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The Estalian Rugby League utilizes the 11s pitch with markers for setting up properly for kickoffs. It is the only operating 7s league at this time. However, I am currently recruiting for the HDBC 7s league that is in hiatus. Draft League Europe has a fun human roster 7s variant. Therefore, the itch to play standard 7s is currently only represented in the ERL within the constraints of the FUMBBL client. One factor involving the ERL is that 4 skill players graduate into the Tilean Super League Draft. Coaches that have a 7s and 11s squad within this ecosystem can draw one of their players to their team prior to the draft. That being said, low TV play is truer to the spirit of the chaos that 7s is meant to provide. Cycling out developed players is a general good from this perspective. This league is currently divided into East and West divisions on the Estalian map.

Each team hails from an Estalian city and has a nickname. The Estalian economy is boosted by the affluent Tilean city states' trade. This decidedly mutual but uneven relationship has extended to the world of sport. The premier league of Tilea is known as the Tilean Super League draws talent from the Estalian region. It is a matter of great prestige for a Tilean city to best its peers. Unlike most draft leagues, the Tileans employ rowers drawn from their rowing merchant marine. These rowers hard living has made them prone to what could be described as mutations that are also seen amongst those of the lower class due to poor hygeine.

These teams are drafted into with a passer/signal caller with leader, sure hands, safe pass, and pass to enable a free RR each offensive drive with a competent passer. An ogre/Center with the kick teammate skill added to enable throw to a halfling who is then kicked near to the end zone for more high tension moments. A standard human catcher/receiver is provided diving catch so pick up rolls and dodge outs remain difficult--but catches on a 2+ for a more feasible pass attack. All Blitzers/Linebackers have the kick ability added for more interesting kickoffs as standard. Halflings/Runningbacks remain the same besides adding mutation as a primary for a highly useful boost. Blockers/Tackles are ST4 Mv4 pieces with primary strength and mutation access with general and agility secondaries. Lineman remain the same because the human roster lineman are very well thought out by the original designer.

That league is essentially my version of a better blood bowl game within the constraints of the site. There is an opportunity to bash but the pieces that bash are slow enough to enable a high powered offense. It will be a decidedly bash centric league nonetheless. There are TV restrictions at the start of the year, excel sheet expanded rosters that can be drawn on once that slowly accrue sp throughout the season, and fully unique players due to there being a chance of every possible skill being availble even star player skills that are byzantine like 'keen player.' There are many more weapons available in year one, but only one team seemed to want them all! The roll chart that generates non-rugby players has true percentages with no loaded die meaning that the emphasis is on unique players--this also entails more player generation to provide variety and indeed functional players with the block or guard skill for instance. Here is an example of skill distribution.

1 Skill 1-58 (29%), 2 Skills 59-106 (24%), 3 Skills 107-144 (19%), 4 Skills 145-172 (14%), 173-190 5 Skills (9%), 6 Skills 191-200 (5%).

Skilling a Signal Caller: Roll 1d200. G 1-51(25.5%), P 52-102(25.5%), A 103-133(15.5%), S 134-164(15.5%), M 165-180(8%), E 181-196 (8%), * 197-198(1%), + 199-200 (1%).

NOTE: See how the primaries have the same amount of instances as each other.

This league will cap out at 10 teams, but the rugby 7s league that sustains it will continue to expand. Each major league caps at ten so I can make up to 4 other leagues. Once each of these other draft leagues reaches ten then growth is allowed up to 30 teams-10 of which comprise a divsion 2 that repair without cap restrictions and access to the main playoff of the premier league.

These 3 other leagues will be a more agile version of this league, secret team draft league, and finally a standard team draft league. There will be a resurrection league of champions tournament at the end of their collective postseasons because their rounds will run concurrently. This is separate from their postseasons but maintains engagement as I generate draftees.
Posted by Gridironman on March 20
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We are looking for a coach to take part in DLE2020, a league of human teams vs other human teams. No getting pushed around by stinky orks, or lept over by cheating elves. Skill or Nuffle rules this league. We're not sure which.

Our season is ending soon, so we are close to starting The Draft to begin Season 3, and a new coach will have a chance to fill their team with skilled players of their choosing, and reshape it in their play-style.

DLE2020 is a league of 20 human teams, using the human roster and full BB2020 rules. It is set up with NFL style conferences, divisions, and play-offs, and it holds a draft before each season begins, to add some new and interesting players into the mix. All teams begin a season around 1700 TV. Not small, and not massive.

Draft League Extraordinare (DLE2020) uses FUMBBL's custom ruleset options, meaning we have custom icons and colors for our teams, and we have several talented icon masters to get your players the armor you think they deserve!

Taking over an existing team, you keep the skilled players they already have, and can keep the team name, city, logo and colors, or you can choose a new Bretonnian city, team name, logo, and icons. Your choice. Check out the cool icons we are currently using.


We will all be drafting 4 new players soon, so please contact me if you are interested in joining, and taking over a team.

What makes our league special?

Humans vs. humans.
Custom icons.
A four round draft each season.
Full BB2020 rules with some minor mods.
A 1700 TV Cap. (no team too big)
A roughly 1450 TV floor. (No team too small)
Normal inducements. (A Wizard is 300k & only possible for the underdog)
NO star players.
The ability to trade players and draft picks with your fellow coaches.
At least one halfling on each team.

You have 14 days to play each game in a relaxed atmosphere, and league managers who deal with any scheduling issues in a firm, fair, and friendly matter.

We use the DISCORD chat platform extensively to run the draft, pass information along, and to chat, so please be familiar with DISCORD if you intend to apply.

Hope to see you at the draft!

Posted by The_Murker on March 20
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(Cliquer sur le bandeau pour accéder au groupe)

Signalons d'emblée qu'il y a pas mal de mouvement dans le classement FIFA ! La défaite du Racing Club de Leatherface, conjuguée à la victoire de la Dynastie du soleil, fait des nippons du nord le nouveau leader au classement ! Rappelons qu'ils avaient déjà occupé cette place, mais les assassins avaient alors 2 matches de retard. Le Foulympico et la Thunder Kaos Team ont bien tenté de rafler la mise en avançant leurs matches de journée 4, mais ça n'a pas suffit. Enfin, signalons le retour du Bloodwork dans le top 5.

