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As of today, the new Competitive division is open for new teams. This marks an enormous milestone and signifies the official support for BB2020 rules on FUMBBL.

This process has been very long and required an enormous effort from a number of people whom without we'd never have managed to get here. A huge thank you to Candlejack and Stowelly who've helped out with the FFB code and Java, Neilwat, Stimme, Tussock and a long list of other people who have been instrumental in testing the client, enabling a smooth transition to the new client.

While official support starts today, there's still a lot of work remaining (re-enabling the blackbox in the new environment, seasons, and opening up team migration from the old R and B divisions to the bb2020 environment are a few of the major steps for the near future.

As with any other big step we take, though, there are bound to be bugs and issues. If you run into any please don't hesitate to get in touch on Discord or through the forum. If possible, try to avoid direct messages to me or other staff members about bugs as it's likely going to cause extra work to respond to people individually.

Either way, we hope you'll enjoy the new rules!
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Christer on Monday, September 06, 2021 - 01:28
A quick reminder for you all. This weekend (27th through 29th), we will be working on updating the FFB client and server for the site. We are planning to update to the BB2020 branch of the client which will involve some downtime and possibly some instability.

It would probably not be a good idea to schedule important tournament or league games to be played during this weekend. There is potential for matches being lost because of the extensive nature of the changes in the new branch.

If possible, try to not leave any matches incomplete (we hope that they will still function, but have no way to actually test this fully).

In terms of timing, the update will begin at some point after 18:00 server time on friday and both me and Candlejack will be actively working over the weekend (if necessary) to fix critical problems (focusing on server and match stability).

If the update generates more issues than we can reasonably fix, we have the option of reverting back to the current version and schedule a new weekend for the update. Hopefully, it won't come to this though.

For more details about this update, don't hesitate to join our Discord where I will be available as usual.
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Christer on Monday, August 23, 2021 - 14:07
Edit: The order deadline has passed and additional orders are no longer possible

We're quickly coming up to the deadline for FUMBBL Dice 2021 orders. The interest has been high and I'm looking at ordering and painting over 400 dice.

This post is mostly a reminder that the orders are closing soon and if you're interested in getting a set, you should get in touch soon.

Also, if you have placed an order, you should have heard back from me with confirmation that your dice are "on the list". This is the way I've confirmed the payment for each and every order I'm aware of.

As a little bit of a side-note, I'm considering setting up a "let's paint 400 dice" stream once I have the dice, and answer questions and generally chat with people. Let me know if you'd be interested in something like this.
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Christer on Wednesday, August 11, 2021 - 20:43
Thrudball are proud to announce that we are going to be running Thrudball Online in tandem with the tabletop tournament this year on 14th and 15th August 2021.

We are raising money for MIND and Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, so we are asking coaches for a recommended donation of £4 to play in the tournament. This will go in its entirety to the Thrudball Charity pot. This will also get you 1 raffle ticket to the Thrudball Online Raffle (only available to entrants).

Please pay your donation via paypal as friends/family to thrudballpayments@gmail.com

All Coaches must join our Thrudball Discord server, and have their names set to their NAF names. Any coach not signed up by 23:59 on Thursday 11th August 2021
will be removed from the draw.

Please join our discord here -

And our Group Page is here:

Please do not be late for your round. Any coach that is late by 15 minutes or more will forfeit the match.

Saturday 14th August 2021
0930 Welcome and Announcements (Please do not be late!)
1000 Game 1
1300 Game 2
1530 Game 3
2000 Charity Auction (live on Twitch)
Sunday 15th August 2021
0930 Welcome and Announcements (Please do not be late!)
1000 Game 1
1300 Game 2
1530 Game 3
1745 Awards (Live on Twitch)

Rosters are 1.2 million TV. This is for players, skills, inducements, star players, everything. Any stunty team taken will receive 50k extra to spend (so will get 1.25 million TV to spend).

Skills are available to purchases, and the amount of purchasable skills for each race depends on their tier:

Tier 1 – 5 Skills: Undead, Wood Elf.
Tier 2 – 6 Skills: Dwarf, Dark Elf, Chaos Dwarf.
Tier 3 – 7 Skills: Amazon, Skaven, Norse, Orc, Lizardmen, OWA, Bretonnian, Necromantic, High Elf.
Tier 4 – 8 Skills: Chaos, Underworld, Human, Elf Union, Chaos Renegades, Daemons of Khorne
Tier5 – 9 Skills: Khemri, Nurgle, Slann, Vampires,
Tier 6 – 10 Skills: Goblins, Halflings, Ogres, Snotlings

Players may have up to 2 skills each.

Players may not receive the same combination of skills. For example, you may give block to a human lineman, but to have another block lineman, you must also give him a 2nd skill that is not block, e.g Fend. A third could not have block and fend, so must have a different 2nd skill.

Piling on does not use a reroll.

Please note the skills you are taking in the team bio, along with any stars and inducements. Please do not change your inducements during the tournament.

No wizards, special play cards or mercenaries are allowed.

Star Players are purchasable after you have 11 players on your roster.

Rosters need to submitted to the tournament group by 23:59 BST on 12th August 2021 (this gives us enough time to check all rosters for legality).

We will be awarding the following trophies, and the winners will receive a physical trophy through the post (confirm your address after the event):

1st Place
Stunty Cup

Please note - any evidence of cheating or poor sportsmanship may result in the accused coach being ejected from the event, with no refund.

Any questions? Please post them up on our discord, and one of our admins will get back in touch with you asap.


Thor & Morpheous
Thrudball Online Admin Staff.
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thor87 on Friday, August 06, 2021 - 17:04
New to Blood Bowl? New to the site and/or client? Tanking your ranking and seeking to learn in an environment with similar coaches?

Then the 145 Club is for you.

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PurpleChest on Tuesday, May 04, 2021 - 20:03