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After a brief break, the VODcast/Podcast/live twitch stream 'One World, One Blood Bowl' returns,

Live Sunday 27th 9pm GMT/UTC on https://www.twitch.tv/purplechest

and then 24 hours later on YouTube and spotify (and hopefully soon other podcasting services, im working on it)

The subject will be the World Cup ruleset as we know it so far, the good, the bad, the meta. And i hope to also discuss the GGToor ruleset and format, a recent esports Tournament series.

The panel:

PurpleChest: Possibly the most over rated blowhard in Blood Bowl.
AndyDavo: The mind behind the GGToor ruleset, also a TT player of renown and recent BB2 'chalice' winner.
Joemanji: Legendary TT coach, NAF functionary and deep thinker, the man behind the Ironmanji rules.
Caolan_G: An opinionated Irish TT and online coach.

So come join in the chat we love to see people there live, or ask any question here and i'll try to bring it up, or watch/listen afterwards, whatever suits really. It's your life, I'm not telling you how to live it.
Posted by PurpleChest on November 24
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Coaches around the world!

The new Secret League emerges from the underground!
and is looking for more brave souls to test your luck, skills, and nerves.

The rules for 3rd Season is simple.
Since there was a slight changes to secret league rosters all teams (currently available when season starts) are back to the snotlings bag.
At the beggining of the saesons there will be a short stream where I and Jaskier will be making a draw for each coach, and wi will drawn the group stage. (number of groups depends of number of the players)
after group stage best 8 teams will meet in the KO tournament to determin the next champion.

Are you interested PM me and i will add you to the list.

Posted by Avreus on November 26
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Bonjour à tous pour tout ceux qui aime le tournois de coupe du monde de fumbbl.. sera baptisé avec algiers car déjà pris ! Pour la France !

Je y met la coupe du monde d'un équipe de FIFA pour blood bowl qui m'appelle en message en MP.. comme j'accepte.. d'en faire ses premier batisation de blood bowl
Merci à tous et rendez l'accueille à la coupe du monde !
Posted by Gastounet75 on November 26
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Hey guys! High time for more RRR action!

Congratulations to our most recent RRR winner: Thoriin (RRR 524 with Necromantic Horror)!

There are currently 4 teams missing to start another Royal Rookie Rumble!

As soon as the required number of teams is reached, a new tournament will be started and all participating coaches will be notified via PM.

If you are interested in joining, read here: Rules

and then apply here: Application

Please be aware

Only teams from the Competitive division with 0 games played will be accepted.

Every coach is welcome but the "Rookie" in Royal Rookie Rumble refers to the teams, not necessarily to the coaches!



Winner gets 100,000 gold pieces and
a record on the coach profile.

Posted by Rawlf on November 24
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Season 2 has started. Given that the real-life FIFA world cup started three days ago, we had a quick start to Season 2 so that we could enjoy the BB fluff of playing alongside the real world cup tournament. We started with four groups of 4 and will skip the Round of 16. Who knows, we might even finish up around the same time as the real world cup (assuming everyone plays realllly fast!!).

If you are interested in joining, there is still time to raise more groups of 4. Pm me.

Here is a link to the Tournament page: FIFA
Posted by knine on November 24
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Big, old, (famous?) 2016 Box, Ranked & League teams! Ride again for glory! One last(?) time!

The O[L]C 2016 Cup
BB2016 rules! NO seasons! NO TV limit!

Thursday 24th November!

This is a knockout tournament.
The Cup is open to [L]eague division teams that use BB2016, Secret League 2016, Slann or Simyin rosters.

If you want to clone a team from Ranked or 2016 Box, do that here.
Then sign them up here.

One team is allowed per coach.

Deadlines 10/11 Days. Sunday and Wednesday

Tournament apoths that patch up MNG players up before round 1 of a tournament will be employed. They cannot heal permanent injuries.

Coaches may initially clone a maximum of three teams. Other tournaments will follow if there is demand.

Posted by koadah on November 24
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DLE is looking for a coach(s) to joing the league.

The league has swapped to a customised version of BB2020 and is looking to recruit a coach to fill a team (and also for interested coaches who might want to join the reserve list).

For all about the DLE, please see our group page here.

DLE is a draft league with custom rules, so at the end of season, a coach gets to pick from a pool of players to be added to his squad for the coming season, to hopefully give a boost to teams which had a rough season.

We have customisable teams icons and great friendly discord.

We have our own sevens league too, so you can see your players from the sevens be drafted by the pro teams and make it in the big show!

Its a great group of coaches, committed to 10 day rounds with divisional rivalries and year end awards.

Season is almost at halfway point, so its a great opportunity to take over a team and shape it for the second half of the season.

If you are interested or want to know a bit more, feel free to ask here, msg me or find me on discord.

Posted by bigf on November 19
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On FUMBBL we have a place where new players to Blood Bowl, or just to FUMBBL, can get some help, advice and an environment of learning and positivity, while playing other similar newer coaches. Even if they just want to meet other coaches, chat and 'get comfy' on FUMBBL, the 145 is the place.

For historic reasons we call this 'The 145 Club'. IT used to refer to the level we looked for you to be to join.

But you don't need a low CR, below 145 for example, to join and be part of it, just a desire to do so. That's it, sole criteria.

And we can help, we have experienced coaches, as well as other new coaches, there specifically to answer your questions, offer feedback and replay reviews, skill picks, you name it, there is no such thing as a bad question in the 145.