Retrouvons maintenant Huggy pour des nouvelles des 7 groupes de qualification de Major et minor league !

Le classement actuel :

- Grosse opération pour le Bloodwork, mon gars !
- En effet, Huggy, les orcs ont remporté à la force des poings leur duel avec les assassins et se sont positionnés de façon idéale pour retrouver enfin, 4 saisons plus tard, le tournoi principal !
- Ouais, ils doivent encore affronter les gobelins des sables, puis termineront face aux Titans sur qui ils auront alors entre 30 et 80 points d'avance, on imagine qu'ils vont convertir cette occasion !
- Les Titans qui, rappelons-le, ont joué face aux amazones en journée 3 (score de parité 1-1) puis en avance leur match de quatrième journée face au Crush. Le Underworld a eu l'occasion d'ouvrir la marque mais a préféré piétiner. 0-0 score final.
- Le match entre les assassins et les amazones sera quasiment un huitième de final !
- Petit avantage aux assassins sur le plan comptable puisqu'ils comptent 10 points d'avance.
- Sans faire injure aux gobelins, avance aussi sur le plan du calendrier, hein !
- Il est vrai Huggy, mais après la raclée reçue face aux orcs, les assassins sont amoindris et si les amazones venaient à en profiter, la tendance serait alors inversée !
- Exact ! Pour le reste, les derniers matches serviront surtout à définir à quelles coupes les équipes seront invitées ! J'crois que pour les Titans, y'a déjà trop de points pour aller défendre leur titre de saison 4 !

Le classement actuel :

- A 2 journées de la fin des qualifications, ça s’éclaircit dans ce groupe, mon cher Huggy !
- A grand coups de poing des nippons, ouais !
- Il est exact que vos petits chouchous ont clairsemé très rapidement les rangs des Tenacious Teeth : 2 blocages, 2 blessés graves !
- La science du jeu, ça, mon gars !
- Admettons, Huggy, admettons. Derrière les nippons, les nains noirs s'accrochent à la seconde place tandis que les Chaotic Offering reviennent un peu et que les Shesha Nagas font du sur-place avec un troisième match nul en autant de rencontres.
- Les Offering, parlons-en, c'était un peu en mode Dynastie du Soleil leur troisième match, des blessures dès les premières minutes ! Et même pas besoin des griffes et des châtaignes en plus !
- Les pauvres Firrara Tintori ont en effet subi leur troisième match de suite allant de mal en pis !
- Ils retrouveront en journée 4 les Tenacious Teetch qui ont eux connu 2 matches de la sorte, l'occasion pour les 2 équipes de se rattraper.
- Tout à fait Huggy, et pendant ce temps, les 4 postulants au tournoi principal se retrouveront, avec un gros avantage aux nippons qui ne sont sans doute qu'à un match nul de la qualification.
- Ouaip mon gars, et les nains, seconds, et les chaotiques, troisième, auront un match direct pour tenter d'emporter la mise, ça promet !

Le classement actuel :

- Voici un groupe bien compliqué à pronostiquer, mon cher Huggy !
- Carrément ! On pensait que le Jam Delicacy avait (encore) la main mise sur son groupe, mais ils se sont pris une grosse fessée par les Goëlands !
- 3-0 pour les nordiques qui remontent provisoirement à la seconde place, en attendant que le match entre les Métalliques et les Night Dodgers soit joué !
- Pour sûr un groupe très ouvert ! Chaque point vaudra cher !
- Peut-on dire un léger bonus pour les Rattlers, cependant Huggy ?
- Ouais je dirais ça aussi car ils ont tenu en échec les 2 têtes de série et ont gagné leur match entre les 2. Mais bon... les nordiques pourraient refaire le coup du Jam, aussi, ils ont les moyens de mettre en difficulté les lézards.
- Sans compter que ni le Jam Delicacy, ni le Mordheim Convent, n'a dit son dernier mot, mais comme ils s'affrontent en dernière journée, possible que ça soit un siège pour 2 cette histoire !
- Et tu connais l'histoire du siège pour 2 qui finit avec les 2 à terre, hein ? Rien n'est fait dans ce groupe, le finish va être fantastique !
- Mathématiquement, même les Dodgers peuvent encore prétendre à la qualification, Huggy.
- Mathématiquement, ouais.
- Vous n'y croyez pas ?
- C'est compliqué quand même, ils vont devoir jouer les nains nordiques, puis les sisters, puis les lézards, 3 rosters que je placerais dans le top10, et les sisters bardées de compétences peuvent vraiment faire mal aux pauvres gobelins.
- Voyons déjà face aux nains, qui ne seront que 11 pour affronter les Dodgers, sait-on jamais...

Le classement actuel :

- Voici la Conférence Sud, Huggy, les jeux ne sont pas complètement faits... Mais pas loin...
- T'es gentil toi, tu veux dire que tu y crois, que dans le même temps les AVC vont remporter leur dernier match ET que le Foulympico ou la Kaos Team va perdre, l'une au moins de ces 2 rencontres devant se solder par 2 TDs d'écart ?
- Hé bien, dit comme ça...
- J'aime les rats, hein, te trompe pas, mon gars, mais, ça va être aussi tendu qu'un...
- Oula, merci Huggy, regardons les autres matches s'il vous plait ! Il reste un classement de groupe à établir, une coupe plus ou moins prestigieuse à rejoindre !
- On regardera quand même particulièrement le match entre les orcs nois et les rats, hein, puisque c'est le seul des 3 où une équipe mal classée peut dépasser son adversaire en le battant.
- Quelles seront les clefs de ce match, Huggy ?
- En dehors de savoir si le bombardier des AVC va viser les adversaires ou ses copains tu veux dire ?
- Oui, en dehors de ça !
- Hum... On a là 2 entraineurs éminemment sympathiques, mais dont les plans de jeu sont parfois alambiqués, j'trouve !
- Ils aiment les aléas des matches, Huggy, ne jugez pas !
- Nan, nan, je juge pas, j'pense que ça peut même être un match intéressant à regarder, j'y serai en tout cas !
- OK, et dans les 2 autres rencontres ?
- Je vois le Foulympico terminer en tête maintenant, ils ont subi plusieurs fois, auraient pu (dû ?) perdre, mais ils ont gagné, la force des champions ça !
- Et entre les corsaires et la Thunder Kaos Team ?
- Ben... Sartosa n'aura pas eu beaucoup de réussite sur cette campagne, vont-il se rebeller au dernier moment ? Si oui, ils ont des chances d'accrocher des points, sinon les coéquipiers de taurus risquent de consolider leur place en tournoi principal.

