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Gestern Abend habe ich für ein paar Leute eine kleine Fumbbl-Intro gegeben. Eventuell ist das ja auch für andere interessant.
Posted by Candlejack on November 28
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I tend to have a bunch of ideas for unique teams at the back of my head and one of those was a Lahmia vampire team themed around a baroque masked ball. Sadly there is rather a lack of female models from GW, but I did dutifully buy any from 40K, WHFB and AoS models I thought might be useful over the years. I finally got to a position where I had both enough bits to make them and the time to work on them. I had completed the thralls and was nearly done with the vamps when GW decided to bring out their own team and shake up the roster with new positionals and a big guy!

This would require some adjustments and waiting for the new plastic and resin models to arrive. In the meantime my local GW was holding a painting competition, with multiple categories. I hadn’t painted anything non-BB in a while, so decided to enter the AoS and 40K with new models and the open category with the Madcapp Miggz conversion I had done a few years back.

For AoS I used the Warhammer Quest Darkoath Chieftain, I had initially bought him to be used in either a norse or khorne team. This was a great opportunity to try and improve on some techniques I’d been working on. I wasn’t intending to convert him either, so needed to choose colours that would look good on him. Red is always a popular colour for chaos models, so this was used for his clothing. I was really happy with how the gold and silver metal parts turned for him, I’d bought a lot of new brown, yellow and grey paints to mix in with my gold and silver ones. The bronze on his shoulder pad was less successful, I tried shading it with green and experimented with washes and glazes, but it never quite looked right.

The 40K model I used was a sister of Silence, I’d bought them as potential thralls due to the corset, but they were too heavily armoured and the cloak got in the way. Painting a model that is mostly metallic armour is tricky, I gave her a black corset to break it up and painted her cloak blue with white fur as contrast. The gold armour and sword blade didn’t turn out how I wanted. The highlights and shading went ok, but the gold in particular ended up looking a bit muddy. I think it needed to have drastic shading and more yellow added.

In the end the Chieftain won best AoS and Miggz got best Open and won the overall competition, so a pretty good success.

By the time I’d finished these models the new vampires had arrived, and I could get back to converting them.

The first models I completed were the thralls. It was important that they fit the team, but wouldn’t ever outshine the vampires. I wanted them to resemble handmaidens and gave them all masks. These models used torsos and heads from daemonettes, legs and masks from harlequins, legs and arms from Escher gangers, arms from Blood Bowl elves and a bunch of other bits from my collection. I tried to give them some cool and interesting poses, with the 4 uses the masque of slannesh’s masks being my fave; misery, acceptance, disgust and humour.

When I started the team, all the vampires had been the same, in the new rules we now have blitzers, throwers and runners. For the throwers I chose the 2 most static models and went for the lazy option of giving them a ball. One of the vampires was an old finecast vamp that I had removed the weapons from extended her dress with greenstuff and swapped in a hand from the wood elf thrower, the hand was given long claws to match the other holding a skull. The other thrower used the legs from LADY ANNIKA the torso from the banshee (the lower half was from the Gretchen conversion I did ages ago) and the head from a coven throne vampire. She was given a hand holding the ball from a Valkyrie from the norse team.

The runners were more like dancers for this team, I chose the 2 players with the most dynamic poses. The first was made from the masque of slannesh, with legs from witch elves and head from a metal vampire from the Avatars of War range I bought ages ago.The other uses legs from the Warhammer Quest mistweaver saih and torso from the Necromunda character Lady Credo along with arms from the slanneshi Infernal Enrapturess.

The last 2 models ended up being blitzers, mostly by default. They both uses the torsos of vampires from the coven throne, which was the model that first gave me the idea for this team. The first of these uses the skirt from the Infernal Enrapturess and with legs from witch elves, she is closest to how I saw all the vampires looking. The other took legs from Lady Credo I also gave her a mask with a handle as I saw her as the most recently promoted thrall since her hair was styled in a more youthful look as fitting a handmaid.

