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The All Stars Autumn Bowl kicks off on Wednesday 27th September!

Sing it loud!

This is a KO tournament using BB2020 rules.
This an All Stars Major so is not limited to eight teams.

All teams that compete must be created from the All Stars roster.
It is jam packed with stars. Mega Stars included.

Create a team here.
Sign them up HERE!

Your team must include at least one Average Joe (who won the lottery to play with the stars).
The rest will ALL be stars!

The roster uses Nelphine's Star Pricing.
To help meet this exorbitant cost, several sovereign wealth funds have contributed to grant each coach 4,000,000GP to build their team.We expect you to begin te tournament with 4,000,000GPs or talents and/or cash.
If you are short of funds, contact the commish.

Some stars from around the world may bear more than a passing resemblance to stars that you already know and love (or hate).
So, it may appear that Stars are playing for both sides.
They may also be induced. Four Morgs on the field?

With "Two-for-one" stars like Grak & Crumbleberry you need to add them BOTH to your roster.

Please sign your teams up at this group.

Look for warm up games on Gamefinder or on Fumbbl Discord #lfg.

This is intended to be a fun tournament. Ideally, don't be timing people out.
If you must timeout, issue a warning at least 15 seconds before pressing the button.
Do this before each timeout.

Posted by koadah on September 26
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Palette: #6c706f (gray), #776a59 (tan), #e30007 (red), #f2c61d (yellow), #1b4101 (green)

Brawls are a weekly drawn tourney for Competitive Division teams and will be run on the KotH system, meaning the second round pairing will be generated randomly after the first round is complete.

Tourneys Expected to Draw
Low (up to 1400 TV): 0
Mid (from 1405 to 1800 TV): 0
Hi (from 1805 TV up): 0

Teams Short to Draw Next Tourney
Low (up to 1400 TV): 4
Mid (from 1405 to 1800 TV): 4
Hi (from 1805 TV up): 6

Please remember that TV is the deciding factor in which Brawl your team will be a part of and includes missing players! (It is not Current Team Value(CTV)!)

Draws will be made on Wednesday if there are enough participants, usually between 1200-1400 server time. You will receive a PM that you're in the tourney when it starts. Tournament announcements on the official FUMBBL Discord #minors channel. Game announcements will be made in my Leagues Discord, in the Minor Tournament channel.

If you are interested in participating, read here: Group Page and FUMBBL Tournament Rules.

Team may apply on the Brawl Team page.

Please be aware:
Only Competitive Division teams will be accepted.

Record on your profile
Random extra MVP

Posted by razmus on September 25
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with the release of the new vamps I update the gsheet redraft sheet.


It's a handy gsheet that can be used to easily redraft teams in leagues that use the bb2020 ruleset.

if someone has any question PM me,

happy games :D
Posted by det on September 25
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With the announcement and imminent release of an updated vampire roster, a lot of people are wondering what the plans are for FUMBBL in terms of when we are updating and how it will work (grandfathering, and BBT tiering primarily).

The absolute earliest date that the new roster will appear on FUMBBL is on Saturday. However, since this new roster requires a couple of FFB updates (new variant of Bloodlust, and a vampire lord rule) I can not guarantee that this will be ready at that time (please do get in touch if you are willing to perform technical testing of the new things; we always need help with this). While the vampire lord rule isn't super critical for the new roster, the new Bloodlust is something I don't want to launch without. It's still possible that we might be on time for a day 1 release, so hope is not all lost yet :)

In terms of grandfathering, the new vampire positionals will be added to the roster, and the old vampire positional will be marked as 0-0 quantity. This means that existing vampires will remain on teams as-is (including the old Animal Savagery trait), but they will use up "vampire slots" on the team. Teams will only be allowed a maximum of 6 rostered vampires total, so if the team has 6 old vampires one must be retired/killed before one of the new vampire types can be hired.

For the BBT, the vampires will remain in their current tier this season, and the tier will be revisited ahead of season 10.

As always there is a chance that some of these new rules will cause some issues. We are doing our best to prepare and implement the new rules as quickly and bug-free as possible, but please be patient with and issues that may crop up by this.
Posted by Christer on September 24
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NOW - 31st October!

Chillax Zone is intended to be chilled, relaxing and fun.
It is an open league. There is no schedule.

Games here should NOT be too competitive. They should not be too rushed.
But please try to complete turns in the four minutes. Do not time people out.

