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Hi all,

First of all. If you have not played Secret League yet, click here and create a team, then use game finder to get games versus other Secret League teams. Note - when naming Secret Leauge teams most people Pre fix the team name with [SL] so they are easy to identify on game finder. e.g. '[SL] Moot Mighties'


So here are the year 3 changes, most of them are very minor, there are a couple of bigger changes though. After this round of changes many of the teams are now Locked, by which I mean there will be no more changes made to this team/race. All teams that are locked have this Icon next to their team name on their team page, Click Here to see an example. There will also be season 3 rationale on each page straight away for teams that have undergone a change. Those that havent changed but have been locked will have a rationale written up in the next week or so. Finally any team that is still not locked yet, and did not under go any changes means they may or may not change in the future, more play testing required.

So here are the changes -

Half Orc: This is the biggest change of any existing team. The roster before was one I did not create, it was a direct translation from 1st edition to 3rd edition rules. It ended up with tackle spam throughout the team and was hated by a large number of people, and I was not a fan either. So I went back and looked at the background and the 1st edition roster and translated it in an accurate way without resorting to tackle spam, and the results are much more interesting.
Click here to go the to Half Orc team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Khorne: Horns has been removed from Khorne Warriors, Khorngors have gone up in price by+10k.
Click hereto go to the Khorne team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Daemons of Nurgle: Nurglings ST and Av reduced by 1 to St1, Av6, and gain the Dodge and Guard skills. GUO swaps Fend for Monstrous Mouth
Click here to go to the DoN team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Daemons of Slaanesh: Greater Daemon moves A access to doubles
Click here to go to the DoS team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Daemons of Tzeentch: I have reduced the number of Pink Horrors from 6 to 4 and reduced the Flamers cost by -10k
Click here to go to the DoT team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Khainite Assassins: +1Av to Shadowblades +10k, -Shadowing from linemen -10k
Click here to go to the Khainite Assassins team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Elementals: Water big guy skill access is changed from SA to S only
Click here to go to the Elementals team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Half Elves: Reduce the number of Blitzers from 4 to 2, but they gain Side Step at +10k
Click here to go to the Half Elves team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Hobgoblins: Khan is changed from 0-1 to 0-2 Blitzers, loses and Leader skill, with appropriate price decrease.
Click here to go to the Hobgoblins team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Kingdom of Ind: Rakshaka price is reduced by -10k
Click here to go to the Kingdom of Ind team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Kurnous: Bear form gains +ag cost increases to 100k. Their Reroll cost is reduced by -10k
Click here to go to the Kurnous team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Nautican: Crabs cost is reduced by -10k.
Click here to go to the Nautican team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Northern Nippon: The Oni is losing M access
Click here to go to the Northern Nippon team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Clan Mors: This is one of the biggest roster changes - The Chainsaw positional is moving to Clan Skryre where it should be. In its place they are getting the elite Mors player the Red Guard, and throwers are being dropped
Click here to go to the Clan Mors team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Clan Skrye: Big changes, removed 1 doom flayer as 2 were too powerful, reduced their MA by 1. I gave them a chainsaw player called Warp Grinder, and a new positional Mech Vermin.
Click here to go to the Clan Skryre team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Snakemen: +Ma to all players other than constrictor, for free.
Click here to go to the Snakemen team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Undead Pirates: Syreens lose Regen, gain +1 MA and Av at the new price 110k
Click here to go to the Undead Pirate team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

Zoats: this is biggest nerf to any team. It will not be to everyone taste and I am sorry if it hits you, however in leagues Zoats as they are currently built are performing far too well and are just unbeatable for some opposition, as a result they have been heavily nerfed. The Zoats lose Break Tackle and G access, with a price decrease of -10k. Their RRs increase in cost by 10k. Having tested this nerf a lot I can assure you the team is still very good even after these nerfs, they just require more though to play with now and you need to be more cautious.
Click here to go to the Zoat team page, scroll to the bottom to read the rationale for year 3 changes

That's all folks. There wont be a list of changes this long again, most of the rosters are locked now or very close to being locked.

Also there are a few more teams/races coming soon, we are just ironing out the creases, doing the icons and art work and so on.

P.S. it is very likely I have made a mistake somewhere as this stuff takes SOOOOOOO long to do. so PM me if you spot anything. Also stat changes to existing players are not shown on pre existing teams, until the client loads at which point you will see the stat changes.

P.P.S Remember - when roster changes are made sometimes they do not appear to have taken effect on FUMBBL's side, however when the client loads their new stat line will be correct in game.
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Posted by deyempe on 2018-10-30 19:24:25
Great stuff Garion! Its been awesome seeing the SL grow from the days before custom rosters ect. The new teams look alot of fun. I haven't personally played alot of SL but what i have I have enjoyed =) ..Been brushing up on my overall (and still mediocre) bb skill n tact, perhaps now I am marginally better @ coaching I will make a point to play more of them in open format as i am not reliable XD

Good work dude, keep it up!
Posted by ArthurWynne on 2018-10-31 00:39:24
Great work indeed, thank you so much for putting so much work into this project and making and tuning so many rosters for us to enjoy!