I really struggled with how to make a Vargheist for the team as the Forgeworld model really didn’t fit in with the rest of them. It was a tricky task to find something that would be a horrific monster that craved only blood and death and an elegant attendee to a sophisticated ball. Luckily the slannesh range came to my rescue again and I used the Slaangor Fiendbloods for most of the model. Arms, feet and wings came from the plastic Vargeheist with the head from the forgeworld model. The front skirt was from the Myrmourn banshees and the back from the Tenebrael Shard.

Posted by spubbbba on November 27
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Palette: #6c706f (gray), #776a59 (tan), #e30007 (red), #f2c61d (yellow), #1b4101 (green)

Brawls are a weekly drawn tourney for Competitive Division teams and will be run on the KotH system, meaning the second round pairing will be generated randomly after the first round is complete.

Tourneys Expected to Draw
Low (up to 1400 TV): 0
Mid (from 1405 to 1800 TV): 0
Hi (from 1805 TV up): 0

Teams Short to Draw Next Tourney
Low (up to 1400 TV): 4
Mid (from 1405 to 1800 TV): 4
Hi (from 1805 TV up): 5

Please remember that TV is the deciding factor in which Brawl your team will be a part of and includes missing players! (It is not Current Team Value(CTV)!)

Draws will be made on Wednesday if there are enough participants, usually between 1200-1400 server time. You will receive a PM that you're in the tourney when it starts. Tournament announcements on the official FUMBBL Discord #minors channel. Game announcements will be made in my Leagues Discord, in the Minor Tournament channel.

If you are interested in participating, read here: Group Page and FUMBBL Tournament Rules.

Team may apply on the Brawl Team page.

Please be aware:
Only Competitive Division teams will be accepted.

Record on your profile
Random extra MVP

Posted by razmus on November 27
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We have a few dates in the calendar for upcoming events and one of these we hope to be a 6 player squad event, using the Tackle Zone ruleset. We now have a pinned message on the Fumbll NAF discord tab with these events, so please take a look. Later next year we are also hoping to have our first NA squad event.

Below is a small amount of information on them...

30th Dec - NAF LIVE – 1 day event
Eurobowl 2024 ruleset

Starting 29th Jan - Weekly event
Tackle zone ruleset

Starting 15th April - Weekly event
Amorical Cup ruleset

Posted by neilwat on November 25
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Welcome, Coaches around the world!

As we are only one game before we end the Season 4 i like to remind you about upcoming season 5 :)

We need YOU, Coaches, to join us on this incredible journey. Currently, we are in search of a minimum of 16 coaches to participate in the upcoming season.

Here's what you can expect from the "Snot Out of the Bag" Season 5:

Bi-weakly rounds of group stage matches, followed by playoffs featuring the top 8 teams.
At the beginning of the season, a unique team from the prestigious "Secret League" (and more) will be assigned to each coach through a special draw.
Returning teams from the previous season will not be included in the draw, ensuring fresh and exciting matchups for all participants.
In the event that a coach is assigned a team they have previously played with, another team will be drawn and coach can select one of them.
Imagine the thrill of strategizing with your team, the epic clashes on the field, and the adrenaline rush as you lead your squad to victory. The Snout out of the bag League is a place where skill, tactics, and passion converge to create unforgettable moments.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be part of the action! Join us in the Snota Worg League Season 5 and prove your coaching prowess against some of the most skilled and diverse teams in the realm. Secure your spot now and let the games begin!

Sign up today and become a legend in the Snot out of the Bag League!

[Disclaimer: League is not responsible for any injuries, lost limbs, or accidental transformations into mythical creatures that may occur during gameplay. Participate at your own risk.]

to sing up message me on private message :)

Newly created discord server: https://discord.gg/hjQ22CayBh
Posted by Avreus on November 24
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So what the hell is the NAF? what is its purpose? Do we actually need it? and is it just a cult of dice loving fiends?

I want to talk about the NAF, and have invited three people that should be bale to answer my, and maybe your, questions.

This sunday, 26th November at 9pm GMT, One World, One Blood Bowl will talk all things NAF. An organisation with its fingerprints on Table Top, on FUMBBL and even on BB3. An inescapable part of Blood Bowl? or a jumped up try hard club? With a NAF presidential election looming in January, should we care? does it matter? is it just about the dice?

