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2018-08-21 21:43:01
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2018-01-03 18:37:49
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2017-03-28 20:58:26
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2017-03-01 13:21:58
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2017-02-22 18:16:02
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2017-01-03 01:29:37
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2016-02-25 22:11:34
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2015-01-07 22:57:07
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2015-01-03 18:35:23
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2014-11-17 20:31:10
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2014-09-23 18:32:17
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2013-12-19 19:07:11
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2013-10-01 19:35:14
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2013-09-24 12:03:28
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2013-08-06 23:48:54
rating 6
2014-09-02 21:23:29
6 votes, rating 6
Last infBOWL recruitment post (UPDATED)

Dear coaches!

The Second season of infBOWL kicks off soon in early September! The purpose of this blog post is still the same: to get some extra members for the next season.

So, what is infBOWL in short?
Inferior Bowl is a linemen-based round-robin championship of 24 teams, one of each race, and is one of the largest round-robin tournament on FUMBBL. Linemen-based means that most teams allowed to buy linemen only by default. Stunty teams are exceptional in this, check rules.

What is new?
Current members pushed me to review my reforms and I believe we have a good rules for the season which is plain and flexible. Some house rules were introduced to help buying mercenaries, help stunty teams, and quazi-ban PO.

I hope we can start the next Season with all spots filled.

Currently available: CD, Elf, Lizardmen, Norse, Nurgle, Ogre, Skaven, Undead

If you are interested, please follow the instructions of the "Application" section of the group page.

UPDATE! I removed the two match criteria from the application process, however I still recommend to find some match to get some TV for your team.

UPDATE 2! Nurgle may have a Beast of Nurgle!

UPDATE 3: I invited two coaches who were interested before, one with a CP team and another with a Lizardmen, so if you want to get one of those spots then do not make a team yet but contact me and I will keep you updated.

UPDATE 4: CP was taken.
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Posted by Rabe on 2014-09-02 22:49:04
Now, with Marauders and Norse Lineman still available, some powergamer will show up for sure?

What, you're not a powegamer, but the opposite? Well, then just take Rotters, Snotlings (and some Ogres!) or Skellies and Zombies!

Something in between? Hobgoblins, Lineelves, Skinks or linerats are not that bad either.

But the most important reason to join: You will have the chance to play against the Agility Monsters spin-off "Graceful Ballers"! ( https://fumbbl.com/p/team?team_id=754447 )
Posted by SzieberthAdam on 2014-09-02 23:48:36
CD: challenge, but can always get 1-2 mercs due to its lower TV
CP: they have a maximum roster of 12 marauders which can run low when diced
Elf: woodies were taken so they may be attractive too for someone
Lizardmen: fast and dodgy with good mercs
Norse: they had the chance to win the previos season in the finish
Nurgle: UPDATE! They can have a Beast of Nurgle!
Ogre: they may have 4 Ogres. Not bad.
Skaven: fast and dodgy with good mercs
Undead: they can mix skellies with zombies which makes them unique in this environment
Posted by mike467 on 2014-09-02 23:53:31
For anyone thinking of joining up i'll just say this, do it. This was a great league last season with some great coaches and was something totally different to all the other leagues I play in, can't wait for season 2 to get going!
Posted by SzieberthAdam on 2014-09-03 00:05:20
Thanks guys for your support! :)