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Erengrad Vikings mid season [DLE]
A trusted reporter found herself having a longer chat about the current situation in Erengrad and the unexpected success of the team up until mid season.

- Coach Spelledaren, thank you for taking the time.

- My pleasure, and it is a pleasure to talk about this, with how things have been going.

- Indeed, a somewhat remarkable season so far. The pre season talk had you talking about season 8 and building strength for that. Now the Vikings are in a bye spot for play off in season 7 and are dominating their own division.

- Yes, though our only loss have come towards Praag Grizzlies, who we all remember made it to the Super bowl last season. That their team has fallen apart is of course good for us, but so many division greats gone also feels sad somehow. And I say, fallen apart, they still field an awesome amount of strength, it's just that they have fallen far from the team that did so well last season, really brutal losses.

- While the Vikings have not lost a single player!

- Not only that, we've also had several players increase their skills. We now have stand firm, more mighty blow, even more dodge. The statistics have us as the number one team when it comes to growing our team value so far this season. Not something that we are used to happening, but is of vital importance for a chance at going further in play offs.

- Is this the new strategy paying off? Has the well skilled players been able to avoid more hits, and thus reducing damage?

- I think yes and no. In some games, yes, we've seen our dodge players stay up through a lot of hits. But in other games it hasn't worked as well. And when we lost it was vs Grizzlies with only few tacklers. It's probably a fair share of luck with the injuries as well that has kept us together. And looking at the next part we have the East, where every team fields four or more tacklers, and several of them are excellent at hurting players in general. So I think dodgeing our way to victory can not work as our only strategy.

- How pleased are you with the new recruits, especially Dupree and Tajima?

- Oh, very pleased. Tajima has been super solid, both when needing to pass, or just to run the ball in. Even got a casualty in vs Razorbacks when Vann Bartholomeu took at a chance at bringing him down. I saw that he was the first round pick with the most star player points so far from last draft? Just great. Alvin has been doing what I wanted, and I have no complaints.

- Speaking of Razorbacks, the Vikings seem to have gotten some lucky breaks this season?

- Heh, yeah. That one was wild. It shouldn't happen, but it did, and we got a victory out of nowhere. Also vs Scimitars things just fell our way when it could have gone badly. And then last game we just tore through the 49ers... three touchdowns when they had only conceded two in the previous six games! Somehow we had a really really good record vs KFC South, something I did not expect. An epic game vs Eagles too, where coach Arcayn played everything to the line to try and win the game. Actually Naoto caused another cas there when he surfed Todd Gurley into the stands. Last season I felt we had several games fall into draws that we could have won, now it's falling the other way, and it looks to be enough to make play off. We just need... say eight more points from the seven games we have left.

- How do you see the play off race as it stands now?

- It actually feels somewhat decided in large parts, in Sigmar. It's also mostly what I imagined, the two overperformers are ourselves and Legion. I just love what coach JackH is doing and what he is managing. In the draft Legion snatched several players we had on our own short list, and this push for the highest agility players, I can only applaud it. I hope they win the division, and get a real shot at going for the Super bowl. But this means that Greenskins will probably be out, I don't think they will catch up. My other team for play off at the start of the season that doesn't seem to make it is Grizzlies. They are getting into gear lately, but being so far behind and facing the teams from East, it's too far away. I think the current spots will stand, wild cards going to South and East, so Avalanche and Bucs are both in, plus Rangers and Legion. Then White wolves and ourselves.

- And the bye?

- Ah, well. Kislev for sure. It could be decided in a head to head game for the second one, but I have a feeling the East will take it, whoever wins the division. Meaning we could very well end up playing Buccaneers again in the play off. We wow to do better if that happens...

- There seems to be some apprehension about facing SHC East here. Will it be that tough?

- Yes. If we can take four points from those games, that is good. Then we can take four more in our own division, which should be doable.

- Anything to say about the KFC?

- Well, Patriots are in, only undefeated team now. The conference seems to have several fierce fights for play off, so should be good fun to follow. Changes to coaches in KFC East is sure to change the dynamics there. Good luck to them all, and remember to keep fouling.

- Well, there you have it fans, the Erengrad Vikings are going to play offs in season 7. Will this be the year when they win a play off game? Thank you all, and good night.
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Posted by SpecialOne on 2019-04-06 09:06:25
Will this be the year when they win a play off game?

HAHAHA!!! Good stuff!
Posted by ben_awesome on 2019-04-06 09:58:54
Remember bear is at its most dangerous when wounded.