We are expecting some recent and current 145ers, so DON'T be destroying people.
Please offer to help out very new coaches.

This is not intended to be competitive. But hey, people like numbers.
There will be a season. Around 6 games in 6 weeks. (More if you like.) Play any opponent in any order whenever you can.
Sign up here to get points.
Win: 4pts, tie: 2, defeat: 1

You don't have to look at the table if you don't want too. :)

Results are taken from a team's best 'sprint' of 6 consecutive games. You can play as many games as you like but it is your best sprint that counts.
Two teams should not play against each other more than TWICE in the same season.

The league runs from 16th September - midnight 31st October.

There are NO tiebreaks. If multiple teams finish top with the same number of points, they play off for the Grand Championship.

Create a team Here.
Sign them up Here.
Teams from other leagues may be imported, but once imported they cannot play in the old league unless imported back into it.

Secret League, slann, symian are allowed. You don't have to play vs the unofficial rosters if you don't wish to. Ask the coach if they have an official team.
Teams created here or in Secret League 2020 can play immediately.
Those created elsewhere must wait to be accepted and imported.
You can play vs non [CXZ] teams created in [SL]2020.

You are allowed as many teams as you like.

Find games on Gamefinder or via Fumbbl discord #lfg.

Initial [CXZ] rules (Comments welcomed.)

Try to make the game fun for both of you. Do not be rude or abusive.
No timing people out!No whining.
No melt downs or hissy fits.Chat is encouraged.
Voice chat is especially encouraged.Ya gotta at least say "Hi" & "Cya". Ideally more.
Please do NOT call the players "pieces" Please add [CXZ] to your team name.
Fluff up your teams!

Fair comment on whether Nuffle is intefering with the game, sure. But no whining.
Ideally, please try to keep in universe.
Channel your inner Jim Mora

Please chat a little if you can.
Try Google translate if you have to.

Sign up here to get your league points.

Prefix you team names with [CXZ] so that people know that you are chill.

Posted by koadah on September 23
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FUMBBLs deutschsprachige Liga startet im Oktober in die nächste Saison. Für interessierte Trainer ist jetzt der richtige Zeitpunkt zum Einsteigen!

In der D-A-CH spielt man in entspannter Atmosphäre im zweiwöchigen Rhythmus gegen Trainer aller Spielstärken. Wenn Du deutsch sprichst und Lust hast, in einer Liga in der mitteleuropäischen Zeitzone zu spielen, dann fühl Dich herzlich eingeladen!

Die bestehende Teams durchlaufen gerade einen Redraft gemäß den BB2020 Regeln. Neue Teams dürfen bis zum Start der Liga bis zu 3 Vorbereitungsspiele absolvieren.

Einfach über den Link in der Gruppe ein Team erstellen und applien, fertig!
Komm am Besten gleich auf den D-A-CH Discordserver https://discord.gg/QaTj2Mt, da werden dir auch alle verbliebenen Fragen beantwortet.
Posted by Rawlf on September 22
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Congratulations to our most recent RRR winners:

mmeier (RRR 551 with Orc) and
SideshowBob (RRR 549 with Amazon)

Also please note that you may well join the RRR with your yet-unplayed BT9 teams; games will count for both competitions.

There are currently 8 teams missing to start another Royal Rookie Rumble!

As soon as the required number of teams is reached, a new tournament will be started and all participating coaches will be notified via PM.

If you are interested in joining, read here: Rules

and then apply here: Application

Please be aware

Only teams from the Competitive division with 0 games played will be accepted.

Every coach is welcome but the "Rookie" in Royal Rookie Rumble refers to the teams, not necessarily to the coaches!



Winner gets 100,000 gold pieces and
a record on the coach profile.

Posted by Rawlf on September 22
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The National Big Bash Football League is in the playoffs for Season 1, so it's time to recruit for Season 2!

NBBFL is a custom roster league that ONLY has Big Guy players. That's right, only strength 5 or higher. The player list is comprised of ALL the big guys found on ALL the normal and secret league rosters.

The season is 7-8 games long, then playoffs. Two weeks between games. NA and EU divisions.

