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DLE – Crimson Cascade defends themselves to 2 pointer
It took until week 7 for the Crimson shirts to post their first victory, but in tonight’s homematch against the Manticores, it was finally our heroes’ turn to lift their arms in triumph. Granted, it was against a Manticore team that at 1-1-4 has been having trouble of its own, but a victory is a victory. Let us turn to our reporters down in the “Pool” and listen to what the players have to say!

Hertha: “We are here tonight with no less than three Crimson shirts!” She looks at a big blitzer, a lanky catcher and our favourite blond-haired quarterback. “Inga, you have brought some new people to talk to us tonight. Can you present them?”

Inga: “Sure. Here, to my left is Robert Turbin.” She points to the big blitzer. “Except for Anders, TJ and myself, he is the only one who has been with us since the start.” She then points to the lanky catcher. “And this is Cody. He came to us from the Bucs as part of the ogre swap, and is the CCC player with most time on the field this season after Janine and myself. I brought these two because they are key players in our defense, and this was a defense win for sure.”

Günther: “Robert, you got one casualty tonight, your first this season. Feels good?”

Robert: “Excellent. We have struggled to produce casualties this season, except for Janine, so this felt really good.” His grin is as wide as can be.

Günther: “And you even got to run the ball?”

Robert: “Yeah. After the blitz and the sack of Cat, the ball ended in my hands, and I ran through the hole and gunned for the goal line. Got boxed in pretty quick though, and had to hand it back to Cat again. What was it? Four?”

Günther: “That’s right. And added to the seven you already had, you are now on par with Cody there. And on a shared fourth in the squad in running units after Catharina and the two quarterbacks.” They both grin.

Günther: “And defense was excellent today?”

Robert: “Thank you for your kind words. Yeah, we ran them down to our right sideline after we scored, and they were finally forced to try dodging past our wingman Cody, who tripped hteir ballcarrier, and that was that. In the second half, we made some crucial cas removals, and Rottman took out two players on fouls, so we quickly came ahead in numbers, and they simply were not enough players to cover the ball. We could even have scored ourselves, if Rottman had not been so hung up in fouling Waterfield.”

Hertha: “Cody, are you never afraid when you are out there among all those big, hulking guys?”

Cody: “Nah. When you are out there on the field you are so busy with pushing here, showing there, holding this and grabbing at that, so you never think about it. And the worst hits usually comes from behind or the side, so you don’t see it before it happens.”

Hertha: “And you were right in the middle of it as usual. You must have a lot of bruises after a match?”

Cody: (laughs) “That’s right, maam! More purple and blue than skin-coloured, that’s for sure.”

Hertha: “So why do you all go through so much trouble and hurt every weekend? What is the fascination?”

Cody: “It’s… I don’t know… how to describe it. It’s like you are one hundred percent alive… You are there, adrenaline is pumping, everything is happening at the same time and you still feel sort of in control. Like you can sort things out and help and be an asset to the others. And there is also the feeling that this is something you can do, that not too many others can.”

Robert: “It has that ego-boosting effect, yes! Like you feel on top of the world!”

Günther: “Inga. One victory doubles the points you have and brings you up some notches, but will it last? Have triple C started their climb for this season? How do you see the next two matches?”

Inga: “I feel that we have improved lately. We could easily have drawn two weeks ago against the Wolfskins, and managed a draw last round against the Grizzlies, and then this win against the Manticores. The Legion should also be possible to beat, which we would not have believed at the start of the season. However, with their demise and the restructuring, they are on level with us. Next game is a big headache, though. The Greenskins are the most dangerous team on the field this season, and we are the team who has taken the most hits, although thankfully not so many fatal ones. So just staying alive in the carnage that match will be is going to be very difficult, and then to go on to think about winning the game… Sheesh… But we are not giving up. Coach Vatn can sometimes pull miracles out of a hat, and we will certainly fight as long as there is breath in us!”

Hertha: "So with those words on the future games, we end this interview and let the players celebrate. Rumours have it, they will be at the Smoking Eel tavern tonight together with the Saints team, so go there and meet your favourites. We will be leaving for Grenzburg and the next match there! See you at the border!"

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung
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Posted by spelledaren on 2017-09-14 10:49:11
Great interview.
Posted by Meanandugl on 2017-09-14 12:03:10
Posted by bghandras on 2017-09-14 12:49:33
On to round10!
Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-09-14 13:07:56
always a nice read!