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 Issue 3 - December 18, 2503
Admin Corner
by Christer
Informing you of the work behind the scenes on the Web site.
FUMBBL Match of the Issue
by NBC Commentator Mully
Coaches Game_avatar and SoftnFluffy go at it with two titanic teams!
Vocal Population
by Trog
Trog interviews a variety of FUMBBLERS.
Uncle Grum's Grudging Grumbles
by Uncle Grum
Words of wisdom and astute advice.

Group/Tournament Reports
Tourney Round Up


GLN info
FUMBBL Logo Competition
How to contribute

Blood Bowl changes again! Special Holiday Issue.
The 2003 BBRC Rules Review
by m0nty
An overview of the new Blood Bowl rules.
The Achiness of Death
by Candlejack
Long live the Undead!
How the review affects your team
by m0nty
A race-by-race inspection of the amended rules.
News & Views
Minotaur Emasculation
by xJx
xJx interviews a minotaur about not being so "horny" any more.
Under the Bowl
by m0nty
A street vendor has his say on what's selling like hotcakes amongst the fans.
Stadium Surprises
by Perry Proudbelly
Reviews of Team Stadiums.
Hobgoblins Always Win!
by Whaletyr
The Secrets of Hobgoblin Psychology Probed
A Gobbos Tale Part 1
by Candlejack
The Start of a Great Career
Team Tactics
Necromantic Maniac
by Ivan the Cow
How to coach a Necromantic Team.

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