Le classement actuel :

- Quelle belle saison des Raiders, Huggy !
- Tout à fait bonhomme ! 4 matches, aucune défaite, dire qu'ils avaient tout perdu lors de la saison précédente, incroyable !
- L'impression laissée est de plus assez forte, ils terminent généralement leurs matches avec beaucoup plus d'adversaires sur la touche que sur le terrain !
- Ils pourraient remporter ce groupe en tout cas, même si leur dernier adversaire, les Fanatical Killers, ainsi que le Nurgle Horror Circus, peuvent également encore l'emporter.
- Nurgle a dû être ravi de voir l'une de ses 2 équipes l'emporter face aux Killers, qui ne favorisent aucun Dieu du Chaos en particulier, en journée 3, d'ailleurs.
- Certainement ! Ce fut compliqué un moment puis soudain la percée des clowns a fait se tordre de rire leurs adversaires et c'était terminé.
- Le Cirque affrontera les Sphinx pour prendre la tête de la conférence.
- Ha, les Sphinx ! Z'ont failli faire un bon résultat... mais non... les fidèles de Nehekara ont tapé plus fort que ceux de Khemri. Et voilà ces derniers relancés dans le groupe.
- Exact. Signalons pour être complets que les ninja flings ont subi en journée 3 la force de Lybaras, il leur reste 2 matches pour faire bonne impression !

Le classement actuel :

- En minor conférence SUD, c'est un mano à mano terrible entre les elfes et le Royaume de l'Inde auquel nous assistons, Huggy !
- Ouaip mon gars ! Et pour bien faire, ces 2 équipes ne s'affronteront qu'en dernière journée !
- Les elfes ont joué tous leurs matches, cependant, et ont un meilleur TD-average. On craignait pour eux face aux violents tueurs rancuniers mais il n'en a rien été !
- C'est ça ! Z'ont même plutôt bien géré les baffes je trouve. Pis sur les TD, t'en parlais, y'a que la Dynastie qui en a mis plus en 3 matches.
- Durant cette journée, les Terra Amata ont enfin trouvé la bonne carburation, et remporté leur premier match !
- Ouais, enfin un peu de violence et de mouvements incisifs, on commençait à perdre patience !
- Les malheureux Arlequins en revanche enchainent une troisième défaite, et ils vont devoir faire face au leader du groupe lors de la prochaine journée !
- Hum, oui, et ils finiront face aux tueurs, pas très réjouissant ! Mais ils vont rebondir, on le sait !
- La journée 4 sera le siège d'un affrontement très attendu entre les Terra Amata enfin retrouvés et les Kingdom Keepers, des griffes et de l'hypnotisme des 2 côtés !!!
- Les halflings devront eux faire face à une équipe bardée de bloqueurs et de chataigneurs, on a très très peur pour eux !
- Vous avez tort, Huggy, la seule chose que craint un hafling c'est de rater l'heure du goûter !

Le classement actuel :

- Cette conférence EST de minor league vient de démarrer, Huggy, peut-on déjà tirer des conclusions ?
- Non, j'crois pas, tout reste évidemment possible ici, même si bien sûr c'est intéressant pour le clan Moulder d'avoir d'emblée pris des points, y'a peu de matches à jouer !
- Beaucoup de dégât dans ce match, les immenses rats ogres ont d'ailleurs sorti plusieurs de leurs coéquipiers !
- Hé ouais, c'est ça quand tu veux taper à tout va !
- Les deux autres équipes du groupe ont fait match nul, les horreurs ont toutefois frappé plus fort.
- ça leur servira pour la suite, ça c'est sûr !
- Prochaine journée, justement, les 2 équipes qui ont tapé le plus fort s'affrontent, peut-être déjà pour le titre honorifique de ce mini-groupe ?
- Ha ça, on verra !
- De l'autre côté, les gobelins et les skinks joueront un match tout aussi important, on a hâte de les voir à l'oeuvre !
Posted by Diablange on March 19
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The Miswampi Crocfins recovered from their disastrous opening match with a surprising 3-2 victory over the Masked Victims, who apparently offended Nuffle by desecrating four skulls shortly before the match. In a game that featured multiple onside kicks and sauruses and skinks surprisingly taking down attacking mummies and ghouls, even when apparently overpowered, a Crocfin team so depleted it started four journeymen did just enough to hold on to the win, as the Masked victims rallied from a two score deficit to nearly force a late tie.

“I was really just hoping the reptiles would all survive this one with all their heads and limbs intact, so seeing them perform like that was downright inspiring,” said Crocfin Coach Mickon McDandy, who was curiously dressed in knickers and a jerkin decorated with bright tropical flowers as well as a pair of orange plant-based boots he called ‘Crocs.’ “What? Why are you looking at me like that? Hey, I just came from a saurus funeral before the match, and apparently this is the proper attire. It was rough paying my respects Van Crinkle (the Crocfin saurus who died in the opening seconds of his first match last week). He left behind a wife with 114 eggs to hatch. My heart goes out his family—or is ‘lounge’ the right term?”

The Crocfins’ first score came in the opening minutes when, shortly after they kicked off, Masked Victim mummy Serenity Pirouetta tripped over a loose leg bandage as she attacked Crocfin saurus Orlandy Ribberts. As both Pirouetta and Ribberts went down in a pile of blood and bandages (in a pirouette of all things), the shocked Masked Victim squad stared in disbelief. Speedy Crocfin skink Micky Gesticky took advantage of the distraction and quickly scooped up ball deep in Masked Victim territory.

Gesticky wasn’t speedy enough, however, to outrun ghoul runner Ivy Alixa, who blitzed the exposed skink with blood in her eyes, and all over her teeth and the rest of her as well. Shockingly, both went down. Lowering a spiked shoulder into the tiny skink’s ribs, Alixa seemed caught off guard by the total lack of resistance and tumbled headlong into the bloody grass as if she’d just tackled a pile of empty armour. When the dust cleared, Gesticky rolled over, found the ball beneath him, and quickly gathered it to make the run to the endzone and put the Crocfins up 1-0.