The panel:

PurpleChest: NAF member, wasn't my choice. A critical friend.
Stimme: Current Tournament director of the NAF.
neoliminal: One of the founders of the NAF
Stewbacca: A regional NAF representative and organiser.

So let me know any questions, points or thoughts you have about the NAF, and as always we'd love to see you there live on https://www.twitch.tv/purplechest , but if you prefer it will be a podcast and YouTube VOD about 24 hours later.
Posted by PurpleChest on November 24
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After our enthralling four-part round-up of the Übersreik Unicorns first season under Coach Wilson, all that remains to do is reveal the key stats for the season.

Winning Streak - 1 match
Unbeaten Streak - 3 games
Losing Streak - 4 games
Overall Record - 2-6-9
Touchdowns Scored - 22
Touchdowns Conceded - 32
Casualties Inflicted - 51
Casualties Suffered - 46
Kills Inflicted - 8
Kills Suffered - 3
Blocks Given - 762
Blocks Received - 747

TOP 5 WORKHORSES - Putting in the hard yards is what makes a great player. These are the top 5 most active players this season.
222 - B. Gryson
218 - B. Giza
214 - R. Brigante
197 - T. Leboucher
187 - C. Torrosa

TOP 5 MVPs - These players were recognised by their fellow players as having made a significant contribution to the game.
4 - L. Woodside
2 - R. Brigante; J. Thornhill; I. Blaide
1 - T. Montfort ☠; O. Adeniyi; S. Bunting; T. Leboucher; R. van Buuren ☠; C. Torrosa; BJ Hill

TOP 5 SCORERS - Crossing the line with the ball is what wins games and having a wealth of players to do that gives you the best chance of picking up points.
10 - B. Giza
5 - R. Lane
3 - R. Brigante
2 - S. Bunting
1 - T. Montfort ☠; L. Woodside

TOP 5 PASSERS - It takes skill, patience, and derring do to be a Thrower and these individuals have shown they have what it takes.
12 - O. Wirt
11 - L. Woodside
1 - O. Adeniyi

BIGGEST HITTERS - When all else fails, the harder you punch, the more fun you're going to have!
10 - T. Leboucher
9 - B. Gryson
7 - J. Thornhill; B. Giza
4 - R. Brigante
3 - BJ Hill; A. Dent
2 - C. Torrosa; O. Wirt
1 - S. Bunting; C. Lobato ☠; I. Blaide; Z. Blaide

DIRTIEST PLAYERS - Getting down and dirty and sticking a blade between the ribs is a necessary part of the game.
6 - R. Lane
5 - O. Adeniyi; C. Lobato ☠
4 - S. Bunting
3 - R. Brigante; L. Woodside

MOST INJURED PLAYERS - Inevitably you're going to have to take a few blows to the head so here's who walked away or got carried away.
3 - S. Bunting (2x -AG & MNG); BJ Hill (MNG & 2x NI)
2 - O. Wirt (2x NI); C. Lobato ☠ (-AV & RIP); A. Dent (NI & MNG); O. Adeniyi (-AG & NI); R. Brigante (2x MNG)
1 - C. Torrosa (MNG); C. Lobato (-PA); T. Montfort ☠ (RIP); R. van Buuren ☠ (RIP); B. Gryson (NI); I. Blaide (MNG)

