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2020-08-14 07:25:16
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2018-11-04 17:52:57
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2017-06-24 01:56:43
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2017-01-03 09:57:14
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2016-12-30 18:13:15
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2016-12-18 18:20:29
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2016-11-25 17:28:16
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2016-10-08 09:41:23
rating 5.9
2016-08-01 01:29:44
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2015-12-21 22:04:49
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2015-10-31 11:10:38
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2015-10-21 16:20:22
rating 3
2015-10-17 12:08:09
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2015-09-15 02:21:22
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2015-06-02 09:07:45
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2015-05-22 17:22:58
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2016-12-18 18:20:29
3 votes, rating 4.7
Uno Uno! Uno Uno!
You remember him?

It's a guy like Santa Claus, just with a chain and green skin, no beard, but also unreal.

Last game my Gobbos rolled really bad. Not so many Ones, but also Twos can sometimes be not enough.

But they are quite nice when rolling for a skill up.

So Nuffle gifted my fanatic Uno Uno - who already has two(!) +Movement, Grab, Mighty Blow, Minus Armour and Minus Agility - with a double 2 at his newest Skill Up roll!
I can give him now really useless Passing Skills, or Pile On to pile him off the pitch into safety. That way he might live long and skill up slowly into a Legend.

But I was mostly thinking about giving something useful, like Block (I lost my beautiful Block Goblin in the same game he skilled up due to death) or Sure Feet (I always Go For It with him in hope to generate maximum carnage).

Tackle might also be an option, as many coaches seem to put their Dodgers against the fanatic on the LOS, but against a Tackle fanatic no Elf is safe. I just wonder if you can chose not to use tackle when blocking your own players. If not, then tackle is sadly no good option.
Guard might also be useful for playing a bit more aggressive. No real experience with Pro.


Curious what other players would chose.
And curious how long he will survive. Hope to play a few games at least before christmas despite the seasonal real life Blitz.
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Posted by FRSHMN on 2016-12-18 18:25:49
You can't choose not to use it... client is clever enough NOT to use it in general when you hit your own players.
Posted by mekutata on 2016-12-18 18:28:00
Good to know! So Tackle might really become an option.
Posted by Harad on 2016-12-18 18:28:41
You are thinking the right way. Block is the sensible choice. Sure feet is the live fast die soon approach (although if you say you are going for it anyway :S). Tackle is probably a little more out there but ensures even more carnage.
Posted by mekutata on 2016-12-18 18:29:47
Can't I just take all three please?
Posted by Lorebass on 2016-12-18 18:31:24
Would pro be an option as well?
Maybe reroll all those 3db to powpowpow!
Posted by jdm on 2016-12-18 19:06:50
You sure the client won't use tackle on your own guys? Only ask because I'm fairly sure I remember this guy knocking down a lot of his friends:


Sidestep is a fun choice :)
Posted by dogofwar on 2016-12-18 20:09:49
triple doubles on this guy so far: https://fumbbl.com/p/player?player_id=11485973
Posted by PurpleChest on 2016-12-19 03:36:31
All good options, but id be dull and go block.
Posted by the_Sage on 2016-12-19 10:35:16
Wow, that guy could let you OTTD without blitzing, blocking, or using trolls!
Block is really THE way to go here.
Posted by Raughri on 2016-12-19 11:04:52
Block as it will keep him alive longer.