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DLE - SHC Play off race Season 6
Hertha: “So, that was the KFC. What about the SHC, Günther?”

Günther: “Right. Let’s start right away. SHC North still has two contenders for the divisional title, but it’s a long way forward for the Vikings to get passed the Grizzlies. Grizzlies have 21 points and Vikings 15 with 4 matches each to go, the first one being the crucial week 12 game between the two.”

Hertha: “Yes. And then both teams have CCC and Avalanche left. For the fourth match Vikings have Bucs and Grizzlies have Bruisers. I simply cannot see any way in which the Vikings can manage to win the divisional title, Günther?”

Günther: (shrugs). “Me neither. Grizzlies will beat the CCC for sure, and manage at least a draw against the Avalanche and the Bruisers. And frankly, I don’t think the Vikings can beat them either. They managed a draw earlier in the season, but that was when they still had Floyd and Hill, and the CCC had made sure the Grizzlies were short two ST4 players and legendary blitzer Jace Amaro. So, no, Grizzlies wins against Vikings and CCC and manages two more points against Bruisers and Avalanche for a total of 27 points. Vikings manages a win against the CCC, a draw against the Bucs and lose versus Avalanche and Grizzlies. That means 18 points only.”

Hertha: “Yeah. It’s so nice to see Grizzlies rise. They have been steadily improving throughout the season and now they finally make the step up to the play-offs! And they are the only team besides White Wolves not to have lost a match this Season!”

Günther: “Yep. If we turn to the SHC East, the situation is quite similar. Rangers currently have the lead with 18 points and 4 more matches, with Greenskins trailing with 16 points and four more matches. Here Legion has a theoretical chance as well, since they have 13 points and three more matches, so they can reach 19 points.”

Hertha: “And just like in the North division, the upcoming week 12 match is between Rangers and Greenskins. Exciting stuff. After that Greenskins meet Legion and Rangers meet White Wolves, and then they both meet Sharks and Knights. We think that both teams will beat Sharks and Knights, and we think Rangers can be beat by the White Wolves. Thus, Greenskins has it all in their hands. If they can beat the Rangers in week 12, we think they will manage the title as well. If they lose, it will be the Rangers”.

Günther: “Yes. And for once, we do not have a solid prediction. Any team could win, and it could easily be a draw. Greenskins won earlier this season, so maybe they can repeat that, but then Rangers were short two players, fouler Guerrero and guard lineman Fisher. This time, Greenskins is short two of its three POMB blitzers, so maybe that will be a deciding factor. Anyway, the winner, if there is one, also wins the division, and the winner will have 24 points, the loser 22. If you twist my arm, I would put my penny down on the Rangers.”

Hertha: “An even closer run in the SHC South, were Avalanche and Bruisers are neck to neck at 17 points with three more games to go for both of them. They both play Grizzlies and Wolfskins, and we expect draws against the Grizzlies and wins against the Wolfskins. Then it comes down to the final week 16, where Bruisers play Wreckers and Avalanche plays Vikings.”

Günther: “Both these two teams have been considerably weakened this season, Vikings are probably better coached than Wreckers, but we still expect both Bruisers and Avalanche to win, so then it comes down to the tiebreakers which is owned by the Bruisers after their 3-1 win in week 12. The divisional title awarded on a tiebreaker!”

Hertha: “Finally, the SHC West is already decided. The White Wolves have been consistent this season, is the only team beside Grizzlies who have not lost a match this season and is the DLE team with the highest tv. They already have 24 points and three more matches, and we don’t see how Manties or Marauders will stop them. Rangers at least have a chance, but we think even they will come up short.”

Günther: “So to summarise, Grizzlies takes the SHC North with 27 points, Rangers wins the SHC East with 24, Bruisers take the South division with 22 points and White Wolves wins the West with 30 points. That means a bye for White Wolves and Grizzlies.”

Hertha: “Have we forgotten the Wild cards?”

