSL champs).

Nine Seasons

55 games for ECB Ladies Ashes Tour* (Twice Casualty Cup victors).
45 games for NZ Invaders Claimed by Aussie*.

Eight Seasons

41 games for Tanuki Terrors (Once Division winners).
39 games for Coort-In-Guyz Council Cretins (Twice Division winners)*.
38 games for Skye Plague SSL.
31 games for Southsearching Reavers*.

Seven Seasons

37 games for World Renowned Sewer Divers (Once SSL champs).
36 games for Southern Sun Lizards* (Once Casualty Cup victors).

Six Seasons

30 games for Bullies Bulleys*.
29 games for Wasteland Scaggers* (Once Division winners).
26 games for Redgum's Rascals (Once Division winners).
21 games for Mopping Beards.

Five Seasons

25 games for Hot Sake.
25 games for Post-Mortem Survival*.
25 games for Innsmouth Immortals*.
24 games for Wide-Eyed Stupid.
24 games for Wasteland Idols*.
16 games for Backpacker Murders*.

Four Seasons

22 games for Waste Roamers* (Once SSL champs).
20 games for cereal killer's.
20 games for Shipwreck Island*.
18 games for Seaviates Attack*.
15 games for Everton Underdark*.

Three Seasons

15 games for Metamorphisis Mischief.