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Last seen 55 minutes ago
Super Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  [C] Deeply Bitter Individuals Chaos Dwarf 310k 5/4/1 1170k ±180  
  America's Drunkest Cities Norse 25k 4/0/2 1150k ±170  
  Bad Trips Always Orc 15k 3/1/6 1105k ±170  
  Five Iron Frenzy's Dinosaurs Lizardmen 0 2/3/1 1010k ±150  
  Jesus Christ Super Stars [C] Shambling Undead 265k 5/3/1 1300k ±200  
  Kenyon Swimming Dark Elf 95k 2/2/0 1080k ±160  
  Light Blue Rowing Amazon 40k 3/0/1 1090k ±160  
  REJECTED - Don Hertzfeldt Goblin 45k 1/0/3 980k ±150  
  Silly Symphonies Skelly Dance Tomb Kings 220k 4/3/2 1200k ±180  
  Springfield Isotopes [c] Human 95k 8/1/1 1275k ±190  
  Treehouse_Of_Horrors Necromantic Horror 50k 2/1/1 1200k ±180  
Blackbox Trophy Season 11
Squad 1: Dirty Rustbelt Shitshow (Cost 10)
  Frisky Frisians BBTXI Norse 105k 4/1/1 1110k ±170  
  Jagged Alliance 2 BBTXI Old World Alliance 95k 1/0/1 1035k ±100  
  Jesus Christ Superstars BBTXI Shambling Undead 220k 3/0/0 1040k ±160  
  Pompous Passholes BBTXI High Elf 30k 0/0/1 950k ±100  
League teams for 145 Leagues and Tournaments
  Le 1793ers [145] Imperial Nobility 40k 1/0/0 880k    
  Misfit Toys _ How to FUMBBL Old World Alliance 80k 1/0/0 1010k    
League teams for Chillax Zone
  [CXZ] Jesus Christ Super Stars Shambling Undead 260k 4/7/3 1410k    
  [CXZ] Springfield Isotopes Human 40k 11/2/2 1365k    
  Island of Misfit_Toys Old World Alliance 115k 3/3/0 1120k    
  Le 1793ers Bretonnian 270k 4/1/1 630k    
  WCW vs nWo World Tour Black Orc 60k 5/5/5 1195k    
League teams for National College BloodBowl III
  SUNY Buffalo Bull Centaurs Chaos Dwarf 1080k 7/9/6 1700k    
Scheduled against Drrek's Dell of War Blood Hens (Seen 40m ago).
League teams for NWBL
  Lake Lokka Rowing Club Amazon 360k 12/3/3 1530k    
Scheduled against 26 possible opponents.
League teams for Secret League 2020
  [SL20] Pompous Passholes Avelorn 65k 3/0/1 1180k    
  Conan! What Is Best In Life Kurgan 275k 7/0/1 1100k    
  Deeply Bitter Little Men Black Dwarf 45k 2/0/0 1060k    
  Gex Enter The Gecko Skink 10k 1/0/1 930k    
  Kenyon College Swimming Sea Elf 80k 3/2/2 1370k    
  Secret Of N.I.M.H Clan Mors 65k 2/1/3 1100k    
  Slapstick Sumo Shenanigans Northern Nippon 190k 12/4/1 1540k    
League teams for The Davotational World Tour
  BACB Mass Regen Vampire 85k 2/0/1 1200k    
League teams for WOBBL
  Friesland Freedom Fighters WSL Valkyrie 135k 3/1/0 1270k    
  Pompous Passholes Avelorn 0 0/0/0 1080k    
Scheduled against Isshova's Blood of the Trees (Seen 1d ago).
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