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2020-08-14 07:25:16
rating 5.4
2020-07-13 22:39:46
rating 6
2020-06-26 13:22:42
rating 5.9
2020-06-10 15:13:47
rating 5.2
2020-05-26 01:03:48
rating 5.9


2018-11-04 17:52:57
rating 3.1


2017-06-24 01:56:43
rating 6
2017-01-03 09:57:14
rating 4.3


2016-12-30 18:13:15
rating 5.3
2016-12-18 18:20:29
rating 4.7
2016-11-25 17:28:16
rating 2.3
2016-10-08 09:41:23
rating 5.9
2016-08-01 01:29:44
rating 3.2


2015-12-21 22:04:49
rating 4.8
2015-10-31 11:10:38
rating 5.5
2015-10-21 16:20:22
rating 3
2015-10-17 12:08:09
rating 5.3
2015-09-15 02:21:22
rating 4.3
2015-06-02 09:07:45
rating 5.5
2015-05-22 17:22:58
rating 5
2020-10-31 03:07:39
7 votes, rating 5.3
☆☆☆ That's not a mask! That's a real face! ☆☆☆

Hail Nuffle!

The XXXL, the greenest league of them all, wants to wish you all a merry season with no Gits stealing your precious candy, no ghosts under your bed and no Liche priest wasting toilet paper on your house.

For many centuries, the green Stunties themselves enjoyed their Blood Bowl like no other race, as they felt safe from the curse of the undead just by keeping their lanterns on at night.

Sadly though the XXXL itself had recently less luck, the rumors have been true, and a Necromancer sneaked into the league's morgue. And the Git keeps rolling +4s!

Experts and Mushroomlogists already predict a rising number of Dust Goblins, Risen Divers, Ghoulish Fanatics, Cadaverous Pogoers, Acephalic Looneys, Shattered Bommas and Bone Trolls for the XXXL.

With many XXXL fans refusing to hide their countenances under masks and not keeping safe distance while trying to pick each other's pocket, the stadiums of the XXXL have become proliferating clusters. The numbers of brainless zombies could actually break reality, meaning not only the XXXL being overfilled with dead little Goblins, but the whole of fumbbl and eventually Games Workshop. Maybe you already played a coach who had been infected? Who knows when and where this could end. Unless, after the US elections we will see everything has been just a hoax organized by Kanye West in order to become the first true president.

The XXXL playoffs (the XXXL Bowl with the league's best teams, and the Black Lantern Cup for the weak teams, organised by the der Black Gobbo himself) start next week and only very few elite coaches will be able to join the following season. Probably the league is already full. And even booting a game takes dedication, with over 200 icons being loaded everytime your internet connection breaks. But keep your eyes open, and maybe you'll catch some upcoming games with crazy team builds. And send us a digital shout if you'd be interested to manage a team in the XXXL or be able to play in an environment that will keep Ripper Bolgrot active, even in 2020.

Anyway, have a safe weekend and always watch your back.

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Posted by sokeeffe on 2020-10-31 10:35:29
Sounds great, but needs a link to the group page:
Posted by pokrjax on 2020-10-31 12:58:55
Acephalic Looneys, inspired!
Posted by mekutata on 2020-10-31 19:11:44
I was worried that if I add the group link, too many new coaches would flood us.