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 Issue 13 - August 28th 2511

News & Views
Letter from the Editor
by Ro
Story Description
Angry Man's Corner
by Purplegoo
This issue, the angry man rants on balance.
Interviews with a Newscaster
by the_cursed_one
the_cursed_one corners the Newscasters coach in the press office after a game
Low Few Lowdown
by the_cursed_one
Skolopender reveals the secret of Low Few's success
by Calthor
Calthor freestyles on another set of topics for your enjoyment
by Ehlers
Ehlers investigates this shadowy organisation...
The World Fameseeker
by Ehlers
Zhorn, cousin of Grotty, goes exploring the world
Admin Corner
by Woodstock
Woodstock explains how to stay out of trouble with the admin team
FUMBBL awards
by Stej and Ro
Invitations for nominations for the First FUMBBL awards
Staff Spotlight
by Ro
Ro secures a goblin some time off to explain what it does
Dear Prinzka
by Calthor
The GLN's Agony Aunt dispenses reams more of her painful advice
Team Tactics
Star Players Vs Homegrown
by Clarkin
Clarkin takes a look at the current set of star players available for inducement
Blood Bowl Mindset
by Ro
Ehlers explores the mindset of coaches and it's effect on matches
Group/Tournament Reports
Major Statistics
by MadTias
A round up of the Majors action since we last went to print
Interview With maysrill
by Ro
Ro talks with GLT winner maysrill
Odster The Evil One
BB Comics
GLN info
How to contribute
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