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DLE - Crimson Cascade resurgent!
It’s 1-1 on the scoreboard here in Wolfenburg and this exciting week 13 game is over! Our heroes in crimson have pulled off a draw against the league leader! And that on their home turf! We go down to our reporters who have some of the players there ready to answer their questions.

On the field, Günther and Hertha have been joined by three players in crimson. They turn to the blonde in the middle, CCC quarterback Inga Dedekind.

Hertha: “Inga, a draw against the Wolfskins, the current league leaders. That must be an achievement for sure!”

Inga: (somewhat reserved) “If you had asked me before the game, I would have been happy to have a draw here in Wolfenburg. And to have escaped with no permanent damage to the team as well. Now, I can’t drop the feeling that this is a game we should actually have won!”

Hertha: (a bit surprised) “How is that?”

Inga: (shrugs) “Well, it’s like this. We start with the ball, but our quarterback is a bit inexperienced and Cat is dreaming as usual, undoubtedly about the glory when she scores. So none of them catches the fact that Sean is playing brilliantly on the Wolfskins right flank, eliminating the flank guard Turbin (badly hurt) and then dodges away from Dennis to tackle Cat and send her off too (badly hurt). This pops the ball loose. Of course, Janine has to be called in to take care of Sean which she does (SI with a pinched nerve), but our game is off and our primary ballcarriers (Cat and Turbin) are both out for the game. And the ‘Skins play aggressively and packs their players around the ball as well as they can, and they almost score. Well done, and they can thank Sean’s sacrifice for that. It's the kind of situation where you watch from the sideline, gnashing your teeth in frustration!”

Inga: “In the second half, we can’t prevent their score, but we systematically eliminate them one by one and manages the score in the end. Even though it is barely, ‘cause they know for sure how to defend themselves!”

Günther: “And we have the Crimson Cascade goalgetter with us tonight!” He turns to the darkhaired player beside Inga, the kicker Erwin Grompfel. “Not often we get to meet you, Erwin! Have you ever scored a touchdown before?”

Erwin: (grins widely) “No, sir. Did some as a college player, but not in my professional career.”

Hertha: “Why don’t you tell us about this big moment?”

Erwin: “Sure. It’s the end of the second half, and Inga is desperately pressing for the score that will give us the draw. Most of the players are over at our left side, and I run over to block Michail and sends him off KO’d. Inga shouts that I need to remain in midfield within scoring range as she runs off with the ball to try to push through on the flank. That doesn’t work, though because the ‘Skins pull all their remaining players away from contact to defend the goal line. Luckily, I’m so far towards midfield that I alone can manage to outflank the ‘Skins defense, and Inga here… “ he slaps her shoulder ”… is an experienced quarterback with a good feel for the game so she pulls back in time and runs over to hand the ball to me, and all I have to do is run like crazy for the goalline before Sheldon can move sideways to cover my approach. And tada, a touchdown! My first, and probably it will be another couple of seasons until I score another!”

Hertha: “Nice work! And then we have another player who will become a hero after tonight!” She turns to the player on the other side of Inga, a brawny man with long, wildly flapping hair. It’s Randy Bullocks, a mid-season acquisition who has dirty player skills. “Randy, we hear you are now leaving for Middenheim. Why is that?”

Randy: “Gotta pick up da reward, ya know!”

Hertha: “And for what?”

Randy: “Ah got ta be the wun ‘o kicked that Sofitsis to kingdom come. An’ Middenheim’s coach offered da reward on ‘is ‘ead, being as it was ‘e that pushed Snowflake Floyd into the stands and got ‘im torn ta pieces. So as now ah need ta get ta Middenheim ta collect it!”

Günther: “You just came to the team from the Grizzlies. How do you like it in Carroburg?”

Randy: “Cozy as ‘ome. An’ ah got ta kick anyone lying around, and ah’m doing a good job of it, too! Only ah’m still a bit too easy ta spot by them ref’s. Need ta improve mah game da’re!”

Günther: “Inga, after an abysmal start of the season and a 0-1-4 record in the first five games, the Cascade have taken home 9 points in the last five matches. What’s the reason for this change?”

Inga: (grins) “We have gotten better! And more important, we have kept our players throughout the season. Only one serious loss, and that was Ballard, who got a career-ending injury just as he was about to advance his skill level. And they have improved as individuals and we have improved our game as well. And of course, the infamous Hoffman trade has proven to be a smart move by the coach, as it has given us a big guy that is actually useful, and an excellent lino in Derek Wolfe.”

Günther: “So what will happen in the last three games, Inga?”

Inga: (shrugs) “Game plan is still to go for team preservation and improvement. Patriots will be a big headache. That’s one huge fighting machine grinding down on you until you are squeezed dry. If you try to stay away from them, they’ll use Mack and Winston to target and take out individual players and when they have numerical superiority, they go for the kill. If you go toe-to-toe against them, they will kill you all the faster… and they have the strength to do it. We’ll talk it over with the coach and see what we can come up with. Maybe if we are super lucky… If we survive that ordeal in fairly good order, I think we can beat the Classics, but they are one of the biggest foulers in the league, so it is unlikely to happen without more casualties. And finally, we have the Vikings, who have killed more CCC players than most other teams together…” Inga sighs audibly. “So, ask me at the end of the season, if I’m still alive!”

Günther: “Just a small reminder, Inga. When we spoke at mid-season, you said that 12-13 points was likely, and not the 16 you promised at the start of the season. How do you look at that now, seeing as you are already at 13?”

Inga: (smiles) “We’ll fight it out with the Patriots, and if we survive that, I think we can get you those 16 points. If not, I’ll probably have hit the nail by promising 13!”

Hertha: “And with those words, we leave the players here. But stay tuned, as the next match is possibly the toughest one in the history of the Crimson Cascade, as they face the Patriots in the Pool. Be there, or be damned forever!”

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung.

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Posted by spelledaren on 2017-11-15 17:49:57
This was one of the best reports yet.
Posted by bghandras on 2017-11-15 18:45:08
Agree. The press has got new skills recently at 31 and 51 spps. :)
Posted by Meanandugl on 2017-11-15 19:19:07
Thumbs up!