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 Issue 4 - January 3, 2504
Admin Corner
by Anonymous Baboon
Happy Birthday FUMBBL!
by Mnemon
A year gone by.
FUMBBL's Spotlight Match
by Korkrest
Coach Korkrest Comments on his FUMBBL Cup II Tournament Match
Group/Tournament Reports
Tourney Round Up

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FUMBBL Logo Competition
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Happy Birthday FUMBBL!
News & Views
Gobbo on Gobbo Action!
by Helmut
Helmut interviews Lupino.
A Halfling Christmas Tale
by freak_in_a_frock
A touching holiday poem.
From Freebooters to Freebasers
by Banana Fish 900
Special Investigative Journalism - a look at performance enhancing drug use in FUMBBL.
Demise of DivX?
by Cusi
Is DivX doomed?
Secret Letters Published!
by Bendrig
A star gutter runner's private lettters sold to the GLN by a fan! Get the dirt on this rat!
Team Tactics
Elf Tactics and Strategy
by Celyn
The art of playing and developing an Elven team.
Caging 101....The Basics
by Zy-Nox
The artistry of the cage.
Making it in the Small Time, Welcome to Stunty Leeg
by Kaz
Tactics, strategy and insight for Stunty Leeg.
Lets Go Crowd Surfing!
by Aequitas'd
Aequitas teaches you how to get your fans more involved in the plays.
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