Alixa charges at a terrified Gesticky, who closes his eyes and prays to Essylliss

“Me get so scared when me see dead ghouly girl running at me, so me just close me eyes,” said Gesticky after the game. “Then when me open me eyes, ghouly girl is snoozing on grass, and ball right there. Me still so scared of ghouly girl so me just grab ball and run away. Good thingy away was toward the endzone, because after five steps me hear crowd cheering, and me realize me score touchdown!”

On the ensuing kickoff, the Crocfins tried to surprise the Masked Victims with an onside kick, blitzing up the field while the ball was still in the air. The maneuver allowed two skink journeymen to get near the ball, which paid off when Pirouetta’s leg swathing again came undone as she once again targeted Ribberts, sending both to the pitch in a tangled mess.

As Masked Victim coach, Jingus the 21st, threw up his hands on the sidelines, muttering some arcane necromancer’s lore about ‘quad skulls,’ journeyman skink Ian Silentstone clumsily bobbled the ball off his snout and then into his hands. After a couple of well-placed blocks and a slithery between-the-legs skink dodge, he ran across the goal line for the Crocfins’ second score.

Down 2-0, the Masked Victims struck quickly before the end of the first half to get on the board with a deftly blocked touchdown run by ghoul runner Remington Almude. Almude broke into the open deep in Crocfin territory after some powerful blocking from the Masked Victims mummies. Despite a desperate blitz from skink journeyman Julius Fastsnake that took Alumde down and left the ball on the edge of the sidelines, Almude quickly sprang back up to his decaying feet, snatched the ball up and sprinted across the goal line.

The Crocfins got some breathing room in the second half as Treek Trill raced for an early TD after grabbing the kickoff and running behind—and then quickly in front of—his blockers. Blazing up the field, he left undead defenders and many of his own teammates stumbling far behind him as he executed a back flip into the end zone.

Trill leaves defenders far behind as he backflips into the endzone

“They call me the ‘Swamp Cheetah,’!” said Trill, breaking into a wide, slimy smile after the game. “Me fastest skink in the realm. Tell any elfy or ratty-man come race me. I’ll show you!”

Down 3-1 midway through the second half, the Masked Victims made some desperate, but expertly executed, moves to draw with in one in the closing minutes. Almude again moved into Crocfin territory along the sidelines, but this time the Crocfins had him closed in. In a dazzling display of dexterity, however, Almude tapped into some ancient elfin blood, dodging through a pair of skinks, spinning past another two, and then sprinting across the goal line.

Almude looks to be surrounded before making a dazzling multiple-dodge sprint over the goal line

After the match it was confirmed that Almude did, in fact, have elf blood in him. However, it was not in his lineage, but rather some elf blood he drank before the match having ravaged an elven tribe a few miles from the Crocfins’ HardCroc stadium. League officials are currently looking into whether consuming elf blood should be considered a performance-enhancing drug, but made no official comment on the issue.

Jingus the 21st, on the other hand, thought the score might have had more to do with some half-time adjustments to appease Nuffle. “Look, after that kind of a start, I made a few mage-cast calls at half time, asked some necromancer friends to offer four virgin skulls to the temple of Nuffle to replace the desecrated ones,” he said after the match. “And I think that turned the tide, but just a little too late.”

While sentinels in the village bordering Miswampi are still searching for four missing maidens, those skulls of atonement seemed to pay off again in the following kickoff when the Masked Victims blitzed up the field for their own onside kick, giving themselves a chance to scoop up the ball for a last-minute equalizer. Unfortunately for undead fans, Crocfins journeyman skink Ian Silentstone was able to dive on the ball, amid a cage of skinks and sauruses, running out the clock for the victory.

“I’m darn proud of these slimy, scaly fellas,” said McDandy. “They played their reptile hearts out for their fallen teammate today. They told me they wanted to dedicate this win to Van Crinkle and his family. Or, actually, just before the me and my heavily armed assistant coaches got them back in their cages, they said they wanted to celebrate by feeding me and my loved-ones to Mrs. Van Crinkle so she could regurgitate us for her offspring. But in lizardman culture being fed to a mother and her brood is the highest form of compliment and celebration. So here’s to a great first win!”
Posted by gettym on March 18
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2023 3 18
All the league news fit to print and then some!

Compiled from across FUMBBL, this is all the league news that's come to my little furry ears. If you know more that is going on, please let razmus know so he can add it to the next edition, which should be near the Ides of the March. (Seriously... got a quip/update about your league -- forward it on over.)

The census says that there are 854 distinct, active coaches on FUMBBL who play in leagues. Two numbers are given which the range of the league size, because there isn't a single good indicator of the league size. When the numbers are very different - the league may be in flux, have some deadwood teams/coaches in their locker rooms, or at the start or end of a cycle. Numbers very close together should be pretty close to the actual census for the group.

The following leagues are actively recruiting: Super League (global, non-progression), D-A-CH Liga (German), DLE2020 (Europe/Americas, draft, one slot), and (soon) Secret League America 2020 (Americas, SL20). Of course, there are a few other leagues near or at season end... so now would still be a good time to approach their commissioners. The open environments are always looking for more coaches as well, because they're... you know... open environments.

See ya on the pitch.

Timezone/RegionWorld, but focused on Coaches new to Bloodbowl or new to Fumbbl
Current statusThe Season of the Angry Squirrel has ended. Lost Nut Tournament is likely in it's closing weeks. The Cats Eyez Bowl just started this week, but is very nearly full, but don't let that deter you.
Next stepsIf you're new to FUMBBL or Blood Bowl, there's still some room left in the Cats Eyez Bowl, but even when full... a way to get ya accustomed to the client and environment shall be found.
To contactrazmus or dentface for more information, his 145 FAQ might answer a few questions, and stop by the 145 Club Discord to chat with folks.

Timezone/RegionGlobal (but 90% Europe), 14 day rounds to facilitate cross tz scheduling
RulesBB2020 resurrection/non-progression with promotion and relegation
Current status(Under new management) Starting fresh -- recruiting for the new season until April 7th -- with slight roster tweaks for the new season.
Next stepsSeason 2 starts April 12th.
To contactContact Storr and/or join them on their own Super League Discord.