I have one question though - isn't it a bit premature to lock many teams (like Demons of Slaanesh, Ignimbrite etc) in the same season you make changes to them? Shouldn't you only lock teams that have been "stable" for at least one year?
Posted by Kondor on 2018-10-31 06:33:50
What does the Monstrous Mouth skill do?
Posted by LemonheadWallenstein on 2018-10-31 07:33:48
That hobgoblin change is useless in my opinion. What am i going to do with 2 blitzers???? What still doesn’t make sense to me is why the slavers, a team that doesn’t make much sense fluff or otherwise, would have more knives than the real hobgoblins
Posted by Garion on 2018-10-31 09:53:18
@ arthurwynne - those 2 changes are tiny and i am confident enough those teams you mention need no further adjustment. But on the whole i have not locked teams in which changes were made.

@kondor- Mouth allows your player to re-roll catch rolls, and it means strip ball does not work against them. The skill represents a giant maw in the creatures stomach, as you find on most nurgle daemons.

@wallenstein - Not sure where you are coming from here tbh. A bunch of hobgoblin players were celebrating this change yesterday on discord. Blitzers are very useful. You get an extra block and S access player, they are cheaper than the Khan was and an extra point of av, prior to this change the Khan didn't fit for me, hobgoblin are anything but organised so to have a central figure with a skill helping them be organised seemed off. Also the change was made for the reasons i mention on the hobgoblin page, around making the roster more BB centric/losing a bit of it warhammer'y' feel. As for slavers they do make sense fluff wise, it is central to hobgoblin background that they enslaved trolls and black orcs. But if you just mean you want more sneaky gits in the normal roster then that's not a fluff issue it's to do with the number of positionals in one team. Maybe I should have only given the slavers 0-2 sneaky gits as well for symmetry however the roster is more interesting with 4.
Posted by LemonheadWallenstein on 2018-10-31 10:29:12
Hobgoblins are all about fouls and knives and bad players it makes no sense having elite bloodbowl players with av8.
It would have been better removing the khan altogether than adding those 2 blitzers. I don’t mind 2 or 4 but it should be the roster having the roster with the most stabs.
The chaos dwarves are the slavers not the hobgobs. This hobgob slaver is so bland and boring so much so that you had
give it 4’stabs to make it interesting, very telling
Posted by Garion on 2018-10-31 11:10:05
It sounds to me like you just want 4 Sneaky Gits in the Hobgoblin roster, which is your opinion and thats fine, but I wanted this team to resemble/represent Hobgoblins background in Blood Bowl. As per the Blood Bowl fluff. Hobgoblins were made up of runners and blitzers, pretty standard bloodbowl sort of build, and as you say has a lot of fluff around fouling, and cheating, which I believe is well represented in having 2x Sneaky Gits, and 4 x Dirty Players. I understand its not exactly what YOU want. But it is still a very accurate representation of what a hobgoblin Bloodbowl team would look like based on its background.

The slavers roster is more thematically based around Chaos Dwarf and Hobgoblin warhammer background.

Chaos Dwarves are slavers too as you say. However your background knowledge is a bit off here. At one time Hobgoblins were slaves as well as Black Orcs. There was a big war in which they earned their freedom, after which they assumed the roles as slavers, the Chaos Dwarves were still in charge of the lands and ultimately the masters, but the Hobgoblins were slavers. This is corner stone of Chaos dwarf and hobgoblin background, and based around one of the biggest events in their history.

As for the roster being boring. I disagree. I personally think slavers are similar in some ways to Orcs, slightly more mobile, but weaker, less reliable blocking, but they have a stab option.
Posted by Garion on 2018-10-31 11:19:17

quote 'Perhaps the most distrusted, vicious and above all treacherous of Goblin kind, the Chaos Dwarfs seldom reduce the Hobgoblins to base toil but rather employ them as slave-overseers'
Posted by Kondor on 2018-10-31 11:29:03
Thanks Garion - I suggest that you put an explanation of Monstrous Mouth on the Daemons of Nurgle page. The best fit is probably as a bullet point under the one where you explain that players killed by Nurgle Rot come back as Nurglings.
Posted by Garion on 2018-10-31 11:30:36
its part of the official rules. Its not something specific to fumbbl or secret league
Posted by AutoAxpert on 2018-10-31 12:07:41
@Kondor - Monstrous Mouth is a skill in BB2016, although I think it's only accessible via a star player (Guffle Pussmaw)
Posted by doomspider on 2018-10-31 13:03:15
Wonderful stuff! Good work - SL is the most interesting thing happening in BB. It's even spreading to the real world now and I currently play Strigoi and Black Dwarfs on TT. Btw. - the new chaos toad star player also has the 'Monstrous Mouth' skill as well. Fitting to add it to the DoN-roster
Posted by MattDakka on 2018-10-31 14:03:52
Any chance that in the future a Gladiator/Pit Fighter team from Tilea will be added?
Posted by Garion on 2018-10-31 14:10:38
possibly a star player