Günther: “Not at all… We have suggested above that Vikings will end up with 18 points, Greenskins with 22 and Avalanche 23. From the East division, Legion could potentially get 19 while Marauders can reach 22 and Knights 20. Only Marauders can then possibly oust Greenskins from the play-offs, and to do that they will need to win all 4 remaining matches, including the week 15 meeting with the White Wolves. We do not think this will happen. Thus, the wildcard matches will be Rangers vs Greenskins and Bruisers vs Avalanche. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?!”

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung

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Posted by bghandras on 2018-11-23 19:39:25
Yeah, stone age is not for playoffs. Vikings and Monkeys are not making it this time.
Posted by sonrises on 2018-11-24 12:45:35
Coaching staff meeting at Grizzlies facilities. Coach sonrises is along Jeffrey and McCants watching OBC Sports DLE Weekly Magazine on Cablevision. Tonight, Carroburg Tageszeitung's worldwide famous reporters, Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, are running through their predictions for this season Play-Off. Grizzlies are getting a very good review.
Coach sonrises has a tender look in his eyes and a stupid "teenager in love" smile each time Hertha Wendlinger speaks to the audience. Once the show is over, coach sonrises stands up, walks to the window and looks outside. A brown autumn landscape unfolds in all his splendour before his eyes. He starts talking without turning around.
"Hertha... what a player she was! Quick and strong. Moving up and down the field with grace. All those ladies in that team are marvelous... Good looking and brave. Never losing that pretty smile, even in the heat of the battle. They never take a step back and are ready to fight and hold ground against anyone!! remeber Janine von Meyer? Oh god! She was amazing! those tits...i mean... that gold armour with a CCC written in silver all around that thin waist that grab your look at force you to lower you head and discover the wildest curves..." Coach sonrises needs to stop and recover his pose " i mean, These girls are true ballers! best of his kind! and gentle in her way of playing! Yes, gentle, smart, polite..."
At this point , the sound of 2 chairs crushing on the floor, makes coach sonrises turn around swiftly. Jeffrey on the Floor holding McCants by his ankle. McCants with a red furious face is dragging Jeffrey who tries to hold him by wrapping himself around Mc Cants legs. McCants manacing approaching coach sonrises while shouting "Gentle on her way of playing Blodd Bowl you said coach?? Let me show you how gentle those whores play, if you dont mind coach...Let me show you!!"
4 security staff rush into the office just in time to reduce McCants and take him out the office. Jeffrey stares coach sonrises in a mix of disbelief and rage.
"What's wrong with Mccants jeffrey?" manages to spit out coach still shocked by the recent events.
"Well...where to start the list?...I know... a smashed hip! That would be a good way to start! Yup, McCants' smashed Hip after a game against CCC. Two very good friends of him killed, Adrien Peterson and Sherrid Floyd,... and 7 other Viking teammates permently injured for your lovely girls..." Shoots back jeffrey
"aah... i didnt know that..." mumbles sonrises
" well coach, who do you think got ours Lee Roy Salmon, Kawann Short, Garrett Gilkey, Bashaud Breeland, Ralph Baker and Max Hall killed?" asks jeffrey in anger
"It can't be possible...you mean... my wonderful little Hotties did that?"
Jeffrey couldnt take it any longer and launch a kick right in the middle where manhood really feels the pain. Coach sonrises rolls over the floor screaming in pain and his face dark blue. After throwing that kick Jeffrey felt a big relief..."i should do this more often" thought crossed his mind.
Posted by spelledaren on 2018-11-24 13:15:20

But these predictions...
Vikings have 10 undefeated games in a row behind them, and now we're supposed to lose several? I don't think so...
Posted by bghandras on 2018-11-24 15:48:32
Excellent time to prove them wrong, isnt it, spelledaren?
Posted by Meanandugl on 2018-11-26 13:05:32
Rated 6 for the SHC Playoff predictions, and 7 for the new Sonrises/Jeffrey episode