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Looking to play some Blood Bowl?
It's Saturday, and I figured I'd boost the signal to get the attention of folks looking for scheduled Blood Bowl games. I know of a few leagues and tournaments which are or will soon be looking for fresh mea...err... more teams and coaches. (In seriousness, leagues and tournaments only survive if people play. Everyone needs to draw in fresh blood occasionally. Sometimes that fresh blood kicks our collective derrieres.)

First, Secret League America will is in round two of it's four round playoffs. Yours truly is favored to be eliminated in round two, only because we got a bye in round one. If you are interested in playing Secret League and play in what would be the America's evening... keep an eye on the forum for the recruiting thread, and join us on the Secret Leagues discord -- it's the Secret League discord, but SLA has it's own category. Each roster can be represented once, and there's a chance in season eleven that we'll divide East and West coasts, then have a separate group for smaller teams.

Second, Secret Isle of Misfit Teams (SIoMT) is in it's second round of a three round playoff. The SIoMT opens it's arms and locker rooms any Secret League Open (Ruleset 303) team who want to come play on the island for a season. Season Three will be starting up very soon after season two completes and the winner decides what season three will look like. SIoMT has it's own channel category on the FUMBBL Leagues Discord. (The Isle of Misfit Teams for ruleset six teams, is about 2 to 2.5 months away from starting season six.)

Secret League Invitational Challenge (SLICC) is a league using Secret League teams with the CIBBL roster amendments, star players, and ruleset. Aside from SL teams, the key feature is that each season the divisions get shuffled, with the winners of each division staying put, and picking the teams who join them in that division in the next season. It also has it's own group of channels on the Secret League Discord. Looks like it'll be starting its initial season in the next few days. Contact The_Carthaginian for more information.

A little birdie keeps twittering at me that the [SL]UMBBL Shield is still short its required sixteen teams (1600 TW and less) to get started. Someone please silence that bird... come play some blood bowl.

And of course, the Old World Rookie Rumble is always recruiting rookie (zero game) secret league (ruleset 303) teams. It launches when we have sixteen teams, and we've seen sitting at FIFTEEN for most of the week.

And of course, the Old World Brawl is always also recruiting secret league (ruleset 303) teams. Brawls start when eight teams of the appropriate size have applied.
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Posted by Chivite on 2020-06-20 18:22:40
yeah people! sign to the OWRR! I need my SL goodness!
Posted by fidius on 2020-06-21 02:54:11
I don't play Blood Bowl and I'm insulted you asked.
Posted by razmus on 2020-06-21 04:02:24
@fidius. In that case... "I'm sorry."
Posted by Fancypants on 2020-08-03 23:03:33
Could this also be updated with College Fumbbl hosted by Cowhead?
Posted by razmus on 2020-08-05 18:04:46
I'll try to figure out a more permanent, rolling list at some point soon.