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Each year, teams from across the globe undertake a perilous sea voyage to the Isles of Ulthuan. Many are invited, but only a few teams successfully navigate the misty seas that surrounds the magical Elven Isles.

As the teams arrive at the Outer Isles, they compete for one of the 16 magical Phoenix Lanterns that will guide them towards the heart of Ulthuan.

Once brought together, the light from the Lanterns dispel the once impenetrable mists to reveal the legendary Asur Dome. Under the bright Phoenix Lanterns, the remaining 16 teams compete for the coveted Ulthuan Invitational Prize. The tournament winner receives blood bowl gear infused with potent elven magic made from Vaul's Forge.

Tournament draw starts
22.00pm server time
Wednesday 29th March 2023

Any Competitive team of the following races ( Amazon, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, High Elf, Human, Imperial Nobility, Lizardman, Old World Alliance, Norse and Wood Elf.) can apply here for the LIGHT QUALIFIER.

Any Competitive team of the following races (Black Orcs, Chaos, Chaos Dwarf, Chaos Pact, Dark Elf, Goblin, Khemri, Khorne Necromantic, Orc, Nurgle, Skaven, Snotlings, Undead, Underworld, Vampire and Ogre) can apply here for the DARK QUALIFIER.


As with all Major Tournaments, there will be monetary prizes awarded to each team for winning their matches and 50,000 for winning the tournament. This gold is automatically added to your team roster after the result is uploaded and will not appear in the match report.

For the Ulthuan Invitational XIX, Vaul will craft the following pieces. Any two chosen by the winning coach.

Gloves of Calostas (Diving Catch)
Helmet of VesaeLaer (Thick skull)
Ithilmir Armour (Sprint)

Posted by Bazakastine on March 16
rating 6 1
1. Shoulda tried reading the current rules a bit closer. Passing is basically dead. Lots changed from 2016.

2. 1/5/2 record is more about my rust than my ignorance of the current rules.

3. Looks as if the old days of the foul fest might be a viable plan these days for player removal.

4. Hopefully I can get a team sorta Major ready by the next one (and my play hopefully)

Cya on the pitch
Posted by JigerJones on March 28
rating 6 1
The Tilean Super League is a draft league of rival city states. Since the treasuries of the Tilean republics is near limitless they have founded a rugby (7s) league in Estalia and have practice squads bolstering their 16 man rosters with an additional 11 players. As you may imagine, the powers that be needed to limit the regional competition allowing them only 1 practice squad player to join the squad of 16 per season and that their developmental team cannot send players up until prior to the draft. The divisions are split regionally between the Myrmidia North Division and Colombo South Division. Myrmidia the warrior empress and Colombo the great explorer are honored as these divisions namesakes. The inaugural season begins with 6 teams. The league will have a soft cap at 8 to maintain competitive quality within Tilea for the time being.

This is a human based league with a few changes that favor dice efficiency and interesting gameplay. I wanted to create a better blood bowl within the constraints of the FUMBBL client. This means that throwers/Signal Callers come with Leader, Pass, Safe Pass, Sure Hands. Catchers/Receivers come with Catch, Diving Catch, Dodge. Blitzers/Linebackers come with Block, Kick. Ogres/Centers come with Bone Head, Kick Team-mate, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team-mate. Linemen stay the same. Halflings/Running Backs come with Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty but have primary mutation access added, and the unique 4 St 4 Mv Tackles come with no skills but have Strength and Mutation primary access, as well as, Agility and General secondary access.

The 4 movement on the tackles limits that positional's ability to chase the 8 move receivers but add a bash component that allows coaches playstyle variety. The league's players are partially generated from a roll chart with all skills in the game being available including star player abilities. However, primaries are given predominance, followed by secondaries, then thirdlies or the skills that are extraordinary such as hypnotic gaze, and finally the kind of rolls that have star player abilities, stat ups or positional +. Positional + refers to an instance when your stats are boosted to meet the positional you roll on a separate chart. In other words I may roll a troll and take on all its vanilla skills and maluses while retaining Mv 6 on this hypothetical lineman despite benefitting from 6 strength. A malus such as very stupid must also be associated with this player but automatically benefits from mighty blow and so on. Truth be told there were 5such players rolled in this manner out of 245 and the roll chart has since made this kind of player less likely in future drafts.

