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 Issue 14 - January 3rd 2512

News & Views
by Calthor
Your new Editor explains the new regime.
Angry Man's Corner
by Purplegoo
Another rant about a topic that only makes the Angry Man(TM) Angry.
Another Opinion On Balance
by PyrionFlax
PyrionFlax sent in this most excellent counterpoint to last edition's Angry Man, that we (with his permission), simply had to publish it.
by Ehlers
A letter reveals a worring state of affairs from the world outside the GLN Office
somewhere 'outside the office' exists? Silence, HERETIC! - ED
A Zombie Remembers
by blocknroll
A zombie recounts his latest death to blocknroll
First and Last?
by Oly1987
The nervous thoughts of one Blood Bowler, recorded by our psykic (with permission, of course), just prior to his first Major tournament game.
Team Tactics
Major Teams, Goblin Style
by Hitonagashi
Hito's cunningly concealed recorders, provide a first glimpse into the 'Coaching, Goblin Style' lecture series
Interview with Some Blokes
by Painstate and Arktoris
B "Clothes Line" James of the Blood Sea Buccaneers and DeMaio of the Hellbound Charioteers discuss team tactics and rivalries in a discrete, composed interview.
League Dominance
by Calthor
An explanation of what a lot of people already know (and a lot more simply don't want to admit).
Painting Pixels 2
by WhatBall
This time, WhatBall gives us a masterclass in zombifying your pixels.
by Calthor
Calthor strings another spread of items into a (vaguely) coherent article.
The Summer of Zero-Nine
by Harvestmouse
Harvestmouse recounts an older time, a better(?) time, a time when zombies had themes and(or) goals!
Group/Tournament Reports
Major Tournament Statistics
by MadTias
MadTias brings you a roundup of the latest Major tournament news, along with a new set of tables of the statistics as they stand.
Severn Wishes
by bghandras
BB7's is back, with the intent of staying.
by harvestmouse
The Southern Wastes League has always been the place for Asian/Aussie Coaches to get their BB kicks, in CRP, not a lot has changed
by Jeffro
An interview with NBFL administrator eisen.
Whiskey Bowl
by Painstate
Whiskey League sells out their sponsors (and prize givers), to advertise here!
The Rookie
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