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Erengrad Vikings post season [DLE]
- Here we are again, joined in the studio by coach of Erengrad Vikings, spelledaren, as well as two players, team leader and star quarterback Stipe Lipican, and newly recruited Dominic Toretto, joining the team from Kemperbad Knights. Welcome all!
The energetic reporter bounces up a bit as if to greet everyone personally, but sits right back down again.

- Thank you, it's a pleasure to visit cabalvision here, there's a lot going on for you to get everything ready for the Super Bowl!, spelledaren replies and takes a seat. The players follow suit and even when sitting somehow seem to dwarf the other two men in the room.

- Yes, we are all looking forward to Sunday night here. But let's first talk about Erengrad. One of the best seasons so far, but still no conference final.
Spelledaren smiles, just a little bit strained.

- Indeed, once more play off didn't come together for us. At least we had a really good showing this time, Rangers pulled some stunts last minute to keep us from getting there, and..

- But Rangers beat you twice, the reporter interrupts. And not only that, by a total of 3 touchdowns to nothing! That hardly seems like a close game!
The three Vikings give an answering blank stare before spelledaren continues:

- ...even new coach Szieberth said that a different result would have been reasonable. But that's Blood Bowl. Their team saw a chance and went all in for it, just as we like to do ourselves. Rookie Robert Kant choosing to stall instead of scoring first half turned out to be a horrible decision. I don't know if he'll find a position again somewhere...

- And you lost yet again to Greenskins, making the East division a really tough match for you!

- Yes, that's for sure. We might almost call them our nemesis, apart from that we have only met them thrice.

- So Erengrad Vikings have teams that they can't beat!
This time Lipican answers, as spelledaren looks bewildered.

- You, new face, do you even watch Blood Bowl?

- Eh, I'm sorry? The reporter blushes and looks to the sides before continuing. Yeah, sure, I was at the Patriots game..

- Did you see anything apart from the over the top expensive conference final of the KFC that you could brag about to your friends?

- Of course, I know a lot about DLA and everything here...

At this point two security orcs come over and lead away the whitening reporter, leaving the trio alone on set.

- Well that was weird, Lipican states and Toretto gives a short laugh.

-It seems that we are still transmitting?, spelledaren asks aloud and somewhere further back there seems to be confirmation made of this. Ok then, he continues, let's talk season 8. We had a plan to build a team for the coming season, and it will be a tough one. Our losses were few, but we felt the loss of Tajima hard. Looking to what's next we needed a new main carrier on offense. We tried to court Avalanche for Mariota, but his contract seems solid even though they keep putting him on the bench.

- That was weird in our play off game, Lipican interjects. They sidelined a superb player all the way. Conflict with the coach? I surely felt that way when he was finally brought on and 'fumbled' the ball to end the game at a loss for them.

- Without a certain thrower we needed to look at the draft. We had pick number 11 from the sale of Mario, but there aren't that many throwers that can really pass the ball in there. Jared Goff wasn't likely to drop to 11, so then what? Of course, we could let you run the ball Stipe, but I felt we needed more options. We looked around and found the player to make the offensive play for us. It cost the 11th pick, the highest we've ever payed for a player. Dominic, how do you feel about coming to us and the role we have discussed for you?

- Well I feel great, the big man starts, his voice deep and with an accent of far more southern lands. I've played a good season of games for the Knights, and I've really learned a lot about the blocking game there. They make sure to stay on top and make their opponents hurt, and that's something I bring with me. I was glad to see the Sluggers do so well this season, but coming to Vikings after a season like this feels great, and to be given a central position - well, it's what I always strived for. Play for the best, and be the best.

- Yes, we are looking to you to be the main carrier on offense.

- Yeah, and that's a role I really like. They ain't gonna be bringing me down easily!

- No, I believe this will work out well. We've been running some numbers of how often we were sacked during the season... it turns out that 7 times during all of the regular season did we have someone sack our ball carrier. With you holding that ball, I'm counting on making it even less.

- For sure boss!

The orcs return and stare menacingly at the crew, who starts shutting everything down.

- Alright, let's go back to the hotel...Sunday's going to be great, go Bucs!

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