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2017-05-17 11:36:46
rating 4.9


2016-12-10 22:13:15
rating 5.8
2016-09-07 09:25:22
rating 5.4
2016-01-22 03:14:04
rating 4
2016-01-18 16:14:33
rating 5.9


2015-12-07 02:24:29
rating 1.7


2014-11-29 12:14:44
rating 1.5
2014-10-19 16:56:10
rating 3.7
2014-10-17 03:41:11
rating 5.3
2014-09-25 00:29:52
rating 3.6
2014-09-16 10:55:31
rating 5.5
2014-06-20 06:01:13
rating 4.4
2014-06-17 19:49:41
rating 3.5
2014-06-16 02:36:47
rating 3.4
2014-03-25 01:32:15
rating 2.1
2014-03-14 17:54:42
rating 5.4


2013-12-11 19:37:29
rating 4
2013-08-27 00:03:28
rating 3.4
2013-08-05 13:21:48
rating 4.7
2013-06-01 12:38:45
rating 5.9
2013-03-08 14:56:37
rating 5.3
2013-01-23 00:16:44
rating 1.9
2013-01-17 00:37:15
rating 3
2013-01-08 19:52:49
rating 5


2012-12-20 14:28:31
rating 4.6
2012-11-19 16:25:19
rating 5.5
2018-08-07 16:00:19
11 votes, rating 5.7
DLE fluff - Bilbali Rangers Anderson retires.
The steps echoed the archway under "The Cathedral", the Rangers Stadium in Bilbali. The former religious cult building is now adapted to a BB pitch, but in the dungeons below, the dark and silent atmosphere still causes concern to those wandering around.

The man after the steps is used to the surroundings. He is the only one in the team from the initial squad. He was there when the team was first stablished in Dead Wood. Those were dull times as per his memories of the period. He can hardly remember the name of the coach back then.

Then, “Bilbali Iron Ore and Steel” company took over after some unpayed bills and after a season hands off by the company, the team was relocated to Bilbali. It makes sense, after all, considering the headquarters were located in Estalia. Also, coach Cxoifer was appointed head coach and manager of the team. Results have been very uneven from season to season, but what one can say about the team is they now have a clear profile within the DLE teams. The "Butchers" they say... Should be infuriating, except it seems to spreads doubt into your opponents' hearts. That is useful...

Well, not his issue any longer.

Only 20 yards away from the head coach office and still he did not find the words to say what must be said. He is aware of carrying the team tradition over his shoulders. He was hired in the original squad. He is the only one remaining. The rest are gone. Gone for good most of them... His dear friend Cedric "The Elf" Smith, the man behind his interest in BB and becoming a QuarterBack was ill fouled to death so much time ago that it seems to be another life... not his anyway...

10 yards... but he must recognize to himself he is not the would-be star he imagined to himself. Also, the team went from a passing play with Cedric (with the record of the DLE for a season in yards passed) to being the team with the least yards passed this last season. It seems obvious to him he is no longer required for the job...

5 yards... he feels old enough. But he is alive. Last round game was close. He could have died in the pitch... And he feels weak in his spirit now. No need to keep risking. He needs a relief...

2 yards... how can he find the words to get rid of the uneasy feeling as if he was betraying the team or his comrades.... But it must be done....

The steps stop just before a closed door. Silence.

No more yells or cries for him... Only silence from now on. Well, may be there is an option. May be he can simply leave and return to his home in Dead Wood... They will understand... He was a silent leader anyway...

"Yes", he muttered to himself, "they will understand..."

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