Timezone/RegionEurope but with coaches from everywhere. Large, fluff heavy league. (Effectively Global)
RulesBB2020 with modified Secret League, and customized BB2016 skill progression. Only one team per roster.
Current statusYear 10 Autumn. Autumn tournaments by prestige, which was a great time to get started with the league.
Next stepsAfter Autumn will be Winter Friendlies.
To contactNew teams either enter a Youngbloods tournament or the general mix depending on timing, and with a league this large they're almost always recruiting. Contact C0ddlefish and/or join them on the SL Discord in their own section. (But be aware, a lot goes into the administration of this league, and they'll tend to only accept coaches who have something of a proven track record of reliability on FUMBBL.)

RulesBB2020, resurrection/ no progression. A "competitive competition with many high profile and exceptionally skilled coaches."
Current status(Under new management) Season 5, Round 4 of 7
Next stepsSeason 5 playoffs.
To contactStrider84 on site. There is a wait list to join.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, divided into Americas, European, and Oceania divisions
RulesBB2020, but all the players are ST 5+, high TV, two week rounds (17 games per season!). Emphasis on BASH.
Current statusIntra-conference play. Round 1 of 13.
Next stepsPlayoffs.
To contactknine on site or their Discord.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, weekly, 4chan community
RulesBB2020, some house rules.
Current statusSeason 20, round 2 of 5
Next stepsChampionship playoffs
To contactContact Wolbum.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, 14 day rounds to facilitate cross tz scheduling
RulesSL2020 resurrection/non-progression, with some additional rosters and customization.
Current statusSeason 5, round 2 of a 6 round Swiss.
Next stepsRinse and repeat: Season 6
To contactContact Java.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, 21 day rounds to facilitate cross tz scheduling (glacier mode engaged)
RulesBB2016: experienced, orphaned teams -- imported into the league.
Current statusSeason 11 ongoing, round 3 of 9. Since there will be dwarven artillery in EVERY GAME, long term team health is unlikely.
Next stepsPlayoffs/recruiting.
To contactContact razmus and join the IoMT Discord Channel.

“Spelledaren’s next big thing”
Timezone/RegionGlobal, open round robin+playoffs
RulesBB2020 with "some minor tweaks", which spelledaren revealed.
Current statusSeason 1, may be ending soon as initial recruitment concludes... (but it's been a month...)
Next stepsMore bloodshed, I mean... a playoff for the top teams.
To contactContact spelledaren.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, 21 day rounds to facilitate cross tz scheduling (glacier mode engaged)
RulesSL16 Open Environment teams
Current statusSeason 7 Playoffs, Round 1 of 3.
Next stepsRecruiting, and if critical mass is not reached, shuttering.
To contactContact razmus and join the IoMT Discord Channel.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, 14 day rounds to facilitate cross tz scheduling
RulesBB2020: experienced, orphaned teams
Current statusSeason 1 Playoffs, one game left in the first round of three.
Next stepsRecruiting for season 2 will be starting very soon.
To contactContact razmus and join the IoMTNG Discord Channel.

Timezone/RegionGlobal, some schedule... Nuffle isn't picky
RulesBB2020 with a single custom Nuffle roster, no retirements, no stars, no outside games, spiked balls.
Current statusSeason 1, Round 3 (stalling out.)
Last game was mid February
Next stepsSeason 1 Catacombs Cup knockout tournament.
To contactContact Happy_Amateur.

Timezone/RegionOceania (GMT +7 to +12)
RulesBB2020, possibly the original league on Fumbbl to implement seasons!
Current statusSeason 95 has begun, Round 7 of 7.
Next stepsReDraft.
To contactTalk to Wozzaa about getting started or join them on the SWL Discord and 'ask to be drafted and hazed.' New teams need a little time to draft and get 'some blooding games' played before they're fed to the le... err... before they start.

Timezone/RegionNew Zealand, one week roundsEstablished 6th March 2015
RulesBB2020. Equivalent pools with tiered postseason playoffs to decide champion.
No redrafting or TV caps. Expensive mistakes and Spiraling expenses both active.
Older players may pickup a niggle between seasons (aging)
Current statusSeason 32 divisions are finishing up, meanwhile the Crap Bowl IX has begun!
Next stepsMore Season 32 playoffs.
To contactContact ramchop
or jump into DIBBL discord

Timezone/RegionNew Zealand/Australian time zone preference With a bit of a lean towards NZ
RulesSL2020, each roster can only be represented once, with two week rounds.
Current statusSeason 10 conference play, Round 3 of 7
Next stepsSeason 10 Sword Play and Suckers Cup playoffs
To contactPM Trickey on FUMBBL
or get in touch on their channel on the DIBBL Discord

Timezone/RegionItalian Language/Italy
Current statusSeason 32, first half, round 5 of 5.
Next stepsSeason 32, second half, then Season 32 Playoffs.
To contactAle_Kubbo

Timezone/RegionFrench Language/Europe TZ
RulesBB2020, with promotion and relegation, and roster rotation. (It appears that teams can be relegated right out of existence.)
Current statusSeason 31 divisional play, round 6 of 9.
Next stepsSeason 31 playoffs.
Post Season. Recruit. Draft teams/rosters. If you're interested, might be a good time to get in touch with them, so you can get into the Draft early.
To contactSharkrudi, Thoriin, Darkvatar, or Phags or visit their Discord

Current statusSeason 66 divisional play, round 5 of 7.
Next stepsPromotion/relegation, then a new season.
To contactA whole host of active commissioners to contact on the group page, but DaCoach would be the person who usually recruits, or talk to them on the WIL Discord .

Timezone/RegionEurope (Spanish Language), but some non-European
Current statusFirst Season in two divisions, Round 14 of 17.
Next stepsPlayoffs in May
To contactContact MrToyce for more information and join.

RulesBB2020 rules with BB2016 skill progression, w/player drafts. Limited to 32 Team Franchises. With FLUFF!
Current statusSeason 13 Playoffs, Round 2 of 4.
Next steps"We probably filled every open spot for now, but around new season we often have some more turnover. DLE season 14 will start after Draft of new players, after playoff has finished in 3-4 weeks. We also have the Pro bowl game where we gather the best performers from each conference to battle it out in a show game, a lot of fun!"
To contactBigF is in charge of the wait list.

Timezone/RegionFrench Language/France
RulesSecret League 2020, with customizations - with custom star players!
Current statusSeason 5 divisional play, round 3-4 of 5.
Next stepsPlayoff tournaments
To contactContact Diablange for more information and join them on their Discord (ask Diablange for a invitation if interested).

