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[DLE] Erengrad Vikings start season 10
A post game conference, after a lackluster draw vs Barboza Bruisers. Coach Spelledaren walks up to the podium.

- Welcome friends, reporters, fans. We´ll have some news for you, but let´s start with questions. Yes, here in front?

- Thank you, the word we´re hearing a lot about this game is ´disappointing´ - how would you respond to that?

- Well, Spelledaren begins, that about sums it up? A few laughs can be heard in the room. He continues; At least we didn´t lose the game. It came down to the wire but a few players were there to rescue us at the end. Ryan Griffin, Joe Doe, John Bull, these were players that did most things right today. Jamelle tried to make up for first half, but you know that when your long pass specialist is blocking blitzers to try and clear a path for your touchdown something has gone very wrong.

This produces more smiles, and Spelledaren points at another reporter.

- Talk to us about the new recruits and their performance today!

- Alright... so we had only two draft picks remaining at the end of the season. We used one future pick to pick up Jamelle Lucas from legion when they announced his possible retirement. He does have a serious injury troubling him, but he still throws the ball as good as any other player in the league. Today, obviously, he let himself and the team down. When the time came and we had the set up for an early equaliser, he dropped the ball. He said at once after the game that he would do better, and really made a difference in second half by being in the right place. I´ve been amazed by his agility ever since I watched him before his draft...

- You did end up getting three more players though, the reporter interrupts.

- Quite. We needed a thrower to support Ryan, and Joshua is a skilled fighter. If need be he can run the ball. In the fourth round of the draft some amazing blitzer quality was left. We traded away our last future pick to get John Bull. We honestly believe he should have ben picked in the second round, already such a complete play maker. And he was one of the most solid players out there today, despite his youth. Last pick was something of a gamble, Noah Brown is agile and good with the ball, but we´ll see where it goes.

- Vikings is now one of the most agile teams in the league! someone shouts from further back.

- True, with our legends leading the way. By play off both Joe Doe and Dominic Toretto became proper DLE legends and they took their game to a new level. Taking us to our first conference final!

Some cheers are heard, but it is subdued, even Spelledaren looks strained.

- I´m also thinking about him. When Stipe died in our first play off game it was such a chock. We dominated that game, and out of nowhere comes that fatal hit. Maybe the final could have gone differently with him, maybe not. The team ows Lipian so much, he took us to three straight division titles as team captain and became our first legendary player.

- You sure handled the Bruisers differently in play off!

- Indeed. We had control over that game. Remember though that this was a brand new Brusiers team, with quite a different set of skills. Still, it was clear that the team lacked motivation and proper guidance today.

- So what about Rhett Ellison? This was his first game as team captain for the Vikings.

Spelledaren pauses for a bit, turns around to ask something in a low voice and then comes around to continue.

- We really needed a new team captain, but it´s really hard to follow a legendary one like Lipican. Rhett has more than 100 games played, he´s probably one of the most experienced players around in DLE. He has also played the Pro Bowl last two seasons running, showing his super star status. But as it turns out, this doesn´t mean that a player can lead. Today he was stumbling, missing easy blocks and dragging the team down instead of lifting it up. I´m not happy, and neither is he. He did sack the ball carrier once, and tied up some important spots. But as team captain, this was not good, and Rhett himself thinks his own plays were suffering because of it.

Spelledaren looks back quickly and raises his voice a note.

- With that in mind, I would like to present the new team captain of the Vikings, our home grown defender, the latest Most Valuable Player and indeed the team´s top MVP right now, Aline Danford!

From behind a tall woman strides through the door and takes over the podium. Reporters start shouting questions and raising their hands all over.

- Quiet now people! Her voice carries across the room and the din, and everyone settles down. She continues; So, we´ve had a rocky start today. That will not continue. I´ve been with the team on the front line for two seasons, and I know what needs to be done. I´ve fought with and learned from Stipe, I´ve been at the major games and I know we can bring the team together for another great run. Easy mistakes like today will be dealt with in training, and on the field the team will fight as one. Next up we fight the White Wolves that took us down in the conference final. Their team is as powerful as then, but with a new coach. We can´t expect to win that, but we will fight them at every step. There will be no more questions today. I will talk you later after I´ve gotten this team to follow my lead to the letter! Good day, she says and swoops off, followed by Spelledaren.
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Posted by ben_awesome on 2020-10-02 20:55:09
John Bull in the 4th? o_0
Posted by ttorvatn on 2020-10-02 21:28:37
"We have played against Danford several times, and admire her spirit. She's a true Viking, and I wish her best of luck in her new job as team captain for the Vikings, who thus becomes the second DLE team to have a female team captain." Inga Dedekind, CCC coach and former team captain.
Posted by spelledaren on 2020-10-02 22:22:31
Right Ben?!

Thanks Inga. We still wager that Cascade will win the division this time. But it will be a fight!
Posted by ben_awesome on 2020-10-05 18:07:23
Saw that Bat Masterson went in the 3rd,thought he would be a 2nd as well and that Suggs Malone also got picked.

Called to see my college players getting picked
Posted by spelledaren on 2020-10-06 11:01:06
Nice. Suggs had a great intervention game 1.

Bat was one of my favourite blitzers in the draft.