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2020-06-26 13:22:42
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Hearing the podcast about cowhead's custom College leage (and see he posted just yesterday about it) I'd like to use the opportunity and also post again about my project
I am working on the concept for a Goblin league that makes heavey use of fumbbl's customisation potential.
There is already Icon material for additional (Star) Players and some convoluted sketches regarding further ideas for this project. You can find them in my Blog Archive.

Here I would like to present the concept of Corruption.
To emphasise the corruptive nature of Goblins I thought it could a great way to include all these league customisation options to the Coaches. Not really in a democratic manner, but rather as an additional gameplay function.
Coaches can bribe league officials to change the league's rules and potentially gain an advantage for the next matchday.

Here's a potential table for such Corruption Events. Again, I am curious about other Coach ideas and suggestions. Some of these ideas could be easily applied to any kind of league, some others are more Goblin league specific and some will be explained contextually in the bottom.

(All Effects should last for one Matchday:)

CorruptionDescriptionMatchday Effect
New CEOThe officials are persuaded to stab the CEO and install new management.Season Reset*
Apoth StrikeThe officials are persuaded that high medical treatment costs could ruin the league. But their attempt to pay less to the Apoths leads to a strike.Teams lose regular Apoths and can not hire a new one
Bribed JournalistsThe officials are persuaded to let the Spike reporters know in advance who shall become MVP in the next game.Coaches can nominate 1 player for MVP in post match sequence.
Cabal Vision CommercialsThe officials are persuaded to broadcast commercials between turns and intermissions. They also print sponsor logos on player uniforms.Teams receive 50K additional funds for inducing special cards at the start of the next game, teams receive 50K additional funds for inducements at the start of the next game.
Fair PlayThe officials are persuaded to forbid unclean tackles against lower body parts to prevent injuries.Right Stuff prevents Tackle skill when blocked.
Feed the TrollsThe officials are persuaded to improve Troll contracts, granting them the guarantee of extra food.Teams lose 40K or a random player with Right Stuff. Trolls lose Always Hungry.
Get the SquigsThe officials are persuaded to let Squiq Herders participate in the league.Teams get access to hire Squigs and order Snotlings.**
Hobgoblins are GoblinsThe officials are persuaded that progressive inclusion is good for the ratings. They invite Hobgoblins to play in the league.Teams get access to hire Hobgoblins.
HomegrownThe officials are persuaded that the league needs more individual homegrown stars for better brand recognition. As such they forbid players to change teams.Legal player trades and illegal player steals are banned.***
Magic EyeThe officials are persuaded to hire wizards to overview the game and offer Replay function for the refs.Argue The Call is turned off, Sneaky Git Players can not sneak into the KO box.
No Mutants AllowedThe officials are persuaded that mutants are dangerous and ban then from competing in the league.Rostered players with Mutations are missing for one game. Players with Mutations can not be induced.
Player UnionThe officials are persuaded to raise some of the top player's wages to keep them from forming an union with lower players.Legend players turn into Star Players, players with Emerging Star status or above roll 1d6 per gained skill and become Star Players when rolling a 6, Coaches may keep players with Exclusive Contracts based on adjusted TV (+30K).
Professional HealthcareThe officials are persuaded to take good care of the league players. They hire specialized Apothecaries to treat their injuries after the game.Heals any current and upcoming injury related Missing Next Game status.
Rule of 7sThe officials are persuaded that 11 players cost too much. To speed up the games and save some Gold the maximum amount of players to field gets reduced to 7..Maximum of 1 players may be set up in each widezone, a maximum of 7 players may be set up in each widezone, no minimum of players must be set up on the LOS
Spiked BallThe officials are persuaded to buy balls from a cheaper provider. The new balls come with manufacturing errors and have dangerous spikes.A spiked ball is used for play. Any failed pickup or catch roll results in the player being stabbed.
Tax ControlThe officials are persuaded to fight corruption and introduces Spiralling Expenses.Ruleset Options set to Enable Spiralling Expenses
There Must Be A WinnerThe officials are persuaded that games with draws are not exciting enough for the audience. They declare that there must be a winner team in every game and introduce the overtime rule.Rule Setting change to Overtime.
Warpstone ExperimentsThe officials are persuaded to provide teams with Warpstone.Players gain Mutation access in case of a Skill Up.****
Wizard BanThe officials are persuaded that wizards are dangerous and ban them from any activity in the league.Wizards can not be induced

*A Season Reset happens normally at the end of the Season, Teams might lose certain players (Contracts that only lasted one Season or Players won as Prizes in the Pre-Season) or Access to temporary Loot (aka Cards including these Corruption Events), they might also really need to pay back their debt now to the Accountchief Goblin.
** I envision to include Squig Hoppers based on Stuntee Leeg Roster. Snotlings could be an option to include cheap Thralls.
*** I envision a league where it is possible to buy or steal other team's players. This should help to prevent using very crucial players before a big game. Another Option would be just to ban Star Players.
**** Or easier approach, enables Night Goblins to hire.
I had also included an option called "Open the Market" as the inclusion of further Special Cards and Weapons is an option. But didn't want to get this Post too convoluted but present the concept in an upcoming blog post.

Additionally currently unused Options included in fumbbl:
Values for Spiralling Expenses and Expensive Mistakes.
Maximum amount of players on a roster. Access to any Skill in case of Skill Up.
Maxmimum Amount of cards.
Fouling: unmodified; +1 to injury if not interfered; done +1 to the armour roll.
Inducements: Petty cash affects TV, Treasury os automatically transfered to petty cash, Allow same star players
Piling On: allow Armor, Injury or both rolls; does not stack with other skills; is knocked out when rolling a double; requires a Reroll.
Sneaky Git: functions as Guard on foul assists
Stand Firm: Failing to dodge ends the player's turn instead of falling over. Does not cause a turnover.

If you read until here, thank you for your attention and have a nice day

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Posted by mekutata on 2020-06-26 13:24:20
Regarding bbcode: I tested this as a note and don't understand why the trs and slashes show up.
Posted by mekutata on 2020-06-26 13:26:35
Here is the table as a Notes version https://fumbbl.com/p/notes?op=view&id=7791
Posted by Badoek on 2020-06-26 15:26:08
bonkers, I love it!
Posted by awambawamb on 2020-06-26 18:27:18
reminds me of the Crazy Fun Challenge, a lot of time ago...
Posted by SanKuKai on 2020-06-26 22:41:16
mate you are a genius... :)
Posted by mekutata on 2020-06-27 11:39:15
biggest hassle at the moment is how to handle a card like system between matchdays. one way would be to use bowl bot in a discord server and roll the cards.
there exists also playingcards where i created a mock up page for black market cards, but the page lacks admin functions and players could potentially cheat http://playingcards.io/kcja67 .. here it is not corruptions but magic cards, but you can get the idea. coaches can pick cards from their decks and put them in their hand. and when activating them they reveal them on their assigned deck