Grand Est League (GEL)
Timezone/RegionFrance (French Language)
Current statusFirst Season in three divisions, Round 7-9 of 9.
Next stepsPlayoffs
To contactContact LeonHart for more information, or better... talk to them on their Discord..

Timezone/RegionEurope maybe, please don't let the goblins across the pond.
RulesBB2020, with custom goblin themed rosters. With rulz (HA!) written by and for goblins.
Current statusBlack Lantern and XXXL Bowl VI currently running.
Next stepsMy spies aren't sure what they have planned next... I don't know if they've been suborned or simply out manuevered. (Contact mekutata for more information about what they have planned next!)
To contactmekutata apparently translates goblin and might be able to help you.

Timezone/RegionEurope, with two week rounds.
RulesBB2020 limited to a single team per roster. Invitational. With FLUFF!
Current statusSeason 3, Spiked Bench challenge has begun, where they're only playing half (six rounds of eleven) a season.
Next stepsMore Season 3 zanniness.
To contactSee Lasgalen, datom, or det about an invitation.

Timezone/RegionGerman Language/Central Europe TZ
RulesBB2020, with building and league modes
Current statusSeason 14 Playoffs complete. Actively recruiting for Season 15.(Lewdgrip won!)
Next stepsRedraft, recruiting, Season 15.
To contactjurisch and join them on Discord.

Timezone/RegionUK, with ten day rounds
RulesBB2020, but someone has to wield the axe...
Current statusSeason 4, round 7 of 7 and 11.
Next stepsPlayoffs.
To contactMisterA
, and check out their discord.

RulesBB2020, divisions with promotion/relegation
Current statusHubba Season 3, round 7 of 9.
Next stepsAnother Playoff/Cup -- likely April 2023.
To contactContact eldritchfox for more information and join them on the HUBBA Discord.

Nuffle's Will League - League for people with strong nerves
Timezone/RegionEurope/Poland (Polish Language)
RulesBB2020, without rerolls and random level ups. With custom Starplayer roster made out of players from past season.
Current statusSeason 3, Round 3 of 7.
Next stepsSeason 3 Playoffs
1. Recruting players for new season, 2. Team Creation, 3. Group Drafting, 4. Season games (round robin), 5. Play-offs, 6. New season starts

To contactContact Avreus or Jaskier for more information and join.

Liga Snota w Worku
(Snot League in the Bag)
Timezone/RegionEurope/Poland (Polish Language)
RulesSL2020, Randomly assigned SL20 rosters.
Current statusSeason 3, round 6/7 of 7.
Next stepsSeason 3 playoffs.
To contactContact Avreus for more information and join.

Timezone/RegionEurope/Ukraine (Ukrainian Coaches)
Current statusTrident Bowl 4, round 2 of 3.
Next stepsSeason 4 (?).
To contactContact Ulmar99 for more information and join.

RulesBB2020 with several house rules and drafting. Two week rounds.
Current statusSeason 6 Gold division playoffs. Round 3 of 3. (Hovring vs refuzor in the finals!)
Next stepsDraft to prepare for Season 7. If you were interested in Cyberpunk Draft League, now would be the time to contact them Hovring.
To contactContact Hovring for more information and join.

Timezone/RegionEurope and Americas
RulesBB2020, with random players and lots and lots of extra dice rolling just to satisfy Nuffle's whims
Current statusSeason 2, second half, round 4
Next stepsAnticipate June random, custom redraft occurs where everything is shook up.
To contactForemole on site NUFFLE League Discord channel to roll up your random team. They're always recruiting new teams, and can run new blood type tournaments when there is enough new blood to justify.

Timezone/RegionMainly Europe but Coaches in North and South America, Canada too. 14 day turns!
RulesBB20 Draft League, Human rosters, custom seasons and re-draft. Custom Icons and Team logo's.
Current statusSeason 2, cross region competition is into round 9 of 9... just two games remaining. Recruiting for one more coach!
Next stepsChampionship and Jesters Cup playoffs.
To contactThe_Murker (Owner), det, darkwing2k6, and misterlonestar

RulesBB2020, with custom seasons
Current statusSeason 41 Seniors are leaving their teams, and Season 42 is getting setup... just as soon as the unwashed interns who actually run everything kick finish all the prep, Season 42 will begin.
Next stepsSeason 42, in two parts -- Out of Conference play and In Conference play. Non-AQ (rookie) teams will have to play with themselves.
To contactex-convict or Nelphine on site, or NCBB Discord

Current statusSeason π started on Pi Day (3.14 by US convention. I'd be 14.3 elsewhere, so that doesn't work. The Gold League, which is usually named for cheese, has been renamed Pizza League this season, because that's kinda a cheese pie and no one wanted quiche.)
Next stepsLorebass will hate on the Bronze League, happygrue will do awesome with whatever roster he took, and most of the league will play their games way too slowly. Oh, and there will be a couple end of season tournaments.
To contactWaagh and ryanfitz on site or the NWBL Discord.

RulesBB2020 with player draft, drawn from NCBB amongst other places
Current statusSeason 30, interconference play round 6 of 7.
Next stepsIntraconference play.
To contactTo be put on the waiting list for an invitation, contact Bazakastine or dashergeaux and join them on the NBFL Discord.

Timezone/RegionOntario, Canada & Time Zone friends
RulesBB2020, roughly weekly rounds
Current statusSeason 7, round 3 of 5
Next stepsNot certain if they'll do a second half or go straight into Season 7 Playoofs!
To contactHammer16 or grant85 on site. (They aren't actively recruiting but would welcome additional friendly faces they know from the NAF table top and in-person leagues in the Ontario and Quebec area.)

Second Sons Blood Bowl League
Timezone/RegionAmericas TZ
RulesBB2020 with some initial boost to starting teams, roughly two week rounds
Current statusSeason 2 is in round 11 of 13 rounds.
Next stepsSeason 2 playoffs
To contactHouseBlackfyre on site.

RulesSL2020 (Secret League 2020)
Current statusSeason awards handed out and updated on the group page. Season 3 Championship Playoffs and a Shady Underground Tournament.
Next stepsRecruiting, Redraft, and Season 4.
To contactrazmus on site, or SLA20 channel on the Secret League Discord.

