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2023-01-24 20:53:09
rating 5.7


2021-10-15 18:48:14
rating 4.7
2021-10-11 20:26:41
rating 5.3


2020-10-14 20:59:48
rating 5.2
2020-10-06 19:02:37
rating 4.9
2020-09-21 07:58:21
rating 4.8
2020-09-14 20:56:37
rating 5.8
2020-08-25 21:55:48
rating 5.5
2020-07-10 17:18:14
rating 6


2019-10-19 12:48:01
rating 4.7
2019-10-09 21:58:51
rating 4.3
2019-09-30 23:07:04
rating 4.9
2019-09-30 20:22:16
rating 5.3
2019-03-16 18:09:38
rating 5


2018-08-22 18:18:57
rating 5
2018-07-08 09:03:01
rating 5.5
2018-06-10 18:49:54
rating 5.7


2017-06-11 17:20:47
rating 4.4
2017-04-09 18:05:18
rating 6
2017-03-24 18:56:10
rating 3.6
2017-02-14 17:51:30
rating 3.5
2017-01-28 17:34:29
rating 6


2014-12-29 00:08:44
rating 5.8
2023-01-24 20:53:09
10 votes, rating 5.7
Box Run Review
Can't seem to get a game with my new rookie teams so thought I'd kill a few minutes by having a quick look back at my latest trophy run.

The teams: I went for the full 7 points given the reduction in cost and I am still happy with this choice. I took Undead, Chorf, Lizard and Dark Elf and I was happy with all except the Dark Elf - if I had my time again I'd have taken Underworld instead.

The run in general: I never like starting new teams as I always feel more susceptible to bad dice and this was a case in point. My first ten matches with Chorf, Undead and Dark Elf was an overall 4/3/3, which is below what I'd be hoping for by some way. Only my Lizards started well, winning their first five. In terms of dice it felt like I had a lot of poor dice in the first half of my run and much better dice in the 2nd half. Adding this to the fact I prefer playing developed teams and it helped me go 21-7-2 in the second half of my run which really lifted my final score.

Undead: I expected them to be strong and after a few early draws they were, winning their last 9 once they got some skills. Nothing much to report here.

Lizard: One point felt too low. We started very well winnning the first five games. At this point we only had 3 block on the saurus and buying a Krox took us to a rating where we just got outskilled. A loss and two draws later I sacked the Krox and was able to return to winning ways. They were a pain to skill - we didn't manage a saurus with two skills until game 14, but we did get a block, sure hands skink which was a massive help.

Chorf: A predictably strong team, but dice weren't always kind resulting in more draws than I would have liked. I expect someone to overtake this racial lead, whereas I am a bit more hopeful of keeping the undead and Lizard.

Dark Elf: I've done well with them in the past but the first half of this run was properly hard work to the point I kept removing them from my drawers to get a break from them. They got awful dice early on and it really hampered their development. At one point I couldn't see where the next win was coming from and I don't often feel like that. Finally about half way through the dice turned and we got some skills and I started to remember why I have enjoyed them in the past.

Overall I think my score is competitive, but certainly beatable. I will watch others try with interest.
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Posted by smeborg on 2023-01-24 22:32:46
I have played DEs a little in TT tourneys. I find that they are not "reliable", but tend towards games with long scrambling drives on both O and D. Which I like. And these drives tend to take the opponent "out of the textbook". Which I also like. And I back DEs to win such drives more often than not.

But I guess this is also a roundabout way of confirming that early DEs are "vulnerable to dice".
Posted by DoctorMidnight on 2023-01-27 14:34:53
I think DEs are simply became vulnerable to the new 4+/5+ passing syndrome......
Sad times we're living in.....
Posted by DoctorMidnight on 2023-01-27 14:36:27
Anyway, a very interesting feedback from a well known seasoned coach.
Always a good "food for thought".
Thx for the input Malmir.
Posted by MattDakka on 2023-01-28 15:34:32
"I never like starting new teams as I always feel more susceptible to bad dice"
I think the same, glad I'm not the only one.