You can find out more here: NBBFL

Vacant teams:

NFC - NA coaches only (or those that can play NA evenings):


NFC - EU coaches or NA coaches. Either is fine. You will be in a division that suits your time zone.
LA Rams
New Orleans
Green Bay
New Orleans

AFC - EU coaches only (or, can play EU times):

Posted by knine on September 21
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Green Dukes Remain Winless With Grinding 2-1 Loss to Falconorcs

The Duqueswood University Green Dukes dropped to 0 – 2 – 3 in the NCBB Season 43, as they were out rushed and out bashed in a 2-1 loss to the Air Force Falconorcs. Despite jumping out to a 1-0 lead in the first half on a surprising touchdown from Junior lineman Kiroic Rainwarlker (creative foliage), the Green Dukes could not hold off the more physical orc squad on two bruising long touchdown runs by freshman blitzer Panther Jr. and junior thrower White Knight.

White Knight scores the winning touchdown with an impenetrable cage of fellow orcs surrounding him

“Their cage was just too much for us,” said Green Dukes Coach Gerric Smithson after the game. “Heck, we’d have trouble breaking through a cage of halflings right now, so breaking a cage or orcs was kind of like throwing dandelions at an anvil.”

Duqueswood’s only touchdown came on a broken play in the first half after sophomore thrower Bryden Branch (quantitative root-conomics) ran out of potential receivers to throw to and was forced to connect with Rainwalker for the first TD of his career. The play started off strongly, with Branch well protected and both wardancers and receivers spreading the field on passing routes. However, the Falcanorcs quickly tracked down those receivers and didn’t so much cover them as rather thoroughly stomp them into the pitch.

Freshman receiver, Scootyr Spinleaf (undeclared), the younger brother of the Duqueswood captain Mirlin Spinleaf (tree bark studies), had his left ear ripped off and gouged into his eye by senior big un blocker Kitten, who enjoyed two casualties on the day. Sophomore wardancer Angorn Windfoot (undeclared) was sandwiched by senior big un blocker Flying Tiger and senior blitzer Top Dog, which left him on the pitch in an unconscious heap. And the elder Spinleaf suffered what appeared to be a broken leg, when Top Dog then blitzed him and drove his shoulder spike into Spinleaf’s thigh.

Windfoot is sent airborne as Flying Tiger and Top Dog make a wardancer sandwich, topped with a heaping helping of blood as its only condiment

With all of his best weapons neutralized, Branch made a desperate handoff to Rainwalker, who broke into the clear, advancing the ball deep into Falconorc territory. Duqueswood might have been tempted to run down the clock before scoring, but Branch was shoved into the crowd by senior blitzer Black Sheep, who laughed maniacally, as Falconorc fans stomped on Branch’s throat. With only five of his teammates remaining on the field, Rainwalker ran across the goal line to give Duqueswood an early 1-0 lead.

“It’s a next-elf-up mentality on this team,” said Rainwalker after the game. “I may not be able to jump over the opposition like Spinleaf and Windfoot, but when there’s nothing between me and the endzone, I can score just as well as the next elf.”

Rainwalker scores the first TD of his Green Dukes career

With Windfoot out, the Green Dukes did their best to hold the Falconorcs off on the ensuing kick-off. But the much more physical orcs proved too much for the best elf-curtain defense Duqueswood could throw together. Advancing the ball across midfield relatively unopposed, White Knight then handed the ball to Panther Jr., who broke through the elves’ defense to even the score before half time.

The Falconorc’s second half drive was just as punishing and even more methodical than their first half score. Advancing the ball slowly up field in a six-orc cage that proved impenetrable even to the aerial acrobatics of Spinleaf and Windfoot, who recovered from his KO in time to come out for the second half. White Knight slowly milked the clock, as the Falconorcs littered the pitch with prone elves. Poised in the redzone with seconds to go, White Knight withstood one final high-flying cage leap by Windfoot, who vaulted over Panther Jr. to make a play on the ball, but failed to strip the football from the sure-handed orc. As the final whistle blew, White Knight stomped across the goal line, reared back his head, and roared to the thrilled Falconorc crowd.

The loss set Duqueswood back to 0 - 2- 3 on the season, making the team’s chances of earning a bowl game this season all but impossible. Not surprisingly, Coach Smithson wasn’t eager to discuss those chances or much of anything else as the postgame press conference wore on.

“We’re on to UCF,” Smithson said tersely, repeating the phrase over and over until the scribes ran out of questions.

“Does today’s loss reveal that you’ve clearly been relying too heavily on your wardancers and failing to develop any other threats on this team?” the scribes asked.

