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[DLE] Erengrad Vikings stumble into Play Off
"Hello and welcome to this end of regular season interview with coach Spelledaren, of five times running divisional champions Erengrad Vikings. What an accomplishment!" The interviewer directs the last part directly to Spelledaren who is seated in a comfortable chair, next to three other chairs around a table.
"Thank you" he replies curtly, not showing a great deal of emotion. Apart from those two a third man sits there with an eager expression, almost bouncing in his seat.
"And welcome to the big league Paul Wright, never has a Most Valuable Player award been more well deserved than tonight!"
"Yeah! Man that game was intense!" Matt's voice carries far, his enthusiasm amplifying his voice. "I saw the opening and then I was running, and just dodging out of the way, and it was so far, but they couldn't catch me, and"
"Indeed! What a performance!" interrupts the reporter. "But before this last game vs Carroburg Crimson Cascade you all had a streak of less successful games. Anything else than a win would have seen Vikings out of Play Off. What are your thoughts about the season coach?"
Spelledaren looks up and gives a calm response:
"Well we have to celebrate, don't we? Coming in to this last game we had only one victory in the last six games, and we had allowed Grizzlies to win against us for he first time since they changed head coach. So morale was shaken I think. This miracle last minute play that let us win the division has brought back life and hope into the team."
"Five seasons in a row as division champions, was there really reason for any low morale?"
"Perhaps not, but once the expectations are set you start to think that every season has to meet the new standard. Last two seasons had us in Conference final and Super Bowl, with us now just managing to qualify again... well we don't know. We will do our best."
"One person who we often get to talk to is Aline Danford, but tonight she's not here. Your team captain is now officially the most successful player ever to have started as a rookie in Vikings. Feelings?"
"Oh just great!" This has Spelledaren looking more perky. "And while we have to let Paul finish his story we can't forget that Aline was the one who dodged away from Dunkelhelm and brought down the ball, setting up our magical touchdown."
"Yeah boss, she was awesome! I have learned so much from her after coming into the team, and after this I think even some Cascade fans might be switching to our side for her sake!" Paul has the hugest grin while talking. "It was the best night of my life really. Making such a wild stunt and then throwing the ball to Rhett, who just knows to be in the right spot, wow man. Best night ever."
"You made two completions, a casualty leaving killer Oton Willy with a broken neck, and rightly taking home the MVP." The interviewer looks at Paul intently. "This was just your tenth game. Where do you see yourself for next season?"
Paul looks over at Spelledaren and answers. "I'll be where coach and miss Danford tells me to be, but I intend to make myself the man to trust with the ball on offence. I've increased my speed in training and I promise I can show you even more of what you got versus Cascade. I will earn my place!"

After some more chatting about the season that was the interviewer starts to wrap up the conversation with a question for Spelledaren.
"So, Play Off. You've made it to the finals last two seasons. What will happen this time?"
"Realisticly, Avalanche will win our first game. They have a great team and a far better result than us this season. But looking at track record they also seem to have bit of an issue with stumbling during Play off. They've lost Bunkley and two blitzers so they are much more vulnerable than they have been. If we can get the hits rolling we could be able to keep them down. They are also short on Tackle specialists to deal with our agile players, so a lot will rest on Bruce Irvin. If he goes down the game shifts to our favour."
"And the other teams?"
"Well right now one spot is still open, for either Knights or Bruisers to face Buccanneers. In the end I'm guessing Bucs will take that one regardless. Manticores and White Wolves is a tough one. Manticores have an amazing season behind them, but White Wolves have some of the best players in the league. I don't feel like I can guess at a winner there."
"Thank you for joining us here, best of luck in play off, and an extra dose of luck for you Paul."
"Thanks a lot, I will use that and go out and win!"
"You do that, good night everyone."

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