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DLE - Local hero dies as Vikings causes first loss of the season to our home team
The match is over, and the result is Cascade 0 to Vikings 2. Cascade has taken its first loss of the season against their nemesis, the Vikings from Kislev. What has the crowd stunned, however, is not the loss in itself, but the end of Nicola Krukenberg, a local hero of the team. She was plowed into the concrete by a white-hot Keenan Robinson at the end of the second half, and never rose again. After two minutes of silence, the home crowd made an impromptu rendering of “Goodbye Nicky, you’re leaving for a better place!”. You have some of her team-mates down on the field, Hertha. What do they say?

Hertha: “That’s right. I have Anders Hoffman and Dietmar Althoff with me here tonight! Anders, another humiliating home loss to the Vikings. What do you say to that?”

Anders: (Grins widely) “Believe it or not, we love playing the Vikings! These matches are always exciting, and together we show our fans how real blood bowl is played!” He hesitates. “I honestly believe that if you are a true fan, you can’t love a Blood Bowl match with more TDs than casualties. Last match, we only made 2 casualties, and the Wolfskins none, but we won the match 3 vs 2. Tell me then, would you rather watch such games, or this one? This one had everything, nice TDs, kills, perms, casualties galore, a failed GFI that turned into a casualty, failed passes, completions, you name it. Maybe we lacked an interception, but otherwise…”

Günther: “But you loose again to the Vikings. Is it going to become a habit?”

Anders: (Laughs) “Certainly not. Actually, I think we did much better this time. Last time, we lost 5-1 in casualties, this time it was 6-3. In TD’s, we reduced 1-4 to 0-2, and if TJ hadn’t stumbled in his own feet and hurt himself in the fall, we would have had a good chance at a draw. And I have to add, Keenan was brilliant today. A fantastic player. Four casualties, and a good game otherwise as well. The only problem was that he wasn’t wearing crimson and green!”

Dietmar: “I have to attest to that. Keenan was the difference today. We quickly realized he was hot today, and Manfred and me tried to put him Down in the second half. We actually had him down on the concrete floor a couple of times, but couldn’t keep him there, and in the end, he got to both Manfred (Niggled) and poor Nicola (killed)!”

Hertha: “About Nicola. What do you think about this loss?”

Anders: “Well… If you ask if it is OK to loose the League leader in TD’s, I think you know the answer.” He hesitates. “She was a local kid as well, so I suppose the fans take it harder than us.” He shrugs.

Dietmar: “We are professionals though, so we all know the danger, and Nicola went down doing what she loved in this world. Is there a better way for a dedicated player to go?”

Anders: “Also, we know that when one star is snuffed out, that gives space for new stars to grow and shine. That’s what will happen now, I’m sure”

Hertha: “But with Adams killed in the first round, and Nicola now, you are getting short of catching talent, isn’t that right?

Anders: “That’s right.” He grins. “I have heard that the coach is bringing in a feisty rookie from his Norse hometown, though. We will see what she can do!”

Günther: “Vikings took a big chunk out of your lead today, and now you have to meet the Buccaneers, arguably the best team in the conference, without two key blitzers. Will you stand a chance in that game?”

Anders: “There is always a chance. We had a bit of bad luck in this game, and Dietmar here…” He elbows the grimfaced man beside him “… never got fired up like he has been in the latter games. We’ll see a different match next round, I’m sure. And hopefully we will be the ones winning 6-3 in casualties. I promise you it will be a seeworthy game, even though Brionne has lousy weather!”

Günther: “I sure can attest to that. And we will be following you there, and hopefully, so will the fans!”

Hertha: “A last question, Anders! There were only 12000 home fans present today. You were actually outnumbered by Vikings fans. Do you have an explanation for that?”

Anders: “It’s a mystery. You would think that we had shown enough fireworks in the first three matches to make people come and watch. Perhaps it was the Madame Flummery’s Rose Exhibition that stole our fans. I heard they had a good attendance…”.

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung
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Posted by Danish_Dan on 2017-02-06 12:41:15
Give those Suckaneers a good kicking from us. SI's or deaths will be greatly appreciated, and we'll try to do the same to the bruisers :-)
Posted by spelledaren on 2017-02-06 18:05:23
Love the write-ups. A lesser man (or team) might have gone the grudge route here, but we can only feel respect for the love of the game that wins through here.

Our #1 draft delivered on our expectations today, and we hope Keenan will keep showing the way to another conference victory.

See all of you on the pitch.