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Interview with Joe Doe, DLE legend
- Welcome everyone to this long awaited interview. I’m here tonight with the legendary Joe Doe of Erengrad Vikings, who will play his second consecutive conference final tomorrow. Joe, welcome!

- Thanks, it’s a pleasure.

- You have to be one of the most popular players in DLE, with a long career behind you. How does this moment rank among your experiences?

- Well, you know, it feels like... we fought our way to the top last year, and it was no question about it. And just before play off then there was that recognition of myself and Toretto as legends in the league. At that moment I was on top of the world. Then, as you know, Lipican was killed in the first game against Marauders. That took a lot out of us, as a team and players. We still made it to the final, but had no chance with White Wolves. To come back from that, and now be in the final again... it’s like being back at the top, despite the losses. We’ve grown into a different team, but we really play for each other. We owe a lot to miss Danford there.

- Right, Aline Danford stepped in as team captain after the team had a very shaky start of the season.

- We were without order and drive. She made us believe in winning again. It took a few games, but we got it together.

- Last season Vikings entered play off as a force, three legendary players, a superb killer in Bellower... how can you have any chance this time when only you remain out of those critical players?

- I think the results show what our chances are. We haven’t allowed a touchdown yet in play off, even shut down Lockett.

- Lockett of the Wolfskins was this season’s top scorer, he even had a higher number than some entire teams! He is one of the players representing SHC in the Pro Bowl game tonight, which we will be walking over to after this interview. Aline Danford plays for the Vikings. Once again, you were not picked?

- Heh, yeah.

- Not many players could boast of your success, and this season some are saying you are the one who has taken the team this far. But no recognition from the Pro Bowl commitee?

- Hey every player on that team deserved a spot. For whatever reason Pro Bowl doesn’t seem to be for me. But I look forward to watching the game.

- Moving on then... there is a sort of unofficial rule that once a player is declared a certified legend they are no longer considered for Most Valuable Player awards, to make room for new talent.

- Hehe, yep.

- And still you were awarded a MVP this season. I believe this has never happened before in DLE history?

- I don’t know about that, but it was a good game. Good people.

- You singlehandedly brought down their offense, secured the ball and dominated through your blitzes. I think a lot of fans saw play off clearly after that.

- Our second part of the season has been great, really playing as a team, even if I have to do some heavy lifting sometimes.

- Since you joined Vikings they have won the division three times running, and now second conference final. How far will this go?

- All the way. It can go all the way. It is about time the SHC took home the Super Bowl. That’s the ultimate goal now.

- Any parting words before we get ready for the Pro Bowl tonight?

- It’s been a long ride. Coach Arcayn was the one who lifted me up and trusted me. Coach Spelledaren has given me room to shine. Nothing would have happened without them.

- On that we end, good luck tomorrow, and good luck to whichever team makes it to the Super Bowl!
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Posted by Arcayn on 2021-03-23 11:09:10
Fly High Joe! Wreck those Wreckers!