G1: Skar Bay Sharks - P. Ferto (-MA)
G2: Carcassone Eagles - F. Davis ☠ (RIP)
G4: Erengrad Vikings - J. Bull (MNG); P. Wright (NI)
G5: Kislev Cardinals - A.J. Brown (NI)
G6: Praag Grizzlies - J. Tavai (MNG); P. Lloyd ☠ (RIP); A. Timbrell (MNG); C. Awuzie (MNG); C. Murray (MNG); C. Williams ☠ (RIP); A. Krôll (MNG)
G7: Carroburg Crimson Cascade - P. Neuheuser (NI)
G8: Flashfurt Universe - U. Pendragon (-AV); S. Perine (-AG) R. Fenton ☠ (RIP)
G9: Wolfenburg Wolfskins - S. Braddock (MNG); D. Montgomery (NI); BY Astoria (NI); J. Maddox (NI); N. Brill (NI); B. Szabo (NI); P. Marn (MNG); L. Gaillard (MNG)
G10: Marienburg Foxes - C. Miller (NI)
G11: Flashfurt Universe - J. Simmons (MNG)
G12: Marienburg Foxes - B. Horvath (NI); C. Miller ☠ (RIP)
G13: Middenheim Classics - X. de Soutolongo (MNG); H. Agsded ☠ (RIP)
G14: Altdorf Thunderbolts - S. Demain ☠ (RIP); K. Loneker (MNG); Merc Blitzer #2 (MNG)
G15: Lyonesse Patriots - M. Fitzpatrick (MNG); M. Ateman ☠ (RIP); J. Smith-Schuster (MNG); D. Wilson (MNG)
G16: Bel Aliad Griffins - L. Ruff (MNG); J. Conklin (MNG)

G1: C. Lobato (-AV); O. Wirt (NI); R. Brigante (MNG)
G2: BJ Hill (MNG)
G3: O. Adeniyi (-AG)
G4: C. Torrosa (MNG)
G5: C. Lobato (-PA); T. Montfort ☠ (RIP)
G7: R. van Buuren ☠ (RIP); O. Wirt (NI); S. Bunting (-AG)
G9: A. Dent (NI)
G10: S. Bunting (-AG); C. Lobato ☠ (RIP)
G11: A. Dent (MNG); BJ Hill (NI); B. Gryson (NI)
G13: S. Bunting (MNG); BJ Hill (NI)
G14: O. Adeniyi (NI)
G16: I. Blaide (MNG)
G17: R. Brigante (MNG)
Posted by intrepidwilson on November 23
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Surely the second half of the season would see some improvement from the Reikland side? The Ültras had not been swayed by the bloodthirsty matches against the Grizzlies or the Wolfskins, even if the latter saw the Unicorns bank their first victory under their new coach.

Playing the Odds

For fans of the brutal and beautiful sport of Blood Bowl - the brutiful game, if you will - watching two teams of maniacs hammer into one another, abandoning all sense of self-preservation, often ignoring the ball in preference of settling personal vendettas or showing their teammates just how tough they can be is a wonderful experience that the entire family can enjoy. However, as a coach, sometimes that sounds like a recipe for disaster. Firmly in this camp, Coach Wilson of the Übersreik Unicorns took on the hardened DLE veterans in the shape of the Middenheim Classics.

With some of the most dreaded names on their teamsheet, the Unicorns knew that the art of survival is picking ones battles. They threw a below average number of blocks in an attempt not to startle the sleeping tiger too much. A compact strategy was enhanced by the early removals of Emilia Schroder and Jawaan Taylor. But Leboucher, Wirt, and Lane were then removed themselves, forcing Giza to score too close to the kick-off for comfort. Arthur Dent then killed Hunter Agsded and the game looked in the balance.

Whilst the fearsome Djorkaeff was sent off by the referee, Jack Sparrow continued to lead the line and Bruce Brown evaded the punches of Juan Thornhill to draw things level. With just 10 Unicorns left on the field and little in the locker room, Wilson ordered his players to keep out of danger. This allowed Hannibel Mekins to score but at least the home side would have a relatively fresh run at their next opponents. But the Ültras made their feelings known and, in the club's VIP area, the suits began tugging their collars nervously. Whatever happened next, they could not afford to lose their fans.

With a 14-man squad against opponents missing some key personnel, the match against the Altdorf Thunderbolts was vital if Wilson wanted to validate his decisions from the previous encounter. Four defeats in a row, amidst pressure from the fans, made the importance of this match impossible to underestimate. But the 'Bolts were also in a rut.

As seemed to be their raison d'etre, the Unicorns piled into their opponents. Brigante wounded an unnamed ringer, Tytus Howard k/o'd Wirt, Keith Loneker surfed Giza, and Scott Quessenberry stunned Leboucher but Carlos Torrosa had fatally eliminated Simon Demain and Gryson, with his contract negotiations now settled, removed scoring threat Jamal Adams in a blitz. With their team in disarray, Logan Woodside scored his first touchdown. Brady Doshack soon equalised before Wirt's superb pass found Giza, who retook the lead for the Unicorns but then, just a pace away from Giza's outstretched hand, Doshack scored again. At the end of the game - one of the most entertaining that The Tin Spur has seen this season, a pocket of fans gave the team a muted round of applause, suggesting that they were coming around to their new coach.