Anyone can join our Discord and be part of it: https://discord.gg/EG2xKZU49V
We also run a 'season', a open round robin where each coach can play any of up to 39 other coaches once, at any time. For fun, for practice, and to learn. it takes place in 'L' division, and teams can be made using the link on our home page here: https://fumbbl.com/p/group&group=3180&op=view

And we'll be starting a new season on Wednesday, 23 November.
Teams joining must be a fresh team or less than 5 games played and under 1200 tv.

Up top right, the bit that says 'Create team for this league'

Sign them up here! (Select them from the drop down at the bottom of the page. This is an important step.

So why not join in, meet other newer coaches, have some fun, get some help, or at least a less win focused environment to play in.

And if you're too good for the 145? then come help us help others.

At the 145 Club we have a simple mission. to help people.
Help them learn to play Blood Bowl.
Help them learn to play on FUMBBL.
Help them gain confidence and launch into the wider site, game and hobby.

Even if that means answering questions like 'is block a good skill then?'

If you think you could be part of that, we can never have too many people ready to answer, help and sympathise.
So drop by the 145 and/or tell me 'I want to help' and i promise a rewarding time.

(your reward will be solely in personal growth and smugness, no actual reward is offered)


"But razmus... I have an old team that I don't want to strip down to 1200tv. Is there anywhere they can still play?"

At the beginning of January, BB2020 tournaments will start on the Isle of Misfit teams. This is an environment intended for teams orphaned from their home league, either because they outgrew the league, they voluntarily left, or the league disbanded. More information on the group page (banner above is a link), and in my blog post.
Posted by razmus on November 19
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Hey! Why don’t you come on down, and try out
*Spelledaren’s next big thing*

A no pressure league, open round robin - play when you feel like it.
Top teams play KO playoff, with a prize for the winner.

You want more? We got more!

Special end of season bonuses, Grudge matches, custom rosters, stars that develop.
All the things that makes life sweeter!

So don’t hesitate - join Spelledaren’s next big thing today!

Posted by spelledaren on November 19
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Malgré des rumeurs persistantes de magouilles, la FIFA est très soucieuse de rappeler avant chaque tirage au sort les modalités qui l'accompagnent. :)

Pour rappel donc :
* Un 1er et un 2nd du même groupe ne peuvent s'affronter avec la finale
* Dans tous les autres cas, deux équipes issues du même groupe (ex. 1er et 3ème, 2nd et 3ème) ne peuvent s'affronter avant la demi-finale
* Dans une coupe accueillant un nombre de participants différent de 8 ou 16, les mieux classés de la saison ont droit à un match en moins et se qualifient donc directement pour le second tour
* Comme indiqué dans les règles sur la page du groupe, le classement final d'une saison de qualification est établi en fonction des critères suivants, par ordre de priorité : points et diff. TD > TD + > diff. CAS > CAS + > tirage au sort

Voici les qualifiés et les particularités de chacun des 3 tournois de fin de saison.

Tournoi principal

4 équipes sont directement qualifiées en quart de finale (affichés par ordre décroissant des meilleurs résultats) :
- Mount Gunbad Crush
- Racing Club de Leatherface
- Dynastie du soleil
- Zhufbar REBooTERS

Les 4 équipes suivantes par ordre décroissant de points marqués durant la saison sont :
- Jam Delicacy
- Gardiens de la lumière
- Shesha Nagas
- Mordheim Convent

Ces 4 équipes rencontreront l'une des 4 suivantes, ayant marqué moins de points :
- Drillaz Killaz (moins bonne différence de CAS que le Mordheim Convent)
- Hashut Corrupters
- VA BB Club
- Goelands du Groënland

Tournoi des seconds couteaux

Avec 12 invités également, le tournoi des seconds couteaux doit également donner 4 bye. Il s'agit des équipes non-qualifiées en tournoi principal et ayant marqué le plus de points :
- Quetza Rattlers
- Foulympico des Egoûts
- Mineurs du Ventoux
- Bloodwork

Les 4 équipes suivantes par ordre décroissant de points marqués durant la saison sont :
- Thunder Kaos Team
- La confrérie de Korneliusz
- Altdorf Vindicators
- Massacreurs de Mahrak
Ces derniers bénéficient du forfait des Itza Dead Walkers, qui ont mangé des champignons et subissent les contrecoups d'une intoxication alimentaire. :D

Ces 4 équipes rencontreront l'une des 4 suivantes, ayant marqué moins de points :
- Métalliques
- Firrara Tintori
- Lost Spirits Shepherds
- Spirits of Death
Ces 2 derniers bénéficient du forfait des Itza Dead Walkers et des Vengeuses d'Avelorn pour intégrer le tableau des seconds couteaux plutôt que le tournoi Best of the rest.

Rassemblement "Best of the rest"

Avec 8 équipes restantes, le rassemblement mettra aux prises les 4 équipes ayant marqué le plus de points...
- Toxic City Titans
- Armored Vermin Clan
- Tenacious Teeth
- Furfolais

...aux 4 suivantes :
- Roses bleues de l'Orbe-à-Feu
- Lybaras Raiders
- Arlequins d'Albion
- Khsar'par Sphinx

Les Around the Fur sont morts écrasés par leur propre homme-arbre et ne peuvent donc participer au rassemblement best of the rest.
Posted by Diablange on November 19
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