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Common Abbreviations on FUMBBL

 [145] or 145 club  - a user run club for new players of BB or FUMBBL? 
 [B], B , BB or box  - Blackbox 
 BB  - Blood Bowl (duh) 
 BC  - Bull Centaur, or ball-carrier 
 Beast  - used to refer to both Beastmen and Beasts of Nurgle (for clearer short forms, see goat and BoN
 BH  - Badly Hurt; sometimes Bone Head racial characteristic 
 Blackle  - variant of Blockle 
 Blockle  - Block and Tackle skills (on the same player) 
 Blodge  - Block and Dodge skills (on the same player) 
 Blodger  - a player with both Block and Dodge 
 BOB  - Black Orc Blocker (also the most popular player name on FUMBBL) 
 BoN  - Beast of Nurgle 
 BT  - Break Tackle skill 
 bull  - Minotaur; can also refer to Bull Centaurs 
 CAS  - casualty (any injury result: Badly Hurt, Serious Injury or Death) 
 CDB  - Chaos Dwarf Blocker 
 CDs  - Chaos Dwarves (can refer to the team as a whole and to the position Chaos Dwarf Blocker in particular) 
 chain, chaining, chainpush  - the on-pitch technique of blocking one player so that it pushes another; this can be used to create more favourable blocks, push away a marker, improve a tactical position, OTS and more 
 cherry-picking  - a much-discussed and hard to define subject. Arguably the best definition is: 'I would say you are a cherry picker if you constantly issue challenges that, were the team owners reversed, you yourself would decline.' (SkiJunkie
 clawpomb, clawpomber or CPOMB  - An abbreviation of the skill combination Claw+Pile On+Mighty Blow 
 CP  - completed pass (aka completion); may also refer to a cherry-picker or cherry-picking 
 CR  - Coach Ranking (aka Coach Rating) 
 crowdsurf  - pushing a player off the pitch and into the crowd 
 CRP  - The latest version of the Bloodbowl rules. Often referred to a CRaP! 
 CW  - Chaos Warrior 
 darkies, DEs or Delfs  - Dark Elves 
 db  - dice block 
 DC  - very rarely used to refer to Diving Catch as the skill itself is so rare; more likely to refer to a coach, to direct connect or to a disconnection 
 DMU  - Dwarf Mangling Union - less successful sibling of EMU 
 dorfs, DW, Dorks  - Dwarves 
 DP  - Dirty Player skill, or Disturbing Presence 
 DT  - Diving Tackle skill 
 ELF  - Elves Leaving the Forest 
 elves  - used to refer to all types of elves (High, Wood, Dark and 'Pro'); if referring to the team roster 'Elves', use 'Pro Elves' for clarity 
 EMU  - Elf Mangling Union 
 [F] or F  - Faction 
 FA  - Foul Appearance 
 FC  - FUMBBL Cup 
 FG  - Flesh Golem 
 fleshie  - more distinctive term for a Flesh Golem 
 flings  - Halflings 
 FUMBBL  - decide for yourself 
 GFI  - Go For It 
 gg  - good game (traditionally said at the end of a match) 
 gl and hf  - good luck and have fun (traditionally said at the start of a match) 
 GLN  - Grotty Little Newspaper 
 GLT  - Grotty Little Tournament 
 goat  - Beastman 
 GR  - Gutter Runner 
 grats  - Congratulations, normally said to opponent after a touchdown is scored 
 gRATS!  - Congratulations, except I really was hoping I'd stop you somehow, you lucky git! 
 GTR  - Get the Ref kick-off result 
 gutter  - Gutter Runner 
 HEs  - High Elves 
 hf  - see gl and hf 
 HMP  - Hail Mary Pass 
 ig  - in-game (that is, in the middle of playing a game) 
 Int  - Interception 
 jeje  - Spanish laughter 
 JU  - Jump Up 
 Krox  - Kroxigor 
 [L] or L  - League ([L] also used to refer to the now defunct Ladder division) 
 Larson/Larsson  -Stands for getting a TD, a CAS, an INT and a pass in the same game. Also 'perfect larsson' for doing all that and getting the MVP. 
 LC  - Lustrian Challenge 
 lfg  - looking for (a) game 
 lino  - Lineman 
 lion  - Lion Warrior (remember: lion is just one mistype away from lino, so the two can easily become confused when talking about High Elves) 
 LoA  - League of Assassins 
 LRB  - Living Rulebook; at time of writing, the version of the rules used on FUMBBL is Blood Bolw 2016, Living Rule Books were long ago versions. 
