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2020-09-14 20:56:37
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16 games with snots
So when the Snot team came out I decided to give them a try and basically thought if I found them fun I would carry on playing them. Despite no win in my first six games, I was having fun so I carried on. Having now played 16 games with them here’s my thoughts:

1. This team is so fun to play. They are like a souped up version of Gobbos or Slann. They play like no other and that makes them very interesting.
2. Riotous Rookies is a must where possible. I didn’t know what this was for my first four games and could have actually taken it and didn’t. For 100k you get to increase your bench beyond 16, often into the early 20s. At the tv snots play at and the mb etc as a result, this basically means you won’t run out of players.
3. Bribes are the other must due to secret weapon on the pump wagons, though twice I have snaked both bribe scores at the end of the first half.
4. Be selective about when to field your pump wagons based on bribes (though they can fail as described above).
5. Play to your strengths. The titchy guys go anywhere on a 2+ with dodge so use this to gain ‘impossible positions’. Just watch out for killer snakes (they have crippled me on numerous occasions, including four consecutive turns in a recent match that cost me a win).
6. Keep the big guys together. If they get stranded they can be easily lost to a drive and keeping them close is a powerful combo. They all have mighty blow too which means you can inflict damage.
7. Although they have dirty player, don’t foul with wagons unless you are out of bribes and it is key – you need them on the pitch
8. Foul with snots instead – disposable
9. Only field one wagon if you have zero bribes – you need something for the second half.
10. Receive when possible and hope to do early damage and go in 1-0 to probably secure a draw.
11. The positionals are vital as they create a -1 when someone dodges into them. This allows you to protect the ball better.
12. Carrying with a snot (if caged well) becomes a legit device as they can dodge through to score.
13. Things can get nasty second half if your bribes fail or you don’t have any.
14. You’re better off facing teams 15-30 ahead of you to get the riotous rookies or bribes. Obviously more relevant for ranked where you can choose.
And more general notes
People expect to beat snots. If they don’t, some find it hard to take. I’ve been told I play snots well twice – both times I had just lost. I’ve also had numerous claims of dice when teams haven’t been winning or have been losing. Most were not really justifiable though the odd one might have been. Nufffle doesn’t make allowances. I’ve had several likely wins turn into draws through ‘really stupid’ spamming ones and also through snaked dodges. I’ve also had some lucky breaks to get draws/wins so basically Nuffle remains an arse no matter what team you are. My main take on them is that they are FUN!!!!
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Posted by fxiii on 2020-09-14 21:49:54
good job and report !

i met snotlings only once, but it lasted only 7 turns ( and i did 8 cas:p)

many things seems interesting, but i'm afraid this team has to stay below tv1000 if (regular)players want to win sometimes ;)
Posted by Malmir on 2020-09-14 22:16:38
Yeah if I were playing it in trophy I would have sacked the guy on 31 without block but as I am not I am just seeing where they go. Agree lower tv is optimum
Posted by Joost on 2020-09-14 22:46:26
I always thought snots were the real power of ogre teams and built my BBT ogre team strategy around them by minimizing ogre use, carrying with snots and use titchy to generate assists for unexpected blitzes. From your description it sounds like this team has further perfected that play style. Thanks for the write up!
Posted by Joost on 2020-09-14 22:48:40
And yes; I found that works best below, say, 1200 tv although if losing ogres brought tv below 900 it also became harder. You need some hitting power and break tackle threats to be viable.
Posted by Malmir on 2020-09-14 23:11:03
I found with ogres it was too easy to tie them up and then dodge through the snots which is why I like the snots with effective tackle zones (none titchy)