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DLE - Pre-Season 4 meeting with Cascade...
DLE – Pre-season 4 Meeting with Cascade...

Hertha: “We have been through an exciting draft, and Season 4 started last night as Unicorns beat the Griffins. Günther and I have taken the trip downtown to the Pool and are now at the Crimson Cascade cafeteria. While Günther is off quarreling with Giselbert, Cascade’s halfling cafeteria manager, I have been joined by a trio in Cascade training gear.” (Beside her is star quarterback Anders Hoffman, coach Vatn and newly drafted lineman Adrian Nijnhuis) “So, Anders, you are just back from the ProBowl. What kind of experience is that?”

Anders: “It’s kind of special, for two reasons. Firstly, you are there because other coaches believe in you and your capabilities. That makes any appearance there a special feeling. Secondly, you are not playing with your usual team, but with players who are usually on the other team. Because of that, I think the ProBowl is a great place to develop a feeling for the sport. It’s where you meet the greatest stars. A place in the SuperBowl is the best thing a team can achieve, but doing a nice appearance in the ProBowl should be the highest aspiration for a player!”

Hertha: “This was your second appearance in the ProBowl, and this time you even scored the winning TD. How does that feel?”

Anders: (grins) “Great, of course. Especially since we were down two to nothing midways in the second half. But we never lost our faith. Instead we struck back and scored a one-turner where I seriously injured Brandon Taylor to free up Cotchery. Then we blitzed and scored another TD to take the game into overtime, where I could take the ball all the way. Fantastic to stand there with the winning TD, knowing that SHC took the trophy for the third time in a row. Out of three possible!”

Hertha: “And how do you think you will do in the coming season?”

Anders: “You know, last year we gathered exactly the 20 points coach said we should get.” He puts his arm around coach’s shoulders… “And that got us into the play-offs. This, year, it will be even harder. Most teams have improved though, and are stronger and more agile than ours. I see we are rated at #22 in team value, and only third in our division. It will be hard to repeat last season’s performance, but we will have a lot of fun aiming for it!”

Hertha: “Right. And here comes Günther, but without any hot dog… I suspected Giselbert saw hot dogs as far beneath his dignity to provide, and it seems I was proven right. Günther, where is the hot dog?” (She smiles insincerely)

Günther: (grumbles) “He said they were fresh out of dogs. I suspect he is often found wanting though. Anyway, I see you have gathered some friends here. Coach Vatn, what do YOU think of the Cascade’s chances?”

Vatn: “the board and I have analysed and frankly, we are at a loss in guessing our chances. DLE has developed fast, and our team is not what it should have been. We lack strength in our blitzers and linemen, and agility in our catchers. Even if we can keep attrition down and keep our key players going, it will be a tough season.”

Hertha: “Which means…?”

Vatn: (shrugs) “I simply cannot promise anything. At best, a wild card spot is possible, but then we would need to get maximum out of our players when we play the best, and no slip-ups against the less potent teams. But we could easily end up last in our division and no better than our rating (#22) in the totals.”

Günther: “So who will win he division?”

Vatn: “I believe the Vikings will win this year as well, again barring critical loss of personnel. They have a very canny coach, and even though the team looks a bit damaged, there is real strength and fresh talent. But the Wolfskins will be breathing down their necks, ready to take the place if the Vikings fail. Cascade will probably have to fight it out with the Grizzlies for third place, and I’m not sure we will manage.”

Hertha: “Are you saying we will not see many Cascade victories this season?”

Vatn: (shrugs again). “It may very well be so, although we will of course fight tooth-and-nails for every point. I expect this year to be one of building, though. I estimate about 16 Points and thus a 0.500 season.”

Günther. “What about the draft? Did you get the players you wanted?”

Vatn: “Yes and no. I needed an AG4 catcher, but they went rather quickly and I needed a good blitzer more. Also, the draft of the first Ogre was a rookie mistake. Otherwise, I got my Guards and my Sidesteppers, and a catcher and ST ogre on the cheap. Can’t believe my pick #138 brought me Benjamin Groth! With three SideSteppers I think we can avoid any one-turner except against teams with a natural one-turner. We are low in TV, but many of the teams are bloated so we believe we will be fine as long as we keep our key players. And except for a few key players, we can take attrition better than most other teams.”

Hertha: “Our third guest is one of the new Crimson shirts. Welcome to you, Adriaan.” The Marienburger is tall and strongly built with a mane of long, dark hair. “Are you excited to be a Cascade player?”

Adriaan: “Yup. I knew TJ back in Marienburg when we were playing junior tag, and he has been saying a lot of nice things about the team here, so this is like a dream for me!”

Günther: “And what role will Adriaan play, Vatn?”

Vatn: “On defense he is a key player, who can help us hold a line with his guard skill and avoid the killer blitzers and keep positions even when tackled with his Fend skill. On the offense, his Guard skill can support the blitzers and help guard the ballcarrier. It will be hard work, since we expect a lot!”

Hertha: “You feel up to that, Adriaan?”

Adriaan: (Smiles) “Of course! I’m here to play and it’s nice to hear that I will be important both on the offense and defense!”

Hertha: “And with those words we look forward to season start against the White Wolves in their new home in Kislev! Be there!”

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung
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Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-07-06 20:30:12
Hotdogs? Why not skinks on a stick? ;)
Posted by spelledaren on 2017-07-07 00:47:07
We're looking forward to a very exciting season, Cascade games are always among the best.
Posted by bghandras on 2017-07-07 06:53:18
This will be the first season when my team can meet Cascade. Looking forward to it!