There are no star players to induce but there will be. Any Legendary player that is killed in action will become a star player. Any killed player regardless of skill level can become a star player if nominated by a patron coach. The inducement of such a player will be normalized at 150k gold. Please note that this is a league where there must be a 300k difference to induce a wizard. There is a possibility of emergent star players or replications of characters such as Morg'n Thorg. However, coaches will develop a shared narrative with players of yore returning to play blood bowl. The soft cap at 8 is meant to be divisible by 4 because we want to create an Elf draft league that will share a kind of UEFA champions league style tournament with the TSL after postseason play.
Posted by Gridironman on March 27
rating 6 0
How time flies. Actually planning on playing some games this time around if I can figure out the new ruleset and divisions and whatnot around here. If anybody can help me out with some knowledge I would appreciate it.
Posted by JigerJones on March 26
rating 6 3

The Isle of Misfit Teams: Next Generation is recruiting for Season Two, as there are just a scant two games left in the playoffs for Season One. What will Season Two look like? We won't know until we crown a champion and they decide. But in the meantime, criers have been sent forth to solicite teams interested in playing on the isle.

Standard Blood Bowl 2020 teams orphaned from their league(s), or otherwise looking for a home are invited to come play in the upcoming season. We especially invite former '145 Leagues and Tournaments' Blood Bowl 2020 teams to come play. We'll do what we can to help guide coaches into the larger Blood Bowl community.

Isle of Misfit Teams will be starting season two soon after the season one playoffs finish, and are recruiting now!
Banner above is the link to the group. Button below is the link to the Discord.

Questions here or on the Discord.
Posted by razmus on March 25
rating 6 0
Season 2 of the Meat Grinder Marathon is taking coaches now.

We need 8 North American (or coaches who swear they can play during NA evenings/weekends) who have what it takes to go the distance for Season 2: Classic Grinder. You will create 8 teams from the Lord of the Rings genre and then compete to see which race can truly go the distance.

The first phase is 56 games in 6 months, followed by a normal tournament of one game per week.

Have you got the stamina?

Have you got the killer instinct?

Have a look at the tournament: MGM

pm knine if interested.

(still need 3 coaches)
Posted by knine on March 25
rating 3.5 0

Approaching it's 11th 'year', CIBBL is recruiting again.

Tired of always facing the same few races? Come and join a league with up to 125 unique rosters.

Meet nearly 435 unique Star Players ready to show that you don't need the Morg 'n' Thorgs, Dribblesnots, Skuttlespikes & Piewhistles of this world to find glory.

Are you ready to create your own myths & legends?

CIBBL is one of the largest custom-roster scheduled league on FUMBBL and one of the largest active scheduled leagues on FUMBBL.

More importantly it is the place where stories are born!

CIBBL is a seasonal fluff-heavy league, with regional play, cups and inter-regional ranked play, making use of 2020 + SL2020 teams and 2020+ rules, along with some modifications, edits and possible extras. CIBBL uses a unique, personal ruleset. For more information, see the group HERE.

CIBBL is now entering the Autumn season of Year Ten. As a new year approaches, now is the time for you to start writing your own legacy!

We are looking for committed reliable coaches to join CIBBL, but your journey is up to you. We are looking for you to join our next Youngbloods tournament, where you and other new coaches will have a chance to start building their teams before taking on the older (and often smellier) teams across the CIBBL universe.

Maybe you want to create fouling history with goblins? Perhaps you want to chase the longest winning streak in the league? To us the games are important but the stories & rivalries are what make CIBBL unique.

Up for the challenge and willing to embrace the CIBBL universe? Send me a PM if you are interested and I can let you know what Races are available.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to pop in at our Discord hideout or bring them up in private by PM.


"Top league to be a part of - really fantastic staff.
The best part; loads of spectators for all your games and if you’re new they will cheer you and boo your opponent all the way!

Great fun - join today!

