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Erengrad Vikings press conference [DLE]
Murmurs among the waiting crowd, the faces jovial, relaxed.
Coach spelledaren enters alone, a few in the back give a short cheer, and then he starts to speak.

"Good to see you here today, we had a great victory and didn't concede any touchdowns. I was very happy with the performance out there, those hits were landing right where they should, all the way from the start. And the ref didn't seem to mind a bit of extra blood either! I'll take your questions now."

A man near the front waves his hand, holding a small parchment.
"This was Zach Fultons last game for the Vikings. Many people are not happy about this trade, what do you feel after today?"

"Zach has been with me since I took over the Vikings and made it what it is. Ever since he learned how to fight better he has been a major part of any drive. Today was no exception, maybe even one of his finest moments. The way he drove his fist into Lacey's skull there just shows you what he can do." At the mention of Lacey's death some laugh, but others in the room seem agitated.

"Eddie Lacy was one of the top drafts, and one of the main things keeping the Manticores competitive. Won't killing him make things easier on the Greenskins and the Rangers, teams that have defeated the Vikings already?"

"Sure, but playing to make things easier of harder for someone some other time? That's not what we do." Coach spelledaren smiles and looks around the room, and points to a raised hand. "Yes, you with the red hair."

"Thank you" she says, and straightens up before continuing, "but why was Fulton traded in the first place? As stated, many fans are seeing this as the wrong way to go."

"Listen." The smile still lingers, but looks more strained. "You all know about the beatings that we've taken. And after two play-offs our picks haven't been the greatest. This is a chance for Zach to shine, in a team that needs a little special something to push them to the top. For us it's a chance to get new talent brought into the team. For starters, there's Stipe Lipican! And he couldn't have come at a better time, as we've just concluded that Jeff Tuel can no longer keep playing for the Vikings after his brutal injuries today."

"Good riddance!" someone shouts. Then spelledaren continues.

"And then we get another 1st round pick. So, I think this is the right move if we want to stay a top team in further seasons. You there, another question."

A short bearded man speaks up.
"Stephen Hill played today, and did well. But we've heard rumors that you were possibly looking to trade Hill to another team? Is this true?" The room falls more silent as everyone waits for spelledaren to speak. A small moment of hesitation, then he answers.

"That's correct." An exclamation of huffs and puffs from the crowd are quieted by spelledaren before he can go on. "Stephen and I have not had the best of times lately. And after the article about his youth adventures with Paul Richardson the tension within the team became worse. At this point Stephen would feel that a new team could be the best move, even if he says he still wants to bring the Vikings to another go at the title. We've agreed that if the right offer, the right team with the right thing to trade comes along, then he will move on."

"But if you sell Fulton and Hill then our chances at the play-offs are gone! Come on coach!" Clearly frustrated, the man who shouted pushes his way forward. "What are you trying to pull here? Can you even manage this team?! We want Thump! And we want stamina! So weak!"

"Hey! Look at the results of the past seasons! If you have a problem with a little adversity right now, go cheer for the Wolfskins!" Spelledarens retort brings laughter to the room and the man backs down.

"Thank you all for coming, I will see you again after the trade window closes. Thump!"

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Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-09-25 11:38:22
Lacy Dead! I read it here first. Wauw!

Nice writeup.