Hopes for the Future

The Lyonesse Patriots were sitting dead last in the league but had been steadily improving. The St. Giles Stadium was a sell-out for the visiting Unicorns and they were treated to a truly outstanding match. The sides would share 6 scores, whilst the hosts would have to stomach four injuries. Richard Lane kicked off proceedings with a rapid score. He bagged another from a sharp pick-six from Wirt. In a scramble, Minkah Fitzpatrick pulled one back before debutant Marcell Ateman was pulverised by the returning BJ Hill. Fitzpatrick scored again but only made himself a target for Leboucher who cut short his match. Tyler Higbee, another new recruit put the home side ahead and the travelling fans were incandescent. Their brief acceptance of the new regime seemed set to end spontaneously and violently. However, Wirt, who has really come into his own at the tail-end of the season, linked up with Giza who scored another. Even after Woodside was red carded for a petty foul, the game will live long in the memory for the expansive, offensive showcase that it was.

How could anyone follow up that spectacle? The only way that a team with nothing to play for truly can; an unexpected brutal victory! The Bel Aliad Griffins appeared to have little to play for and, after the opening drive, had to replicate what the Unicorns did against the Classics and protect their remaining players. Ogre Vita Vea and Dreng Bronson were removed before the Griffins scored through Lamar Jackson. Tibor Papp, Lindy Ruff, Rick Nash, and Chris Kirk were all taken out before Wirt handed off to Giza who bulldozed his way over the line. Nash, Jack Conlin, Luke Falk, and Max Steele all took some time to study the paint job on the underside of the dugout. The Griffins, fearing a wipeout, backed off and Lane scored once more. A few late scuffles couldn't turn things around at the Ahmad Ibn Rustah Arena and the Ültras could finally let the lid off of their pent up frustration.

Seeing the Season Out

The last match of Season XIV was at home to the Kislev Cardinals, who still had an outside chance of making the post-season eliminators. With that in mind, Coach Wilson once more decided to try and rest his players as best as possible.

The home fans were not pleased, of course, but their chagrin was less confrontational than in previous games as they knew a defeat - and results elsewhere - may mean slightly more favourable draft picks. Barry Gryson ended Arden Key's game on the peep of the whistle and Leboucher did the same to OJ Howard. Finally, after a season of misplaced paces and fumbled catches, Woodside found Lane who sold his marker a dummy but was sacked by Arion Hill - who had, in the previous meeting between the teams, killed Tancred Montfort. He was a key target for the Unicorns whose instructions were to try and even the score. But whilst the Cardinals were still trying the get to grips with the game, they allowed Giza to bag his 10th touchdown of the season. Howard Wilson equalised and Vincent Tobale scored the winner that put the Cards into 8th place in the league and the game petered out.

As for the Unicorns, their eyes turn to Season XV. Sean 'The Bolt' Bunting, who had suffered two severe injuries, was cut from the roster; Hayden Vlademere, who stepped in to fill a seat on the bench, was also released; Ola Adeniyi, who was rumoured to be joining local rivals, the Reikland Wreckers, announced he would instead be joining the Kemperbad Knights; and the Blaide twins also appear set to leave for pastures knew after being drafter in from the under-23s.

G13: C. Torrosa
G14: L. Woodside
G15: L. Woodside
G16: I. Blaide
G17: BJ Hill

10 - B. Giza
5 - R. Lane
3 - R. Brigante
2 - S. Bunting
1 - T. Montfort; L. Woodside

12 - O. Wirt
11 - L. Woodside
1 - O. Adeniyi

10 - T. Leboucher
9 - B. Gryson
7 - J. Thornhill; B. Giza
4 - R. Brigante
3 - BJ Hill; A. Dent
2 - C. Torrosa; O. Wirt
1 - S. Bunting; C. Lobato; I. Blaide; Z. Blaide