When that guy pronounced that he had invented Blood Bowl, this is the sort of thing he was envisaging. CIBBL brings the game to life just that bit more with a real feeling of story and history to it, all so well put together and maintained by the CIBBL staff.
Loads of great coaches and loads of different teams make you want every FUMBBL game to be a CIBBL game." (Sweep12121)

"Best league I've ever been part of!" (Garion)

"Top admin staff and coach community, top tournament structure, top fluff and extras, top new teams and stars...top fun!" (Rbthma)

"I think the nicest thing I can say about CIBBL in terms of leagues etc is that I never ever thought I would play in a proper scheduled one. And CIBBL in terms of fumbbl-wide looks to me to have filled a void I didn't even know existed." (ArrestedDevelopment)

"As a new player with no idea what I'm doing, I have found CIBBL to be an exceptionally welcoming and friendly community, regardless of whether it's chattering in the Discord, spectating games (either in real-time or using the new Rewind functionality of the Cabalvision boxes) or losing them. Most fun you can have on FUMBBL!" (datom)

Posted by C0ddlefish on March 24
rating 5.8 4
Numberwang, Chicken Rendang, dodemath, TV+, TV++, Elo, Glicko, CR, TV, NAF rating, win% and ladders.
Blood Bowl, the beer and skittles game that Nerds take seriously, demands a ranking system, doesn't it?
But which one, what is fair? what are we even trying to rate? With FUMBBL adopting new rankings, and BB3 showing seemingly random numbers at people, now seems a great time to talk about the entire concept, and what we want from it all.

Sunday 26th March One World, One Blood Bowl #27 will go live at 9pm UK (2200 UTC) on https://www.twitch.tv/purplechest
I will ask those questions. To which i have no good answers, so I've invited some people that might.

PurpleChest: Seriously out of my depth. But can count accurately beyond 5.
Elyod: A smarter gamer, recent FUMBBL major winner and seems to know proper maths. Likes rankings.
Christer: IS FUMBBL. Has rated coaches for a long time. Also knows maths.
Geryon: BB2 lead admin, bb3 admin. Numberwanger. Very solid maths.

So two incredible admins to talk to and three incredibly big brains, feel free to drop questions below and ill grab them up and ask them as if i thought of them, doesn't have to be about Rankings, but i am going there for sure.

As always the show will be live on my twitch then about 24 hours later go out as podcast in all the usual places, and on YouTube.

Posted by PurpleChest on March 23
rating 5.4 5
Not Blood Bowl - but there is Halflings!
My mother bought me the Fellowship of the Ring metal minis from 2001. I half painted 3 of them, but they've been in a box, until a month ago. Finally finished, only took about 20 years, thought it would be a nice thing to give back to her.

Full size images are here: https://imgur.com/a/UxNunlD

Finished result

3 step basic mini painting:

1) Airbrush prime & zenithal highlight: Tamiya Black XF-1 all over -> Dark Sea Grey XF-54 from the sides-> White XF-2 from the top

2) Block in colours with inks and metallics.
Actually there is some bloodbowl content in this after all
I cut the tabs off their feet and pinned them with paperclip wire, because they're going to be pinned into the scenic base. They're on wooden blocks for handling

3) Washed Streaking Grime (thinned 1:2 with enamel thinners) all over, and just left it, no removal
They're not incredible, but they are painted, and it was quite quick and definitely easy.
I still don't like painting faces, so I just... didn't.

The rocky base was cast in an old yogurt pot, in scrunched up tin foil. It's a mix of tile grout powder, wood glue, interior filler and water

Masked off the wood, used some more bits of the mix to fill the edges, and avoid having flat surfaces

Placing the minis and using pins to mark their spots. It's going to be crowded

Airbrushed it all black, but then remembered I wanted to use brush bristles to make vegetation

Rock and earth and foliage colours airbrushed in, attempted some gradients / highlights

Lots of drybrushing <-> oil and enamel washes back and forth

The 'grass' is just sand and soil, stuck down with watery wood glue, and then painted green, mostly Dirty Down Moss and various oil paints


Posted by Sp00keh on March 23
rating 6 4

The Gildvale Griffins managed to squeak out a 1-1 stalemate vs. the Flying Sauces halfling squad in a surprisingly bloody match that left four Griffins seriously injured and confusedly muttering, “I thought the wee lass just wanted a pat on the head” as they were carted off the pitch. The ‘wee lass’ they were referring to was the halfling catcher Rosie, who seemed more interested in attacking prone players than catching anything, knocking out two Griffins and seriously injuring a third with vicious kicks and stomps as they lay stunned on the pitch.

