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 Issue 17 - September 1st 2516

News & Views

by Purplegoo
A hearty welcome to the 17th GLN!
Exclusive: Christer Interviewed for the GLN!
by mister__joshua
The GLN gets to grips with the big man
BB2 - A Review from a FUMBBLer
by Throweck
Throweck looks into the opposition. Objectively, he says...

An Odd Paradox
by Thoralf
A study of Saurus probabilities!
The Rule of Five
by Angmarred
An explanation of one of the most contentious forum issues
High TV Chaos in the Box
by BillBrasky
Who better to guide you in the dark, Clawed arts than Mr. Brasky?
Sneaky Git Tactics
by bghandras
bghandras continues his study of CRP fouling with a look at the second dirty skill. Is it second class?
Fluffy Goblin Wizard Use
by JamesFarell
Hit 'em wiv the magik feller?!
Green Tide FUMBBL Cup Touchdown
by The Great Gobbo
An insight into the mind of a Goblin coaching genius (it says on his submission)
Tactical Breakdown
by Harad and friends
Harad facilitates a tactical discussion between some top coaches
Puzzle Corner

Tactical Quiz
by bghandras
Get the fingers and thumbs out! Can you solve this?
by sann0638
Cryptic Blood Bowling puzzle time
by Lordchaos
LC's strips. Not 'LC strips'. Thankfully

How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nuffle
by Beanchilla
Dr. Beanchilla on dealing with Nuffle's 'love'
Group/Tournament Reports

Draft League Europe
by bghandras
Ever wondered how the DLE worked? Wonder no more!
by Prez and spubbbba
A look at an old rivalry playing out in [L]

For Sale!
by PainState
Got a few gold pieces to spare?
by Rabe and JellyBelly
Lest we forget these former titans
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