“We’re on to UCF.”

“Are you worried about the fact that Spinleaf’s bone was sticking out of his flesh after the game?”

“We’re on to UCF.”

“What about the fact that the bone was glowing green? Does that concern you?”

“We’re on to UCF.”

Coach Smithson ended his postgame press conference with a simple refrain: “We’re on to UCF”

Next up, the Green Dukes travel to UCF for the Turf Stomp Tussle, a rivalry game that grew out of last year’s match when UCF junior human lineman Andrew Dickerson was tossed from the game after he stomped on Spinleaf’s neck.

Additional Game Note

Mirlin’s Mysterious Injury

After his leg was repaired in the first half, Spinleaf reaggravated the injury in the second half, and several onlookers claimed they could see part of his fractured femur protruding from his bloody thigh. Duqueswood University officials have denied that Spinleaf suffered a second injury and attested that he will be ready for the next game. What’s more concerning, however, given Spinleaf’s recent training sessions with disgraced former gutter runner Skreet Cheeseclaw, is that several scribes also noted that Spinleaf’s bone appeared to be glowing bright green, which would indicate potential warpstone dust abuse on the part of the junior wardancer. As noted above, Coach Smithson had no comment on the brewing controversy.
Posted by gettym on September 21
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(Cliquer sur le bandeau pour accéder au groupe)

La saison 6 a démarré lentement, en raison de la tenue de la coupe du monde de la NAF à Alicante (bravo les Azes !) mais les émotions sont bien présentes dès cette première journée !

Et lorsque l'on parle d'émotions, qui mieux que Huggy pour prendre la parole ?

- Bonjour mon cher Huggy, comment allez-vous ?
- Qu'est-ce que ça peut bien te f... euh... fort bien, fort bien !
- Je vois que votre thérapie est efficace, votre canalisation de la violence verbale est impressionnante !
- Ouais. On regarde les groupes ou quoi ?
- C'est parti pour ce commentaire éclairé de la journée 1 en Major League !

- En conférence NORD le hasard du calendrier avait mis aux prises les têtes de série numéro 2 (les Quetza Rattlers) et numéro 3 (Mordheim Convent) dès la première journée, Huggy !
- Pas de round d'observation ! Et les lézard ont eu une belle réussite sur les blocages, notamment en sortant Marlène Sasseur KO.
- Exact Huggy, elle mettra du temps à récupérer et ne sera pas présente en seconde période pour éviter le contre des peaux froides (1-0 score final). Le plus dur est-il déjà fait pour les Rattlers ?
- Je ne crois pas, car d'autres équipes pourraient leur mettre des bâtons dans les roues, et je ne parle même pas de la Dynastie du Soleil !
- Ha, nous y revoilà !
- Pas de mauvais esprit, je te signale de une qu'ils ont gagné 2-0 contre le Squig Bomb' alors qu'ils étaient réduits à 7, et de deux que plus le temps passe et plus j'ai de chance d'avoir raison !
- Je vous accorde que les nippons restent le favori du groupe, mais il y a deux places à prendre pour rejoindre le tournoi principal !
- Exact. Outre un retour du Mordheim et la bonne position des Rattlers, il faut citer les Sotek's Sprinters alors !
- La tête de série numéro 6 a battu son adversaire direct, les Sausage Devourers, et il est vrai qu'ils ont montré de belles dispositions offensives en l'emportant 2-1.
- On saura très vite s'ils peuvent jouer les trouble-fêtes, puisque les gros et les petits lézards s'affrontent en journée 2 !

Note : cette partie de l'article a été écrite avant le match de J2 opposant les Squig Bomb' au Mordheim Convent. La FIFA a décidé de ne pas modifier son texte, par pure fainéantise.