“We had employed one of the taller goblin refs for the match, so I guess he just couldn’t see her,” said Griffins coach Daeron Beanbreaker after the game. “Heck, I didn’t even see her most of the first half, just saw these explosions of blood spattering out from my downed men, and wondered what in blazes was going on. Then at halftime, I saw this cute little pig-tailed half-maiden on their sidelines with blood all over her boots, and I thought, well I’ll be stewed and pickled!”

The Flying Sauces got on the board first with a long, well-blocked touchdown run by the Sauces halfling hefty Heastean, who racked up 33 rushing yards on the day. The score was made more remarkable by the fact that both of the Sauces treemen rooted themselves to the pitch early in the half, leaving the halflings to do most of the blocking.

“I definitely think the pitch may have been illegally watered before the match,” said Flying Sauces Coach Halfabrain. “Because we made sure Arnold and Betty were well hydrated before the opening kick-off, and then, next thing I know, they’re rooting into the mud, guzzling like a couple of parched saplings.”

Despite being rooted, Arnold managed to pull off one of the matches highlights when the Altern Forest treeman executed a chain-block-ogre crowd-surf. Slamming a sturdy branch into Willden Proudhand’s shoulder, Arnold knocked the Griffins lineman into Gorak Stoneblood, who tumbled into the crowd, surviving the ensuing stomping from the raucous fans, and removing two arms from a local black smith before returning to the match.

With two treemen rooted and the Griffins closing in, Heastean looks to be in trouble, but moments later he was scampering into the end zone to put the Flying Sauces up 1-0

The Griffins evened the score in the second half when noble blitzer Mace Bruisenbower reversed field in a well-executed 22-yard bootleg to race to the endzone as halflings dove at his heels. Despite finding plenty of green grass ahead of him when Bruisenbower cut from the right sideline clear across field toward the left, he was chased down by three Sauces halflings, who caught up to him just yards from the goal line. Griffin lineman Manderly Honorborn lowered a shoulder into one, giving Bruisenbower room to spin away from the other two and score the first Gildvale Griffin touchdown in franchise history.

“Huzzah for the Griffins!” said Bruisenbower in a postgame interview. “I’m proud to know my name will go down in Griffins lore for all days to come. But could you ask the scribes perhaps to leave out the fact that this touchdown came against a team whose players stood about as tall as my shin?”

Bruisenbower looked to be in the clear after reversing field (first image), but the Sauces quickly closed in (second image), forcing an Honorborn block and a nifty spin move from Bruisenbower to get the Griffins on the scoreboard

The Flying Sauces threatened to pull out a last-second victory as Heastean broke into the clear late in the second half. Gildvale lineman Ashton Hightower, however, made a game-saving blitz, juking away from one halfling to get close enough to dive at Heastean. Unfortunately, he misjudged Heastean’s height and dove over the little hefty. Fortunately, he landed on him. Unfortunately the spike on Heastean’s helmet (or, more precisely, the dinner knife tied to Heastean’s helmet) opened a long gash in Hightower’s belly. Fortunately, Heastean dropped the ball as Hightower’s bloody body crashed down on him.

The Flying Sauces had one last shot to score before the final whistle, but as halfling catcher Flore stooped down to scoop up the ball, she slipped in Hightower’s blood, and crashed to the pitch as the match ended in a tie.

“I meant to bleed right there,” said Hightower after the match. “I want credit for that tackle as well. As a lordly retired knight of the proud Gildvale realm, I know how to aim my blood, and it was no accident that she fell while trying to get the ball. So credit where credit is due, thank you very much.”

Asked how he could claim the tie was a ‘moral victory’ after the game, Coach Beanbreaker got prickly with the scribes and reasserted that he was proud of his team.

“Proud? What in blazes are you getting at? You can be sure I’m proud of the bold effort my men displayed out there on the field,” he said. “Were the other players all less than half our size? Yes. Were they slower than us? Yes. Did their treemen take root three times during the match? Yes. Were half of them maidens? Yes. Were they armored mostly in cookware? Yes. But … but … Beg pardon, where was I going with this? Next question, please.”
Posted by gettym on March 21
rating 6 1