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2019-04-26 20:42:50
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DLE: CCC eclipses Wolfskins to reach 0.500 in first game after midseason!
DLE: CCC eclipses Wolfskins to reach 0.500 in first game after midseason.
The Wolf Den in Wolfenurg is not among the largest and most impressive stadiums in DLE, but it is perhaps one of the coziest. Situated in natural surroundings where the edge of the town meets the great forest, The Wolf Den is a heavy timber structure. It’s most peculiar feature is that a section of the easternmost shortside stands is open to the forest. The owners would tell you that this is so that the wolves from the great forest can come and watch the game if they want, but insistent rumours abound that implies the reason was that the stadium owners ran out of money at one point in time, and stopped the project before it was finished, and that this was later turned from a bug to a feature by the media. Be that as it may, the Wolf Den was filled to the brim tonight as a struggling Wolfskins team tried their best to handle the visitors from Carroburg. Unfortunately, their best was only barely, but not quite, enough. Our reporters are down on the field with some of the triumphant crimson shirts. What can you report, Hertha?
Hertha stands there with a tall, well-built blonde woman and a darkhaired male. Hertha turns to the woman first.

Hertha: “You seemed to have everything under control tonight, Inga?”

Inga: (somewhat uncomfortable) “Wolfskins are in a rebuilding mode, and on top of that they have lost some key players this season, particularly team captain Olivier Vernon. Thus, if there was one match I was pretty certain we would win in this half of the season, it was this one. But they made us work for it, particularly in the first half.”

Hertha: “So what where the main factors behind tonight's victory?”

Inga: “After ignominous efforts the last seven matches, Lexer and Goode was back in form tonight. And with two KO’s by Lexer, and 3 casualties and 2 KO’s by Goode, they had 7 removals between them. Few teams in the league can take that and still stand, and Wolfskins, playing 210tv uphill and fielding only 14 players due to injuries, certainly could not.”

Günther: “So this victory brings triple C to 10 points and up to the point five hundred mark and a 17th place overall. Avalanche holds the play-off spot with 12 points. Do you think that’s possible, Inga?”

Inga shakes her head. “Nope. At the start of the season, I said we would end up at 12 points, perhaps 13, or even 14 if we were lucky. Even that would be excellent for the team that started out as 31th in tw before the season.” She grins at the reporters. “I predicted 2 points in the SoS-games, which we got. I predicted four points against divisional opponents, which we have also got, and I predicted three points against the KFCE teams, and we got four because of a lucky win against the Knights, who had certainly deserved a draw.” She grins even wider. “Not bad, eh? And then I predicted the final three points to come off the matches against the SHCE teams. Seeing their development though, and particularly the success that the Legion has had, I doubt we can make three points against them. Perhaps two… And then perhaps a draw against the Grizzlies or Vikings. Which gives us 13… And no chance for that being enough for the play-offs.” She shrugs. “Of course, Blood Bowl being Blood Bowl, insane luck has been known to happen from time to time…”

Günther nods. “So what are your goals for the remaining matches?”

Inga: “We will definitely try to win the matches, and if not, at least create as much havoc as we can. And we aim to develop further our players, and hope to keep the nine core players; Najee, Berndt, Nadja, Bernie, Orvar, Lexer, Wanja, Derek and Tatyana.”

Hertha: “And then you have brought the new axquisition?”

Inga: “Yes. This is Bernie Kosar, our new lead quarterback!”

Hertha: (to Bernie) “Welcome to the crimson shirts, Bernie! You were drafted at the start of draft 6, and have already played for Eagles and Marauders before joining the crimson shirts in midseason. Have you gotten a feel for the team yet?”

Bernie: “I guess I’m coming along nicely. I felt a bit burdened with a lot of responsibility in Los Cabos and in Remas. I developed quickly (76 spp in 24 games) that way, but here it is a bit more leisurely. The playing style here puts more emphasis on removal and the pressure is on the heavy hitters, not me. I hope to offer some more options to Inga though, so that CCC can vary its offense more. For that, I would need a target to pass to, though. Currently, only Nadja and Berndt are reasonable targets, but they are often occupied in the battle line…”

Günther: “And what ambitions do you bring to the club?”

Bernie: (laughs) “Well, I want to be part of something big, and CCC is a better team right now than Marauders and Eagles. Not in a position to go to play-offs this season, but Inga has promised me that a target catcher is the top priority of CCC before next season. Until then, she will make sure Berndt or Nadja will always be available to receive a pass.”

Hertha: (to Inga) “Can you confirm that, boss?”

Inga: “I most certainly can. Getting an agile catcher to CCC is the only priority right now. Unless we lose key players, that is actually the only must to have a champion team we can believe in. Everything else we need, we can develop from the players we have.”

Hertha: “Right. So come to the Pool next week for the home match against the Vikings. We can promise blood, we can promise goals and we can promise excitement!”

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung
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Posted by spelledaren on 2019-04-27 08:33:56
Excellent read, and yes, that was some very good predictions. I wagered Cascade at 15+ points at season start, don't let us down now!

I expected 8 points for ourselves from the second part of the season, Cascade is thinking 5 for themselves? Yeah, that's not going to be enough... need some upsets! But only 3 from the remaining six games - surely they can do better.
Posted by bghandras on 2019-04-27 10:01:10
I think CCC is too pessimistic about their current season after all that trading. Not saying they will make playoffs, but i think they will be at least 50% after regular season.
Posted by spelledaren on 2019-04-27 16:36:11
Well, below .500 again!