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An alternative
For some of us, the new league rules and their implementation in ranked and black box present an issue.

We are big teams, with a history, we do not want to go quietly into the night.

This is not because we disagree or disapprove of the changes but because we want our work to get where we have got, to be remembered.

I am thinking to create a league for the 'Big' teams of BB and Ranked to migrate too instead of the sites preferred choice (this is still to be asked for from our benefactor, so I make no promises)

In this new league the cap of games per season will be set at 1,000 or higher, the league set to a permanent round robin (relying on your honesty to not beat the same coach over and over) so that these teams can survive.

Please let me know your interest (and potentially help me set it up).

Beyond the league settings for games, its expected to follow all BB2020 rules.


The coach of the bros that will continuing lifting no matter what.

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Posted by Araznaroth on 2021-02-09 00:37:16
Reminds me of the old (F)action division. :)
Posted by Swampserpent on 2021-02-09 03:15:46
i support this
Posted by ben_awesome on 2021-02-09 03:43:40
I'm not supporting different set of rules, I'm supporting Godzilla team rules for those that want that play.

I do however need you to tell

a) how to make the league
b) to play in the league
c) admin that league
Posted by ben_awesome on 2021-02-09 03:46:39
The questions, do box and ranked teams want to end here?

if later box and ranked separate what happens to these teams?

any advice or comments to help me?
Posted by koadah on 2021-02-09 13:41:35
I was thinking of something like...

Posted by DrDeath on 2021-02-09 15:16:36
Well I DO disagree and disapprove of the changes, although they are entirely GW's fault and Christer is merely following the official rules. However I agree with everything else you say, good idea. Just to note, I believe Secret League will have a much higher TV threshold, and will be accepting ALL rosters who want to change to this division (including the 'normal' teams).
Posted by koadah on 2021-02-09 15:38:09
Secret League Open will give more cash and will have NO cap.


Teams will still have to make a cut each season though. (15 games)
That is not ideal if your teams don't get to play many games.

Posted by ben_awesome on 2021-02-09 16:12:28
SO can we apply these teams to join the secret ruleset? Is that possible?
Posted by koadah on 2021-02-09 16:27:02
If you can get them into the [L]eague division you can.

Slann will be moved for sure. The others? I couldn't say.
Posted by DrDeath on 2021-02-09 17:12:26
Sorry yes I should have added that - although I very much hope the admins will allow old R and B teams to switch to L, to allow them to stay at high TV in Secret League rather than being forcibly culled to almost nothing or left in limbo.

I would just add that it's probably best if all big teams go to one or at most two alternative divisions, so they everyone can get games easily (we aren't spread over too many systems), and some big tournaments can be organised for these teams so there's something to play for? Hopefully Secret League will be one such place! The new rosters are fun too, and will be increasingly so I suspect as the 'main' divisions get boring with low TV min-max and a proliferation of dwarfs and other heavy bash... we will see though.
Posted by koadah on 2021-02-09 17:43:43
Indeed. Fragmentation would be the killer.

Though the big teams will have to cut to get into Secret League Open.

Probably to around 1600-1700. Am I right?

+15 * 20
+15 * 0/10/20
+ Treasury

After a worst-case season, you might still have to cut 1300. ;)
Posted by Kondor on 2021-02-09 17:53:50
This is a tough call for me. I will move some teams to Secret League if I have that option. If it turns out I can get regular games in Secret League, it is where I will play almost all of my games.

However, I think this will require access to the BB Scheduler and I don't know if that is very likely.

If I cannot get games in Secret League, I suppose I will just play dwarfs and orcs in the box. At least there I know I can get games.
Posted by Matthueycamo on 2021-02-09 22:05:47
Great idea Ben. I'd consider moving teams into it that I don't want to go through a season.
Posted by Bluegill87 on 2021-02-10 05:12:26
I wouldn't mind a few of my teams going this route, heck if this gets popular enough it might even get me a lot more games there in the Secret League.

Will keep my eye on this and let you know. I haven't read every single new rule yet but it feels like a lot of the old game is getting uprooted just from what I have read.
Posted by pythrr on 2021-02-10 10:03:28
or just could just all show some balls, embrace the changes, and take your teams into a new stage of their history and story! go on, be a legend!
Posted by koadah on 2021-02-10 10:39:04
Why would we want to do that?

What do "balls" have to do with it anyway? ;)

Posted by ben_awesome on 2021-02-10 12:37:11
What would be the process to request a team be moved to the secret league ruleset?

Would we just submit an admin ticket?

Not sure they'd want to be inundated with requests.
Posted by koadah on 2021-02-10 13:12:12
Admins moved a few of my favourite teams over as part of a kickstarter.

I don't know what Christer's thoughts are on this. He may not allow it at all other than for slann. A kickkstarter would be cool I think.

In the old, old days we had a "move to League" button on each team. There were probably good reasons for that being removed.
Posted by Lyracian on 2021-02-12 22:47:25
It is not for me but good luck with getting your power teams saved.
Posted by Grasshugger17 on 2021-02-13 18:05:00
Hold on a minute folks, it's not quite as simple as that. Secret League needs to vote on whether you're allowed in or not. Each coach will be taken on their own merits, so I hope you've been nice! Best of luck! ;)
Posted by ben_awesome on 2021-02-13 19:52:05
So the best option is to create a custom big teams league?