- En conférence EST nous avons vu le groupe se scinder en 2, de la même manière qu'en conférence nord, Huggy.
- Avec des affrontements différents, bonhomme, pas de match entre les 3 premières têtes de série ici !
- Vous avez raison, Huggy. Sur le papier la rencontre la plus indécise voyait les Toxic City Titans affronter les Kamyaka Kingdom Keepers.
- Sur le terrain l'indécision fut de la partie également, malheureusement pour les Titans, un effort mal maitrisé de leur porteur de balle a abouti au contre et le Royaume de l'Inde a ensuite géré son avantage pour l'emporter 1-0.
- Une bonne opération pour eux, qui s'affichent donc comme le concurrent le plus dangereux pour les 2 équipes de nains du chaos, ne pensez-vous pas, Huggy ?
- Pour sûr mon gars ! D'autant que la Thunder Team n'est pas passée si loin d'une désillusion : les Dornegans ont joué crânement leur chance, se sont fait rattraper in-extremis en première et ont craqué physiquement en fin de match.
- La Thunder Team en a vu d'autres, nul doute qu'elle retiendra l'essentiel : la victoire 1-0.
- Ils ont perdu un de leur pilier pour le prochain match, mais c'est également le cas de leur adversaire de J2.
- Effectivement, Huggy, dans le premier duel de nains de ce groupe, le Karaz Ankor est tombé sur plus costaud, les Hashut Corrupters ont fait forte impression.
- Ouais, ça change de leurs 2 dernières saisons, on craignait le pire durant l'intersaison, avec le renvoi surprise de leur meilleur joueur, mais cette victoire 2-0 a dû rassurer leurs supporters.

- En conférence OUEST le champion sortant n'a pas encore joué, Huggy, le match sera disputé vendredi.
- Un retard mineur dans la préparation du stade, le match contre des tueurs nains très ambitieux, ça vaudra la peine de regarder ça !
- En attendant, "comme attendu" si je puis dire, le Hortum Periculosum a pris la tête.
- Tu dis ça parce qu'ils affrontaient les AVC ? Tu vas t'prendre une bombe dans la tête, toi !
- S'ils me visent je suis tranquille alors.
- Hahaha, ouais, pas mal, pas mal. En tout cas ils ont montré un peu plus de sérieux que d'habitude, mais ça n'a pas suffit et les amazones l'ont emporté 1-0.
- Le second match joué a vu une belle prestation du Flingoshima, Huggy.
- Carrément ! Un beau contre dans la poire des adeptes des Dieux du Chaos, mais ensuite leur résistance s'est étiolée et ils ont perdu leur avantage.
- Ce match nul 1-1 est tout de même plutôt bon pour eux.
- Ha ben c'est sûr, et si j'puis m'permettre, c'est pas en jouant comme ça que les Chaotic Offering vont attirer dans leurs rangs un prince démon !
-Je ne peux pas vous donner tort, Huggy...

- En conférence SUD nous avons droit à une énorme surprise, Huggy, puisque ce sont les Firrara Tintori que l'on retrouve en tête après cette première journée !
- J't'avoue que j'imaginais voir leur adversaire à cette place, les (tribute to) Revans me semblaient avoir les armes pour bien démarrer la compétition.
- Le public n'a pas compris leur tactique à base de petites poussettes amicales, osons le dire.
- L'amour du beau jeu a trouvé là ses limites, mon gars, et ce 1-0 des teinturiers va peut-être motiver les Revans à frapper de temps en temps.
- Aux côtés de l'équipe de Tilée, personne ne sera surpris en revanche de voir le Foulympico des égoûts.
- Non, à part ceux qui ont regardé leur match, peut être ?
- Une victoire pas tout à fait cousue de fil blanc, effectivement.
- A la place des Raiders je me boufferais le tibia, moi.
- Ils ont eu les occasions, mais un peu d'imprécision, ajouté à la capacité spéciale des rats à faire déjouer leurs adversaire et voilà une énième victoire arrachée par les égoutiers ! (2-1)
- Et pis enfin t'as les Delicacy et Sartosa qui n'ont pas su se départager.
- On a bien senti que les deux équipes se contentaient du match nul. Les corsaires craignaient leurs adversaires et n'ont pas tenté le tout pour le tout.
- La saison est longue mon gars, surtout quand tes deux premiers matches c'est le Delicacy et le Foulympico !
- S'ils abordent bien ce second match, alors que les rats ont des absents, les corsaires pourraient être la surprise de ce groupe, vous pensez, Huggy ?
- Ouais, pourquoi pas. Les Raiders et les Revans ont des choses à se faire pardonner auprès de leurs fans, aussi, alors attendons.

Comme de coutume, le classement FIFA a été mis à jour en parallèle de cet article. On notera l'incroyable progression des Firrara Tintori : en progressant de 17 places par rapport au premier classement de référence, ils font partie des grands gagnants de cette première journée.
Posted by Diablange on September 19
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