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Last seen 8 hours ago
Super Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Aggression Progression Dark Elf 60k 2/4/3 1330k ±200  
  Blasting Caps, Taking Names Dwarf 390k 5/3/1 1335k ±200  
  Borked Dorks Orc 225k 6/4/4 1300k ±300  
  Chosen by Chaos Chaos Chosen 235k 8/4/3 1365k ±340  
  Dashing Dead Shambling Undead 120k 3/1/2 1165k ±180  
  Flakes of Khorne Khorne 325k 7/6/6 1350k ±450  
  Foetid Feet Nurgle 220k 5/9/7 1475k ±550  
  Hopeless and Helpless Snotling 235k 8/2/10 765k ±330  
  On the Cuspid Vampire 160k 3/1/1 1330k ±200  
  Surgeons of Spite Dark Elf 300k 16/7/5 1460k ±740  
Blackbox Trophy Season 10
Squad 1 (Cost 11)
  Just the Norst Norse 250k 8/2/5 1195k ±300  
  Pompous Pummellers Dark Elf 50k 5/5/5 1290k ±320  
  Seep Well Nurgle 365k 3/5/7 1350k ±340  
  Taikanite for Granite Dwarf 295k 3/3/9 1215k ±310  
League teams for National College BloodBowl III
  Buboe State Zebras Nurgle 75k 1/4/3 1445k    
Scheduled against ChucklesJM's Kieslev State Thunder Hoppers (Seen 10h ago).
League teams for NBBFL
  Ballmoor Ravings BIG BASH 100k 0/0/0 2190k    
Scheduled against The_Squigadier's Dull As Cows Boys (Seen 56s ago).
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Quick Stats
Member SinceSeptember 4, 2023
LocationUnited States
Matches Played264
Match Record93/75/96