G13: Middenheim Classics - X. de Soutolongo (MNG); H. Agsded (RIP)
G14: Altdorf Thunderbolts - S. Demain (RIP); K. Loneker (MNG); Merc Blitzer #2 (MNG)
G15: Lyonesse Patriots - M. Fitzpatrick (MNG); M. Ateman (RIP); J. Smith-Schuster (MNG); D. Wilson (MNG)
G16: Bel Aliad Griffins - L. Ruff (MNG); J. Conklin (MNG)

G13: S. Bunting (MNG); BJ Hill (NI)
G14: O. Adeniyi (NI)
G16: I. Blaide (MNG)
G17: R. Brigante (MNG)
Posted by intrepidwilson on November 23
rating 6 1

Two dead players, a record of 0-4-4, despite taking the lead in four straight games, a pack of disgruntled Übersreik Ültras baying for blood, an ogre resorting to disobedience to wrangle a new contract out of the club, and an inexperienced coach demonstrating tactical naivety? Not the start that the Unicorns wanted but, with 9 games left, could they turn things around?

Making Them Pay

Coach Wilson had very publicly cursed Nuffle after the matches against the Vikings and the Universe, unwisely invoking that most incalculable and fickle of deities. Yet, after all of the bad luck in these games, and the 'Catastrophe of the Crimson Cascade', the law of averages suggested that there might yet be something to be salvaged from this season.

The Wolfskins had a record of 3-3-3 before visiting the The Tin Spur, south of Übersreik. Playing against a team in the bottom four, they might have expected victory; what they didn't expect was to be so brutally beaten and mercilessly maimed.

Early tussles led to Ottmar Wirt and Arthur Dent suffering injuries along with Wolfenburg's Paxton Marn, Jonah Solton, and Quinnen Williams. Bruno Giza opened the scoring before stand-in shot-caller Logan Woodside put Christian Raver out of action. Thomas Leboucher crucially sacked Nicholas Brill, loosening the ball from his grip and tossing him into the stands. BJ Hill got in on the fun with a hit on Balazs Szabo - and that was all before half-time! Leboucher went on to take out BY Astoria, Jamie Maddox, and Raver. Rafa Brigante took out David Montgomery and Lamont Gaillard. Bruno Giza smashed into Simon Braddock. Tyler Lockett pulled one back for the guests but Giza received a hand-off from Woodside and scored what would turn out to be the winning score and his fifth of the season.

Saint Sebastian's Hospital welcomed no less than eight Wolfskins players after a brutal encounter. But it seemed as though Coach Wilson had found his new tactical play; hit the opponents hard, gain a numerical advantage, and then try and score.

Not Through The Woods

With more experience, a more settled roster, a six-game undefeated streak, and a compelling record in the conference, the Marienburg Foxes would be a serious opponent to test the Unicorns new play style against. Worse was to come as almost every Unicorns played would be required to leave the field!

Gryson's contract wrangles worsened as he disobeyed Wilson four times on the pitch, leading to urgent calls to his agent that very evening. Leboucher, Lobato, Torrosa, and Giza had all been knocked into the home dugout when Carlos Lobato was struck in the throat and died soon after. In reply, only Chandler Cox and LJ Collier suffered on the Foxes side.

=== Carlos Lobato b. Bilbali, Estalia - d. Übersreik, Reikland - 25 games, 4 MVP, 2 Casualties ===

Boomer Esiason and Rayan Khefif scored either side of the break, helped by a group of Ültras who invaded the pitch. They managed to get to the players and knock out Hill, Brigante, and Isaiah Blaide, who had earlier put out Christian Miller. It may have been a 2-0 defeat but the Unicorns might have breathed a sigh of relief to get away without further serious losses to personnel, having been so short-handed for so much of the game; six of their squad played less than a half and only five completed the full match.

