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2019-06-30 14:17:20
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[SL] Easy going new tournament style!
Hello fellow coaches!

This is a pitch to try and gather players for King of the Hill - an open play tournament for Secret League teams. There is no set schedule, and the tournament will be open to join at any point - as long as you meet the TW limit. For season 1 of this we are looking for rookie teams, TW limit set at 1000 (or beaten up experienced teams....)

Teams fight to become the King of the Hill by defeating their opponents, climbing the hill in the process. There will be four layers, where the King sits lone at the top, two Contenders below that, Aspirants under them and the rest in the Pack. Defeat someone above yourself to take their place, and fight off the Contenders to stay King for long enough to claim the title!

In the Pack everyone arranges games as they like, above them there is a challenge system to keep track of who is going to play who and in what order. Check out the group page for rules, and apply with a Secret league team! Observe that it's a meta league, meaning your are free to use any SL team, and they can go play other things while they're not involved in a season of KotH.


I am not the digital expert, meaning things have a basic look, but the tournament itself could and should be awesome. Join in and let's try it out!

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Posted by MenonaLoco on 2019-06-30 15:59:59
Nice idea. With one basic error:
"in the pack everyone arranges games as they like" - Everybody will just want to play against the team above them, not below!
So, there must be a schedule for those games for each round too. Also, its unclear how to get from pack to challenger. please specify. thanks
Posted by spelledaren on 2019-06-30 16:12:02
At the start there are only Pack members, so first winner of Pack/Pack becomes Aspirant.

Once a team has moved above Pack they have to use the challenge system. This basically says that first challenge issued is played first, with some rules to manage it. It's specified in the rules document!

Also: there are no rounds of anything, just games being arranged. The order of these depends on the challenges.
Posted by Kondor on 2019-06-30 20:29:28
I'm in. this looks like fun.
Posted by MenonaLoco on 2019-07-01 01:46:39
As i said, while in the pack, why would i play against somebody below - i'd rather play against the one above me. How do you rule this?
Posted by spelledaren on 2019-07-01 02:05:42
If you want to play someone above the Pack, you must send them a challenge. That team will play games in the order that challenges were sent.

(Some rules also regulate when that order can be changed a bit...)
Posted by MenonaLoco on 2019-07-01 05:12:05
Maybe i didnt understand. So the pack has no ranking? They all just play anybody else from the pack?
So, nobody would have to get past me, everybody could ignore me?
(in a league that featured a free challenge week i experienced the system's downside).
Posted by spelledaren on 2019-07-01 13:16:31
Indeed! Within a layer everyone has the same rank.

I effect yes, you could be ignored within the Pack. But as soon as anyone becomes an Aspirant they can't ignore your challenge. So while murder/maiming teams might not get training games within the Pack, they can't be stopped from fighting to climb the hill.
Posted by spelledaren on 2019-07-02 09:48:56
Season 1 started - but it's not too late. You can join at any time!