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CIBBL - Dökkálfar Dreki Fanzone Issue 14
Heave ho me ship mates! It's sailing time! Rumours of the retirement of the Dreki from CIBBL turned out to be just that - rumours - as Himminglaeva and her hearty crew return for a new era of CIBBL and a whole new set of (unhelpful) rules.

The Dreki played 4 friendlies during this Winter season, taking three wins and a sole loss. They have swelled their ranks to 13 full time rostered players and have not seen a Journeyman since last Autumn.

A longer than usual fanzone follows, where we will show you ALL the highlights.

The first game was against the ferocious Ogres, the Stirpoint Butchers. Himminglaeva and the crew wasted no time in finding an opening, before the mega star thrower unleashed one of her famous passes to Stiorra, allowing her to race in for her first Dreki TD.

As the Butchers tried to drive for their own touchdown, the Dreki harried them constantly, with Bölge being a particular menace. In the end, it was Bölge who made the breakthrough, dancing in to smash the Butcher's ball carrier to the ground and spilling the ball.

What happened next was pure Himminglaeva magic. Just watch.

Dreki coaches and staff would like to pay tribute to the gonblar lineman, Allspice, deserved MVP for the Ogres and a constant menace throughout the game.

Next game was vs the fearsome Beasts of Crimson Keep.
Once again the Dreki found a way to get the ball loose, injuring the Beasts ball carrier in the process.

Once again the ball was loose, and once again Himminglaeva pounced.
1-0 to the Dreki would soon follow.

2-0 came from an error, resulting in Himminglaeva being sent sprawling to the turf and a vampire lurking ominously near the ball.
She jumped up, grabbed the ball and pinged a pass to Bölge who escaped upfield.

The 3rd game was against Isha but the last game was against the Were team; the Vanaheim Rangers.

Himminglaeva managed two graceful passes, which led to the Dreki's 2-1 win.

A very successful Winter where the Dreki scored 6 touchdowns in 4 games, 2 each for Bölge, Stiorra and Torstein Hund. And, here they are!

Thanks for tuning in, see you next time!

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Posted by sokeeffe on 2022-01-20 22:31:52
Hmm, suspicious. Why are all highlights from the defeat missing?
Is this propaganda or honest reporting?
Posted by Muff2n on 2022-01-21 00:31:06
Posted by CrookfangRob on 2022-01-21 09:57:39
Honest, fair and unbiased - these are all things that this fanzone has never claimed to be.
Posted by Nobby_Nobbs on 2022-01-21 12:32:29
I am horrified at the lack of ethical sense from this band of treacherous, he hedonistic pirates... you just wouldn't think it!