 Lustrian  - Lustrian Challenge (may also refer to the now defunct Pact team) 
 MB  - Mighty Blow skill (rarely used to mean Multiple Block: for clarity, use Multi for the latter) 
 Min Max  - A style of team building in which a coach minimises their team value and maximises their teams effectiveness at that Tv. Coaches that follow this absurd practice are usually found in Blackbox. 
 Mino  - Minotaur aka minotard 
 Multi  - Multiple Block skill 
 MVP  - Most Valuable Player 
 NBL  - No-Block League 
 Necros  - players from the Necromatic roster 
 niggler  - a player with one or more niggling injuries 
 NoS  - Nerves of Steel trait 
 OCCS  - Orca-Cola Cup Series 
 OFAB  - Off for a Bite (aka Blood Lust); note that this is also used in IRC after a coach's nick to indicate that they are afk (away from keyboard) to eat food (we hope) 
 OTS or ''1TTD'  - one-turn score (scoring from kick-off in one turn) or one-turn scorer (a player with the ability to do so) 
 Pact team  - a team from one of three now-deleted mixed-race rosters (Chaos Pact, Old World, Lustrian) 
 PD  - Perfect Defence kick-off result 
 PI  - Pitch Invasion kick-off result 
 Pixel Hugger  - A coach that is too attached to his players, usually plays in Ranked and will avoid all teams capable of hurting his own. 
 PO  - Piling On 
 Pro Elves  - used to refer to the team roster 'Elves' as distinct from other elf rosters (note that - unlike HEs, WEs, DEs - PEs is rarely used) 
 [R] or R  - Ranked 
 rats  - Skaven 
 Regen  - Regenerate racial characteristic 
 RO  - Rat Ogre (not to be confused with Ro
 RS  - Really Stupid (rarely Right Stuff) 
 RSC  - Razor Sharp Claws 
 RTFM  - Read The F'n Manual or Read the rules please 
 [S] or S  - Stunty 
 SFC  - Speed Freaks Challenge -An old tournament format 
 SF  - used to refer to both Stand Firm trait and Sure Feet skill (Stand Firm is probably more common, but which is meant is usually clear from the context) 
 SI  - Seriously Injured or Serious Injury 
 S.L.E.D.G.E.  Stunty Leeg Events of Death, Gore and Explosions- Several popular and silly mass participation tournaments that were run in the Stunty Leeg. They involved light-hearted special rules that emphasize the mayhemful nature of the Leeg. 
 skellie  - Skeleton 
 slayer  - Troll Slayer 
 smack  - FUMBBL SMACK 
 SS  - Side Step skill 
 Stench  - Ranked Division is often referred to as the Stench Division by old-timers who fondly remember the old Open Division where you could opt out of CR 
 Stunty  - note that this is used to refer to the skill, the division (Stunty Leeg) and players that have the skill (who do not necessarily play in the division) 
 surf  - see crowdsurf 
 SV  - Stormvermin 
 SWL  - Southern Wastes League 
 TD  - Touchdown 
 TR  - Team Rating, outdated term for Team Value 
 tree  - Treeman 
 TS  - Team Strength , no longer used FUMBBL houserule for calculating a more balanced Team Value 
 TTM  - Throw Team-mate racial characteristic (also used to refer to the on-pitch action: TTMing) 
 TV  - Team Value (this replaces TR in LRB 5 and onwards) 
 TW  - Team weight is team value plus any cash in the treasury, used in some tournaments. 
 [U] or U  - Unranked 
 UI  - Ulthuan Invitational 
 VLL  - Very Long Legs trait 
 WA  - Wild Animal racial characteristic 
 WD  - Wardancer 
 WEs  - Wood Elves or Witch Elves (for clarity, use woodies and witches respectively) 
 WIL  - White Isle League 
 witches  - Witch Elves 
 WO  - Warpstone Open 
 wolf, dog or WW  - Werewolf - please work out 
 woodies  - Wood Elves 
 Wrodge  - Wrestle and Dodge skill (on the same player) 
 XFL  - Xenophobes' Federated Leagues 
 zons  - Amazons 
 1vs1  - a match played by two teams consisting of just one player (yes, I know …) 

Last update: June 28, 2020