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Love playing scheduled Blood Bowl?
Some folks love scheduled games. Some folks hate scheduling games. For the former, here are a few opportunities about which I'm aware of at this time:

CIBBL! It's huge, and it's a lot of fun. Using modified Secret League rosters, with a limit of a single instance of each roster... it's diverse and it's active. Pop into the Secret League discord, cibbl-bibbl channel to find out which rosters are still available... roughly a dozen left and going fast. The league is oriented towards the European timezones, but its coaches are really all around the world.

The Southern Waste League is always recruiting coaches who play around the Australia (Sydney) timezone give or take. Although they just started Season 81 (EIGHTY-ONE!), their seasons are short and there is a decent turnover. They're the only league I know of which uses the BB2016 Seasons Rules. New teams should play two warm up games (Trial of Blood) and there is a draft system as well. With its own Discord channel, they always welcome new guys.

The White Isle League (WIL) is in it's 55th season, and actively recruiting coaches who can play European time-zone stuff! Teams compete and advance divisions to ultimately play in their premiere division. Their Discord server link is on their main page, or PM Sweep12121 for more information.

Starting it's 4th season soon, the CBFL is recruiting coaches who play in the Americas timezones who want bb7s action with secret league teams, and all other kinds of teams. (It's all the teams... competitive, league, secret league, stunty leeg. If you can't find a roster you like, you are just too picky.) There's a Discord server link on the group page, and if you're interested PM MenonaLoco or Garcangel.

The Isle of Misfit Teams (IoMT) has started season five, and is still in it's first round. One filler teams can be replaced immediately, for a team with a TW above 1920k or so. The Isle is a 'standard' League division league which provides a home for teams not imported to a specific group within Ruleset 6. Contact razmus via PM or Discord.

Kzarik recently announced that the Badland Survivalists League is recruiting for Season 6! An Americas timezone league with a single instance of each roster and no retirements, it's an ongoing battle of endurance. Contact Kzarik via PM or Discord. Get in there quick, because I think they want to start the new season soon.

The Secret Isle of Misfit Teams (SIoMT) has a single final game in it's playoffs, and should be starting Season Two in the next few weeks. Born from the IoMT, it provides a temporary home for Secret League teams looking to play more regularly for a time. Join your existing SL team to the group and/or contact razmus via PM or Discord for more information.

Secret League America is recruiting for Season 10. Another league with coaches in the Americas timezones, new teams can play up to three games before their first season, and only a single instance of a roster can be active in the league at a time. Take a look at the forum post and chat folks up on the Secret League Discord server.

The 145 Club very recently started a new tournament. Looks like their's still nine filler teams in place. If you're new to FUMBBL or Blood Bowl in general, there really isn't a better place to be! Links to both the FUMBBL and 145 Club Discord servers on the main page... if you are new, at least drop into the 145 Club discord to chat, pickup pointers and maybe play a few games.

The Royal Rookie Rumble is always recruiting new (zero game) Ranked and Black Box teams for sixteen team tournaments. Join new Ranked and Box teams to that group.

Old World Rookie Rumble is always recruiting new (zero game) Secret League teams for sixteen team tournaments. Join new Secret League teams to that group.

The B.A.R. Brawls (Black Box and Ranked Brawls) are always recruiting existing Box and Ranked teams for eight team tournaments. Join existing Ranked and Box teams to that group, and be aware that teams get grouped by their TW (not TV!).

The Old World Brawl is always recruiting existing Secret League teams for eight team tournaments. Join existing Secret League teams to that group, and be aware that teams get grouped by their modified TW (not TV!). (Modified TW, in this case, removes the cost of journeymen linemen covering for missing players.)

There's a NAF Online Tournament going on this weekend! Deadline for signup is tomorrow. Are you a NAF member looking to play six games of Blood Bowl this weekend, and have those results posted in the NAF database forever? Get your team registered ASAP!

Those are the opportunities I know about that the moment. I'll post more as they come in.

But the upshot is, there's a lot going on. Lots of opportunities to play. Get in there!

AND for the schedulers -- remember that Daylight Saving Time adjusts Blood Bowl Server time this Sunday!!
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Posted by Sweep12121 on 2020-03-26 19:12:50
Great post, Raz! All great places to play!
And don’t forget WIL! The White Isle League is now into its 55th season and always recruiting new coaches who can play European time-zone stuff, plus you get the chance to play Sweep! Wowzas, what a treat! ... possibly...
Posted by lanky316 on 2020-03-26 19:14:53
If the prospect of playing Sweep puts you off, I'll also happily rig the draw so you don't have to deal with that.
Posted by razmus on 2020-03-26 20:19:13
Excellent! Added WIL to the list!
Posted by Fancypants on 2020-03-26 20:29:41
I was actually looking for something like this. Nice, thank you.
Posted by MenonaLoco on 2020-03-26 22:02:38
Who wants bb7s action with secret league teams, and all other kinds of teams, can enter CBFL. Just pm me or Garcangel. We will start our 4th season soon.
Posted by ClayInfinity on 2020-03-27 07:10:17
You should do a plug for the SWL in the Australian timezone... longest running league on fumbbl if I am not mistaken! Been running since 2003. Great post!
Posted by razmus on 2020-03-27 12:16:47
PM Sent to ClayInfinity. :-) I'd love to include. I'll also mention there's a longer list of active leagues ( https://fumbbl.com/help:JoinLeague ) This was a 'shorter' list of groups/tournaments/opportunities which are looking for coaches/teams now into the next couple/few weeks.