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Shocking events in Erengrad [DLE]
Reports are coming in about a major fall out between star catcher Stephen Hill and coach spelledaren of the home team Erengrad Vikings. The Vikings have been notably quiet on the scandal front compared to many other teams throughout the league, a testament to the good spirits and comraderie enjoyed here. But shortly after the 2-3 defeat yesterday at the hands of Bilbali Rangers shouting could be heard, and sources say that a furious spelledaren ripped into Hill, not stopping at a verbal assault, but going as far as smashing the player into a wall and making certain threats.

The attack came after Hill had failed to stop a dying minute touchdown by Paul Richardson, a player with a similar skill set to Hill himself, and enjoying the same star status. Hill had blitzed the player, but instead of following up and forcing Richardson into a position where he could not possibly score, Hill instead retreated back, allowing the Rangers to punch the ball loose and Richardson to run the ball in. This happened just moments after Hill had dropped the ball, instead of passing it to Markus Wheaton, who was ready to score for the Vikings.

Coach spelledaren issued a statement, but has not responded to further questions.
"All my players need to be ready to fight for the team, all the time. We don't stop, we don't go easy, and we don't make deals on the field. I need to trust everyone to their part fully. Stephen Hill failed to do that today."

After such a harsh official statement, Hill has declined to take part in today's training session, leaving the fans unsure about what could be happening next.

"I love Stephen, he took us to two consecutive play-offs. But that was some awful stuff there yesterday. I just hope they get their s*** together for the second half of the season, that play off is not getting easier to get to" said long time fan Muck Masher outside the stadium earlier today.

Vikings player Matt McCants had this to say on the events:
"We got drafted together, remember, Stephen and I? We were hired to do a job, and we've been doing it damn well. I've set him up with so many perfect runs, and he's delivered nearly every time. What happened yesterday? I mean Stephen scored our 2-1 touchdown, but that was weird too. Did you see that? The Rangers didn't even block his path! I don't know right now man, I don't know."

Tensions are high with the last game of the half season coming up, how will the Vikings cope with this going forward? We'll bring you the news as we get it!
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Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-09-15 11:25:13
Nice read!!
Posted by CroixFer on 2017-09-15 11:32:24
"La Marque" a sport newspaper from Estalia has disclosed this morning that Paul Richardson, hero of last night game for the Rangers with 2 TD on of them being the winning one in the last seconds of the game, was classroom mate with Stephen Hill in their early years and they were even close friends back then. They even had a music band known as "the Bugs".

Questions arise everywhere. Did Stephen agree with Paul for the winning TD knowing that Richardson is opening negotiations with his franchise for a new contract? Is he returning a favour from the old days? Guess, coach Spelledaren has a los to think about.
Posted by Meanandugl on 2017-09-18 10:06:17
Shocking! And a nice read, well done.