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DLE - CCC leaves Marieburg without points...

Another away game lost tonight, but a beleaguered CCC team playing 500+ tv uphill battle against the home team Foxes acquitted themselves, and even had a chance to draw the game. The game will be remembered for the surprising way in which the crimson shirts prevented the second Foxes TD at the end of the second half. We turn to our reporters who have some of the hardfighting CCC heroes down on the field. Isn’t that right, Hertha?
Hertha: “That’s right. We first want you all to meet the league’s youngest and shortest player, Freija Gudrødsdottir!” Hertha turns to an annoyed young woman who hardly reaches her to the shoulders and has just let her blonde hair free from the helmet and the topknot she uses for matches. “She is only 149 cm, but she is full of energy and…” Hertha is abruptly interrupted by the youngster.

Freija: “Hey, Lady! What kin of an interview is this? You’re supposed to talk about how great a player I am, not gaggle about me height!” Freija’s heavily Norse-accented language is hard to follow, but Günther still has a hard time not laughing.

Hertha: Looks annoyed, but smiles widely. “Sure. Tell us about how you prevented the second Foxes TD tonight. That was moves that the fans loved!”

Freija: Somewhat mollified, the youngster explains: “Well… it’s me and Allen an’ the Foxes has the ball safely behind a screen down by our goal line, while we are fightin’ to get behind the screen and at the ball. And then Allen screams to me: “They fumbled the handover, let’s get the ball!”, and then we ran. Allen first, and he manages to smash down and stun that long-haired crow guy*, and then comes me and ah snag the ball right in front of their new blitzer, pulls away and passes over Fulton’s head to Bernd who can pedal for the Foxes goalline**.” She has to draw her breath and Hertha gets back into the interview.

Hertha: “And the crowd loves that kind of stunts for sure. They all cheered, even some of the Marienburgers in red and white. What happened afterward, Freija?”

Freija: (shrugs). “Well, that oaf Fulton seemed angry, ‘cause he came running at me and almost trampled me into tha’ field. Tha’s one big brute of a man. But Allen stood against Granger’s block and got him down instead, but tha’ ended the game and Bernd never reached the Foxes goalline.”

Hertha: “So, how do you like to wear your crimson shirt?”

Freija: “It’s great! Jus’ staying alive on thar field is a challenge. Not somethin’ ye can do f’rever, but ah sure enjoy it as long as it lasts!”

Günther comes into view with another player, this time a tall, lean and hard-muscled woman. She high-fives with the younger woman who grins and runs back to the rest of the players who stretches out behind.

Günther: “And here we have the new team captain, Nadja Kümmel!”

Hertha: “Hi, Nadja!” the two women shake hands. “You got to be team captain when Latimer retired after last week’s matches. Congratulations!” Nadja nods acceptance. “Tell us, what does a team captain do, Nadja?”

Nadja: “Most of the work is off-field. As captain I’m the link between the coach and the players. So I talk with them and solve minor problems for Inga. And then of course, I need to get to know the players so that I can know what makes them tick and make sure they stay motivated and eager to prove themselves.”

Günther: “This was not a good game statistically for you, Nadja. I noted only two blocks…”

Nadja: (smiles) “ I know. A little too occupied with how everyone else plays and not focused enough on my own game. Will adjust myself till next match, for sure. And have a chat with Cody.”

Günther: “So he’s still around for the team?”

Nadja: “For sure. When he retired, he had more matches than the rest of the team together! That’s a lot of experience, and we would be fools not to draw on that knowledge.”

Hertha: “And here is coach Inga!” Inga Dedekind comes up to the two journalists and Nadja.

Günther: “Inga, what do you think about the first four games? 3 points only… Is the team where they need to be?”

Coach Inga: (shrugs) “Well. I had hoped for a draw against Manticores, but hadn’t expected a point against the Wolfskins, so I guess we are on schedule so far… for 9 points this season, that is! It seems like we will do it at home this season”

Günther: “And what do you expect from next home game against the Vikings? You are 2-1-5 so far against them.”

Inga: (smiles) “Yeah. Well, we do not expect to win against the Vikings, but it would be a pleasant surprise if we could get a draw. We’ll do our best, and then we will see.”

Hertha: “And if you want to see how this match goes, be in the “Pool” on the coming Saturday. We will be there!”

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung.

*2 GFI’s, then double POW and 10 and 3 on injury
** First makes three 2+ dodges to get around Fulton, then a 3+ pick up, a 2+/2+ GFI/dodge and then a 4+ long pass to Kippenberger which Fulton fails to intercept and Kippenberger catches (2+).

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Posted by datom on 2018-09-03 17:28:28
CCC may lose the odd game, but the trail of blood they leave behind them ensures they are always memorable.