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2023-01-24 20:53:09
rating 5.8


2021-10-15 18:48:14
rating 4.7
2021-10-11 20:26:41
rating 5.3


2020-10-14 20:59:48
rating 5.2
2020-10-06 19:02:37
rating 4.9
2020-09-21 07:58:21
rating 4.8
2020-09-14 20:56:37
rating 5.8
2020-08-25 21:55:48
rating 5.5
2020-07-10 17:18:14
rating 6


2019-10-19 12:48:01
rating 4.7
2019-10-09 21:58:51
rating 4.3
2019-09-30 23:07:04
rating 4.9
2019-09-30 20:22:16
rating 5.3
2019-03-16 18:09:38
rating 5


2018-08-22 18:18:57
rating 5
2018-07-08 09:03:01
rating 5.5
2018-06-10 18:49:54
rating 5.7


2017-06-11 17:20:47
rating 4.4
2017-04-09 18:05:18
rating 6
2017-03-24 18:56:10
rating 3.6
2017-02-14 17:51:30
rating 3.5
2017-01-28 17:34:29
rating 6


2014-12-29 00:08:44
rating 5.8
2020-08-25 21:55:48
11 votes, rating 5.5
COS Final
Kingvan and I will be contesting this one tomorrow night (Wed) at 21:30 bbtime. Two cracking teams, so should be a good game. Two of Kingvan's Bobs are out, but he has plenty left, and with inducements, and his coaching skills, this looks very tight on paper. Hopefully, dice will be even and it will be a cracker. Oh, and if I manage one win beforehand, I will be searching for my 4000th win, which would be nice.
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Posted by neilwat on 2020-08-25 22:18:41
Have a good game guys, your last Major encounter was a great game to watch.
Posted by Lorebass on 2020-08-26 01:12:26
Is it bad that i hope all menz above 50spp die or get horribly wounded during the game?
Posted by neilwat on 2020-08-26 10:05:35
Bad in that your have a limit of 50spp? I would simplify it as in all games to any menz
Posted by PurpleChest on 2020-08-26 14:43:57
should be a cracking game, i look forward to it.
Posted by Araznaroth on 2020-08-26 20:19:27
Anybody commenting. Looks up. :D
Posted by Malmir on 2020-08-26 23:20:15
Match Report:

Not the classic final it could have so easily been as nuffle well and truly took over after 6 turns and never relinquished his grip after that. I received and good pressure and fouls from Kingvan forced me to score earlier than I would have liked in turn six. I had two saurus koed and neither came back, though neither did Kingvan's blitzer who decided from then on to sit out the entire game. A blitz fell my way on the kick off and I was able to get the ball and cover it so only Kingvan's carrier could reach it easily. We survived the 2d rr 2d even though the blitzer had tackle and then scored for 2-0. After that nuffle went to town and Kingvan failed lots of dice to prevent him getting back in the game until a turn six score and we shielded the ball to close the game out. It's hard to feel as much satisfaction about the result when it has been pretty much handed to you in the final but I did have to play well in some of the earlier games, particularly in the qualifier, so I can take some satisfaction from that. Kingvan was a gent as always and took the dicing as well as possible. He is an excellent coach and definitely in my top few coaches I find it hardest to play against and I am sure that with better dice his next major will be very soon.
Posted by Rawlf on 2020-08-27 00:20:20
Grats on the win! Well deserved after a long run coming out of a strong qualifier, dice or not.
Posted by Malmir on 2020-08-27 08:19:11
Thanks Rawlf.