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Vegepygmies - Another Stunty Team
Since I already have one Stunty Leeg team being discussed, and since this isn't strictly from the right universe, I didn't want to put this one in the forums, but I had to do it anyway:

From Expedition to the Barrier Peak (yes I've got a copy, yes it really is that awesome), a race of humanoid vegetable matter was found. These creatures are not naturally all that violent, but they have a territorial competitive streak. After leaving the Barrier Peak, they were thought lost - however, it turns out they multiplied and grew, and many different tribes were founded. These tribes did not wish to kill each other, and so a limited version of BloodBowl was invented to resolve their differences - when, after decades, the vegapygmies were rediscovered, the plant men were overjoyed to learn of the more refined game was played, and promptly asked to join the Stunty Leeg.

Vegepygmies are not born - they are created, by spore infection, when a Russet Mold kills something. Vegepygmies also have some ability to shape a newly created one's form, and so sometimes, instead of a man, a Thorny is created, which is a dog-like plant creature that serves as a guardian to the tribes.

The Russet Molds are kept contained, and brought out whenever the tribe wants to expand - although it sometimes escapes and kills things on it's own, sometimes even absorbing lone vegepygmies that get in it's way. They are simply that, extremely large mobile mold colonies, that envelop their target and infect them; if not quickly removed, and the wounds treated, the creature will succumb to the russet spores and become a new vegepygmy.

The final creature that forms the Vegepygmy team is their God - when they left the Barrier Peak, the Vegepygmies took one other creature with them, that they worshipped as a God - the giant Froghemoth. The size of a small house, the Froghemoth looks all the world like a huge poison arrow frog, but with 6 tentacles in the place of it's arms, and 3 eyes sprouting from eyestalks instead of the more common 2 eyes. It's mouth is full of razor sharp teeth, and the Froghemoth is a full carnivore, so the vegepygmies see BloodBowl as a perfect means to appease the creatures hunger while still keeping it docile enough to remain as their God.

0-16 40k Vegepygmy 5/2/3/7 Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Thrall, A GSPM
0-2 70k Thorny 6/2/3/7, Dauntless, Sidestep, No Hands, Dodge, Stunty, Thrall, GA SPM
0-1 90k Russet Mold 4/5/1/10, Bloodlust, Loner, Grab, Ball and Chain, No Hands, Thick Skull, Regeneration, Pygmy Decay, S GAPM
0-1 140k Froghemoth 6/5/2/9, Mighty Blow, Loner, Wild Animal, Tentacles, Two Heads, Leap, Very Long Legs, Throw Teammate, Always Hungry, S GAP

Mechanics Reasoning:
Vegeypygmies are pretty standard. M access (here and with the other players) represents the vegetable matters ability to be shaped into different forms than normal.
Thorny are a guard dog, who end up doing most of the fighting, thus the G access, dauntless and sidestep represent what they have learned already being in the wilderness.
Russet Mold: envelops and moves on, envelops and moves on, wants to feed and eat; and although it created the vegepygmies, if there is nothing else to feed on, it will absorb one of the very things it creates in order to sustain itself. Ball and Chain represents its uncontrolled tendency to just charge forward, Bloodlust makes it even worse; I'm not sure if S5 is too high, as I'm inclined to make it only S4 due to MA4, but Bloodlust is exceptionally terri-bad on Ball and Chain, and it's got no hands, so I think it's ok. Note that it wouldn't have Secret Weapon even if that were implemented in Stunty. AV 10 thick skull and regen represent the fact that regardless of what you hit it with, it's a big huge mass of mold; it doesn't HAVE weakspots. Pygmy Decay: If a creature dies from being hit by a Russet Mold, then a Vegepygmy is formed on the spot, available to be used by the vegepygmy team in the next drive.
Froghemoth: Big guy. With leap, and tentacles. I know, but that's what the monster is in the book! This is the teams reliable big guy (although I initially wanted to make him S6, A3, and really stupid as well as wild animal, but I thought that was a little over the top, especially with the russet mold as a major hindrance to the team already.)
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Posted by blader4411 on 2012-02-22 19:37:59
Nice troll attempt.
Posted by Nelphine on 2012-02-22 21:09:53
Clearly you have not played expedition to the barrier peaks good sir! One of the top 3 adventures of all time (along with caves of chaos, and tomb of horrors)! But admittedly, not necessarily all that useful in this universe.