Timezone/RegionChilean, Americas timezone, Spanish Language
RulesBB2020/BB2020 Resurrection/BB2020 Stunty (League moves between groups/ruleset thru the year)
Current statusLiga Conferencia T5, round 2 of 15
Next stepsPlayoffs
To contactVaradal, primary communication via WhatsApp.

Open Play Environments

RulesBB2020 - using the latest rules available
ActivityVery high activity. This is the primary activity on FUMBBL
To playMake a team from your Coaches page for the Competitive division and put them in Gamefinder, or activate teams in the Black Box (also now within gamefinder) or seek games on the FUMBBL Discord (the last is more popular with people seeking those last few games to fill a grid.)
ActivitiesRoyal Rookie Rumble for new teams.

Brawls for any team... and again, while activity is slow, tournaments will still happen.
[SL]2020 Slam are Slam type instant tournaments for groups of four teams. (just needs for interested coaches)

Six Major Tournaments spread out across the year, each with their own requirements and some with qualifier tournaments.

RulesBB2020 with custom rosters.
ActivitySome activity. Updated rosters are live (except for new, anticipated Vampire rosters/updates.)
To playMake a team from the group above (or from your coaches play in the League/Secret League 2020 division) and put them in Gamefinder or seek games on the Secret League Discord
ActivitiesOld World Rookie Rumble for new teams. Two Rumbles running, more kicking off as teams signup.
Old World Brawl for any team... and again, while activity is slow, tournaments will still happen.
[SL]2020 Slam are Slam type instant tournaments for groups of four teams. (just needs for interested coaches)
Other tournaments to start when Seasons enabled on FUMBBL.

RulesBB2016, with imported League, Ranked, or Box teams, including SL16 teams.
To playClone teams into the league to bring new life to them to play.
ActivitiesO[L]C Classic - No limit KO tournaments
O[L]C Open League play - Now between seasons.
Open [L]eague Cup - No limit, Official 2016 + [SL16] teams. Cup started early March, which is still in it's first round! (Watch Koadah's Blog for the latest O[L]C news.)
O[L]C 2016 Championship - TV limited, KO tournaments, up to eight(8) official 2016 + [SL16] teams
Open [L]eague Challenge 2020 - TV limited, KO tournaments, up to eight(8) official 2020 + [SL20] teams

Active Metagroups
Metagroups play in other open environments, against other teams in the environment which aren't necessarily part of the metagroup, for thier own goals

SeasonSeason 7: Jan-Apr 2023 (get those games in, season end isn't that far out.)
EnvironmentCompetitive (Blackbox Scheduler only)
SynopsisFUMBBL's only officially supported metagroup. Build one or more squads of four teams, and amass points by winning and tying after randomly matching other teams.

SeasonMarch 1-31.
SynopsisStunty teams across the FUMBBL-verse attempting to beat, kill and maim everyone else... but mostly kill. Accumulate points for building up the biggest stack of corpses, with dwarves counting double. And of course, being stunties... the bodies accumulately from fouls certainly add to the official tally.

SeasonMarch 1st to April 30th
EnvironmentCompetitive, Blackbox, and League (BB2020/SL2020).
SynopsisA reboot of the original E.L.F. group, Elf teams accumulate points for playing (and more for winning) against a variety of different rosters. Additional awards for filling your dance card, and a special award for taking more casualties than anyone else. (Carthage has completed a Kondor Kluster already this season!) (Discord Channel.)

Borg Invasion
SynopsisChaos Renegades teams as Borg collective. Start vanilla and play against other teams... and as you kill your opponent's players, you add their unique biological signature to the Borg. It was challenging under the BB2016 rules, and I suspect it's even harder now.

Posted by razmus on March 18
rating 6 1

Each year, teams from across the globe undertake a perilous sea voyage to the Isles of Ulthuan. Many are invited, but only a few teams successfully navigate the misty seas that surrounds the magical Elven Isles.

As the teams arrive at the Outer Isles, they compete for one of the 16 magical Phoenix Lanterns that will guide them towards the heart of Ulthuan.

Once brought together, the light from the Lanterns dispel the once impenetrable mists to reveal the legendary Asur Dome. Under the bright Phoenix Lanterns, the remaining 16 teams compete for the coveted Ulthuan Invitational Prize. The tournament winner receives blood bowl gear infused with potent elven magic made from Vaul's Forge.

Tournament draw starts
22.00pm server time
Wednesday 29th March 2023

Any Competitive team of the following races ( Amazon, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, High Elf, Human, Imperial Nobility, Lizardman, Old World Alliance, Norse and Wood Elf.) can apply here for the LIGHT QUALIFIER.

Any Competitive team of the following races (Black Orcs, Chaos, Chaos Dwarf, Chaos Pact, Dark Elf, Goblin, Khemri, Khorne Necromantic, Orc, Nurgle, Skaven, Snotlings, Undead, Underworld, Vampire and Ogre) can apply here for the DARK QUALIFIER.

(If you applied before today you will need to re-apply as I booted your teams to start fresh. Also reminder only One team per coach is allowed.)


As with all Major Tournaments, there will be monetary prizes awarded to each team for winning their matches and 50,000 for winning the tournament. This gold is automatically added to your team roster after the result is uploaded and will not appear in the match report.

For the Ulthuan Invitational XIX, Vaul will craft the following pieces. Any two chosen by the winning coach.

Gloves of Calostas (Diving Catch)
Helmet of VesaeLaer (Thick skull)
Ithilmir Armour (Sprint)

Posted by Bazakastine on March 16
rating 6 1
New Orleans Hoolicans Ravage Miswampi Crocfins 1-0 in RRR 540 Round 1

The New Orleans Hoolicans rained death, destruction, injury and a couple of what appeared to be bombs on a rather squishy MiSwampi Crocfin squad for a 1-0 victory in the first round of the Royal Rookie Rumble 540. Injuring 6 lizardmen and killing another, the Hoolicans still somehow struggled to advance the ball, eking out a last second 1-0 victory in true goblin fashion, despite nearly clearing the pitch.

“I thought we had a chance to do something special in this tournament,” said a stunned Crocfin coach after the game. “Then there was the kickoff, and yeah … next thing I know Van Crinkle’s severed head is in my lap.”

