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FUMBBL League News 08 May 2022
2022 05 08
All the league news fit to print and then some!

Compiled from across FUMBBL, this is all the league news that's come to my little furry ears. If you know more that is going on, please let razmus know so he can add it to the next edition, which should be released in the second half of May.

Timezone/RegionWorld, but focused on Coaches new to Bloodbowl or new to Fumbbl
Current statusSpring 2022 tournament in underway. Half the teams are bloodied, and stratification has begun, but that means half the teams haven't played their first game yet. Still a lot of life left in this tournament.
Next stepsSome spaces still available for new coaches/teams.
To contactPC's blog for more info, and 145 Club Discord

RulesBB2020, divisions with promotion/relegation
Current statusThree rounds or so left in Season 25
Next stepsFinish the current season and start recruiting at the end of May.
To contactContact eldritchfox for more information and join them on the HUBBA Discord.

Timezone/RegionEurope but with coaches from everywhere. Very large, fluff heavy league.
RulesBB2020 with modified Secret League, and customized BB2016 skill progression. Only one team per roster.
Current statusWell into Summer Year 9
Next stepsFall/Autumn is traditionally tournaments with teams divided by team prestige.
To contactNew teams either enter a Youngbloods tournament or the general mix depending on timing, and with a league this large they're almost always recruiting. Contact C0ddlefish and/or join them on the SL Discord in their own section.

Current statusCouple rounds into Season 2.
Next stepsStill accepting applications, for an additional division to start when there are sufficient new teams.
To contactMisterA

Timezone/RegionUK, large league
Current statusSeason 63 starts tonight! Five divisions of eight teams each.
Next stepsSeason 63. New coaches/teams will be put on a wait list and when they reach four new teams, they will play in an open division to prepare for Season 64.
To contactA whole host of active Commish to contact on the group page, or talk to them on the WIL Discord

Timezone/RegionMainly Europe but Coaches in North and South America, Canada too. 14 day turns!
RulesTransition to BB20 for coming Season, Draft League, Human rosters, custom seasons and re-draft. Custom Icons and Team logo's.
Current statusFinishing up Season 8 - Play-Offs and a KO Cup for non-Play Off teams.
Next stepsThey were recently recruiting for a final slot, but if you're interested, contant them soon.
To contactThe_Murker (Owner), det, darkwing2k6, and misterlonestar

Timezone/RegionEurope and Americas
RulesBB2016, with custom Khemri themed rosters
Current statusConverting to BB2020 rules... rosters being converted now.
Next stepsSeason 9 to start soon! Prerecruiting now.
To contactPainState on site Khemri League Discord channel

Timezone/RegionEurope and Americas
RulesBB2020, with random players and lots of extra dice
Current statusSecond half of season one in the 2020 rules.
Next stepsEnd of season, and a randomized sorta redraft happens.
To contactForemole on site NUFFLE League Discord channel to roll up your random team. They're always recruiting new teams, and can run new blood type tournaments when there is enough new blood to justify.

RulesBB2016 with player draft, drawn from NCBB amongst other places
Current statusSecond half of season 28, then the playoffs and the Super Bowl
Next stepsConverting to BB2020 for Season 29.
To contactTo be put on the waiting list for an invitation, contact Bazakastine and join them on the NBFL Discord.

RulesBB2020, with custom seasons
Current statusEstablished football programs are being converted to the new ruleset, and new teams are coming on-line. New coaches interested in playing should express their interest RIGHT NOW!
Next stepsSeason 40
To contactex-convict on site, or NCBB Discord

Current statusReturning teams are/have redrafted, and the league is actively recruiting new coaches/teams RIGHT NOW!
Next stepsSeason 2.
To contactWaagh and ryanfitz on site NWBL Discord

RulesSL2020 (Secret League 2020)
Current statusFinal Season one playoff game tonight. Redrafting and recruiting happening now. (Recruiting via forum post)
Next stepsEach team can play four friendlies, and Season Two tournament tentatively starts May 21st.
To contactrazmus on site, or Secret League Discord, and signup in the forum post linked above.

Timezone/RegionOceania (Australia / NZ) and Americas Divisions
RulesBB2016 with established teams, which are imported.
Current statusRecruiting but an open round robin has been created to keep teams in their fighting trim.
Next stepsLooking for coaches with orphaned BB2016 League teams for a new season.
To contactknine or the Old Dawgz Discord

Timezone/RegionOceania (GMT +7 to +12)
Current statusEarly in Season 91 (round 2 of 7)
Next stepsPromotions/relegations between divisions, and the mayhem continues, but they do it all upside down.
To contactTalk to Wozzaa about getting started or join them on the SWL Discord and 'ask to be drafted and hazed.' New teams need a little time to draft and get 'some blooding games' played before they're fed to the le... err... before they start.

Timezone/RegionNew Zealand/Australian time zone preference With a bit of a lean towards NZ
RulesSL2020, each roster can only be represented once.
Current statusThe Wilkinson Sword eliminiation tournament.
Next stepsThe new season will start with a building tournament, the Secret Smack... then the new season. Now sounds like a perfect time to be recruited!
To contactPM Trickey on FUMBBL or get in touch on their channel on the SWL Discord.

Never published -- Ramchop will get in touch when they're within three weeks of the end of their season.
Timezone/RegionNew Zealand
Current statusEarly Season 29.
Next stepsPlayoffs
To contact They have a channel on the SWL Discord.

Timezone/RegionOceania (Australia / NZ)
RulesBB2020 with 2016 skill progression, but each team granted a canine player and all linemen may have sneaky git.
Current statusFinals now
Next stepsGrand Finale (May 22nd). Looking for coaches to start Season 2 in a couple weeks.
To contactknine (or they have a channel on the SWL Discord.)

Timezone/RegionGlobal, 7 day rounds
RulesBB2020, but with standard, stunty leeg, secret league, dungeon bowl, plus rosters. (If you can't find a roster to play in all that, you aren't really trying. Two legged conference schedule.
Current statusRecruiting for season one
Next stepsIn conferance, season one
To contactContact Gridironman and join the BCL Discord.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, 14 day rounds to facilitate cross tz scheduling
RulesBB2016: experienced, orphaned teams not tied to a specific league. ([L]eague Open Environment teams)
Current statusPlayoffs have begun
Next stepsAwards and Recruiting for season ten!
To contactContact razmus and join the IoMT Discord Channel.
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Posted by PurpleChest on 2022-05-08 19:22:47
this is awesome work, such a great resource.
Posted by Badoek on 2022-05-09 11:14:31
Awesome, great job razmus!

HUBBA is in season 25 btw