Up next was the Flashfurt Universe and an opportunity to take revenge, after the Universe's incredible luck handed them a last minute win. With three players in the morgue and inexperienced replacements, the Unicorns' violent tendencies would need to pay off to get something from the game. Despite making 35% more blocks than their opponents, Nuffle's hand was not swayed and just one injury was inflicted on the Universe, compared to three for the hosts. A wholly scrappy game, punctuated by Ahmed Fidalgo and Chris Dishman both being knocked to the ground immediately before getting to their feet, picking up the ball in a tackle zone, squirming away from their opponents, and scoring. Richard Lane scored one for the Unicorns but it was another disappointing performance.

A return match against the Foxes was not what the Unicorns needed, if they wanted to turn things around. With a squad of just 12, it was a real backs-to-the-wall job. Leboucher gave the hosts some hope early on by handing Christian Miller his retirement papers - along with a eulogy. In what would be an action repeated several times this season, Logan Woodside and Richard Lane failed to pass the ball to one another and it fell into opposing gloves. The ball bounced around, slipping through Ottmar Wirt's grasp, and landing in the lap of Zachary Blaide. The dangerous Randy Savage blitzed the youngster and the ball ended up in the hands of Dre'mont Jones, who got it to Rayan Khefif, who scored his second against the Unicorns this season. It was tit-for-tat when it came to blocks with both sides reduced to single figures before Isiason scored the seal the win (which was then double-secured when Woodside and Lane failed to connect once more).

The Foxes now have eight games against the Unicorns without defeat and the jinx does not appear to be ending any time soon with Coach Wilson tipping the Marienburg side to glory in the DLE Super Bowl. At 1-4-7, the worst regular season record for the franchise had been avoided, but it's back to the drawing board for the Unicorns as any hopes of a wild card slot in the play-offs were dashed.

G9: J. Thornhill
G10: I. Blaide
G11: R. Brigante
G12: J. Thornhill

5 - B. Giza;
3 - R. Brigante
2 - S. Bunting; R. Lane
1 - T. Montfort

8 - L. Woodside
7 - O. Wirt
1 - O. Adeniyi

7 - T. Leboucher
5 - B. Gryson
4 - J. Thornhill; R. Brigante
3 - B. Giza
2 - BJ Hill
1 - S. Bunting; C. Lobato; C. Torrosa; O. Wirt; A. Dent; I. Blaide

G9: Wolfenburg Wolfskins - S. Braddock (MNG); D. Montgomery (NI); BY Astoria (NI); J. Maddox (NI); N. Brill (NI); B. Szabo (NI); P. Marn (MNG); L. Gaillard (MNG)
G10: Marienburg Foxes - C. Miller (NI)
G11: Flashfurt Universe - J. Simmons (MNG)
G12: Marienburg Foxes - B. Horvath (NI); C. Miller (RIP)

G9: A. Dent (NI)
G10: S. Bunting (-AG); C. Lobato (RIP)
G11: A. Dent (MNG); BJ Hill (NI); B. Gryson (NI)
Posted by intrepidwilson on November 23
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"We have to interrupt your broadcast to bring you a report on the grisliest spectacles I've witnessed that did not involve Bob and an all-you-can-eat ribs buffet-"

"Hey! I always wear a bib and warn people that the people in the first three rows will get splashed!"

"-the game that just took place between the Vampires of Regal Schæßerg and that valiant Imperial Noble team the Waldenhof Warpfire."

"Vampires and lightly-armoured foes? I'm salivating already, tell me more Jim!"

"The Vampires had apparently been celebrating a festival the previous night- something to do with the birthday of an ancient king that I of course don't know anything about- and so were blood-crazed from the opening whistle."


"Or possibly fang-tastic- the poor thralls of Schæßberg suffered more at the hands of their own team than they did their opponents. It didn't help that the match was played in pouring rain, either."

"I pity their poor mothers- blood and grass-stains are the worst to get out of sports kit."

"The final score of the game as a sporting contest was three-nil to the Warpfire, but the most important statistic was how many players were left standing at the end of the match- five vampires and six humans."

"Wow, what a match!"

"I urge any of you with a Blood Bowl Game Pass to go watch it- especially as it's currently available for the low, low price of only ninety-five Gold Crowns a month."

"What? When did the league get so altruistic?"

"It's Black Friday, Bob- the offer ends tomorrow!"

"Of course it does, Jim. Of course it does..."
Posted by JohannVonDarkheim on November 23
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