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 Issue 5 - January 20, 2505
Admin Corner
by Christer
Informing you of the work behind the scenes on the Web site.
A Coach's Journey
by Darkwolf
Observations on FUMBBL and the philosophy behind trying to win.
Vocal Population
by Stevie
FUMBBL personalities talk about their Big Guys.
Grum's Grudging Grumbles
by Uncle Grum (and Goallie11)
Words of wisdom and astute advice from everyone's least favourite admin.
Miniature Gallery
by FUMBBL coaches
The inaugural Blood Bowl mini gallery, with a competition for the best paint job!

Cusi Tribute
by Mnemon
A message on what happened between #4 and #5.
by Mnemon
An issue without obituaries.

Group/Tournament Reports
Official Tournaments

For Sale

GLN info
How to contribute

The Playtesters Vault is open...
Playtesters Vault Special
Veni, Vidi, Vault!
by unnamed
An overview of the new Blood Bowl regime.
New Skills in the Vault
by Colin
An in-depth analysis of new "improvements".
News & Views
The Guru Speaks...
by Gorritakid and Mnemon
An interview with SkiJunkie, JavaBB's creator.
Giving it a brain: A BloodBowl AI
by Mostly-Harmless
Theory and practicalities behind developing an AI
Blood Bowl - The Background Story
by Dreadclaw
A history of the different races in BB - starting with the skaven!
A Gobbo's Tale, Part 2
by Candlejack
The continuing story of a goblin's amazing career.
Bubble Gum Crisis
by Wuhan
A tale of a misunderstood coach and his wanton bloodlust.
Old McNuffle
by Candlejack
Our grotty lil' ditty!
Mackensen: An Elf On A High
by Patton_71
A high elf star talks about the pressures of survival in the cruel world of Blood Bowl.
Team Tactics
Stunty Leeg Summary
by Dooby
The inside story on the stunty races, by someone who should know: an apothecary!
Wood Elf Strategy Guide, Part 1
by roos
How to win and keep winning with woodies.
Death Bowl
by Renegade
A guide to playing orcs for fun and injury.
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