After receiving the opening kick, deftly caught by ooligan Jace Durar, the Hoolican’s impressive rookie fanatic Evelyn Ihate charged across the midfield line and slammed what looked suspiciously like a 30-pound iron ball into the side of Van Crinkle’s saurus skull. The blow severed his head, bathing the sidelines in blood, and causing the Crocfin coach to re-evaluate his defensive gameplan.

“It looked like a clean hit to me,” said the ref after the game. “Ball and what? No, no, that wouldn’t be legal. This Evelyn lass just has a lot vim and vigor, I’d say. Nothing wrong with that.”

Despite the impressive start to the drive, Durar stalled at midfield as the Crocfins closed in, even though Ihate was whirling around like a ballerina dressed in blood and gore, knocking several Crocfin players out of the game with her ball and … er … I mean, her ‘vim and vigor.’

In the last minute of the half, Ihate’s ‘vim and vigor’ finally turned against her when her out of control pirouetting sent her stumbling into her own teammate, trained troll Cesar Punk, who was not amused. Punk quickly lifted Ihate off the ground and dealt her a series of blows that forced her to sit out the remainder of the match. (Despite the fact that tournament officials deny that Ihate ever, in fact, had a ball and chain, it’s been reported that after Punk’s quick work with the fanatic, she was suspiciously treated by an apothecary who specialized in removing ball and chains from goblins’ throats.)

After blitzing Durar and boucing him among several sauraus’s and skinks, the Crocfins managed to separate the ooligan from the ball in the closing seconds of the first half. Rageen Mossheart scooped up the ball and sprinted into Hoolican territory, only to be blitzed by goblin lineman Kali Zotar, who lowered his head into the skink’s belly, causing Mossheart to lose the ball and his lunch (an assortment of rotting fish-heads) on the sidelines.

With Ihate out for the second half, the Crocifns looked to take control, and they seemed to be well on their way to a score early, when Micky Gesticky grabbed the ball and raced up the sidelines with two sauruses escorting in a sideline half cage formation. The end zone was in sight and Getsicky’s smile lit up the stadium as the little rookie skink was sure that he was going to score his first touchdown. But then something strange happened.

“Me thought me scoring touchdown soon,”Getsticky said after the game. “Me saw the endzone. Me saw no one in me way. And then something go boom, and now me here talking to you.”

What appears to have happened is that Hoolican bomma Nathan Galzar launched a bomb at Getsticky that exploded against his shoulder and knocked the skink unconscious before he hit even the ground. However, the game’s ref still insists there were no bombs used during the contest.

“I think the skink fella just slipped,” the ref explained after the game. “I guess he as trying to rush, maybe. That thing flying through the air? Must have been a bird. Maybe that distracted the poor little skink, and that’s why he tripped.”

Whatever the cause was, the curiously smoking ball bounced into Durar’s arms, and the ooligan immediately sprinted up field. With the trolls and goblins overwhelming the few remaining Crocfins on the pitch, Durar crossed midfield with no reptiles anyone near him. The only solace the Crocfins could take in the remaining minutes of the game was when one of the ‘birds’ flying out suspiciously from the area of Galzar apparently distracted the bomma himself, forcing him to trip and curiously explode.

However, the four remaining Crocfins could do little more than stumble around, take a bit more of a beating, and commit one final spiteful foul (that will force goblin lineman Chase Tir to miss the next game), as a snickering Durar crossed the goal line in the final seconds.

With the impressive win, the Hoolicans will advance to play the winner of Lost in Lustria and Les Amazones Vertigineuses in the next round of RRR 540. The Crocfins, meanwhile, will struggle to field a squad for their next match.

“I thought the Royal Rookie Rumble would be a good way to get these reptiles some experience,” said the Crocfin coach after the game. “Now I got a saurus funeral to go to, I got four players missing the next game, and two with niggling injuries. The biggest question on my mind now is, do we even have a team? The second biggest question—what do you wear to a saurus funeral?”
Posted by gettym on March 16
rating 5.5 3
I've been GONE. almost DIED a few times. the last 5 or 6 years have been ROUGH
Some of you know that I used to be a Basketball Referee working my way up through the College Ranks, tall strong and in great shape, then I tore my MCL during a game and couldn't walk for a bit. Set me back in my career for a year. But, just had to rest and let it heal and then I could get back at it. BUT NO.

While rehabbing I caught Pnumonia (and apparently cannot spell it). boom instantly bedridden for another month... and it all snowballed from there. I caught EVERYTHING that you can catch and recover from without having a permanent illness. I had NewMonia (I know that is spelled wrong) 5 times, SARS, COVID TWICE and even had a STROKE. Every time I got well and started to try to make a comeback BOOM bedridden.

The last bad thing was the STROKE, I've been coming bac from that the last 2 years. Basically have everything back for day-to-day life but NOW I'm FAT and WAY OUT OF SHAPE. I used to run at least a hour a day if not 2 for WORK, and most weekends I ran for 6 to 12 hours each day. Now I can't run.

Just started back working FULL TIME as a Public Safety Officer at a College about a Mile from my home. Lots of sitting and lots of walking involved. I too the job for the PAY and the Walking to try to get back in shape again. I have been working several Part Time jobs the last 5 or 6 years just to have something to do and some kind of income.

I run a Flag Football League in the Spring and Fall that is affiliated with the NFL.
I still Referee Volleyball and Umpire Fastpitch Softball during those seasons.
I picked up a gig as a Basketball Scout for am almost Nationwide Scouting Service.
And the scouting led to me getting hired as an Assistant Basketball Coach for a small Private Girls High School.

So now I have ALL of those jobs and my Full Time job. So... some of those jobs have go to go LOL.

Anyways... if you knew me when that is my update.
How are things going with you? What is the news?
I obviously do not have timee to play right now. But I hope to be back playing soon.
Posted by Catalyst32 on March 15
rating 5.1 5
So been playing BB for about a year now, mostly tabletop. Enjoyed some of the console platforms, however, since I found FUMBBL my development through playing various types of teams and coaches has been expediential.

Love it.

Thanks to all for the games so far.

Sorry to the one coach, I got salty with as nuffle had my trousers down, particularly in that game.

Any thought of a 7's platform or is there a hidden gem somewhere else?

Posted by Kreed on March 13
rating 4.7 4
Dear Nuffle,

Please stop killing my bloggers.

It's not very nice.


Kreed 12
Posted by Kreed on March 13
rating 2.7 3