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DLE – Celebrations as Cascade secures playoff spot!
16.000 fans took the tour down to San Luis and got what they hoped for, a victory that sent the Crimson shirts to the playoff. None of them has left the stadium here in San Luis yet, half an hour after the game was over. They are still singing “We want it all”, the new fan song played for the first time at the musical extravaganza in Carroburg a week ago. And it is still Inga and Vick Ballard who runs around and exhorts everyone to sing it one more time! Are you as excited about this victory as we are, Hertha?

Hertha: ”Indeed! We have coach Vatn with us here, as well as Anders and the rookie catcher, Catharina Jung, who scored the one and only TD of today's game. And let us talk to the rookie first. Catharina, could you have gotten a better start than this in the crimson shirt?”

Catharina: (a short, feisty youngster with dirty-coloured hair) “It’s fantastic. I was just called into the main squad to replace Arend, and when I get on the field for the first time in the second half, Inga shoves the ball into my hands, and I get to run with it, and since those 49ers are under pressure the whole way, no one ever got near me, and it was easy peasy to just walk across the goalline at the end of the match!”

Günther: “So what is your ambition?”

Catharina: “Right now I will at least get another game, against the Wreckers, most likely. I expect to be replaced at the end of the season, though… But any which way, it’s the start of a career “ (her eyes get starry…)

Hertha: “Why the Crimson Cascade?”

Catharina: “Well, it’s so far the only DLE team to take female players…and you got the role models, I guess!”
Günther: “Coach Vatn, are you satisfied with this season?”

Vatn: “Well, we reached the goal I set for my team, to get 20 points and a place in the play-offs. So I guess, in that way I am very satisfied.”

Günther: “I sense a but, here?”

Vatn: (sighs) “Yes. I would have liked to keep some more players. The Rangers are the big losers for sure, but otherwise, although there are about ten teams who are at our level of loss, we have been hit hard. That’s tough.”

Anders: “It is also Blood Bowl, coach…”

The interview is interrupted as a big woman in crimson uniform approaches, screaming drunkenly to Günther. “Fuck you, Günther, for not believing in us!” She comes closer, a half-empty bottle threateningly in one hand and doing an obscene gesture with the other. “But we sch…sch…showed you, really!” Before she can get all the way to Günther, John Hughes puts his big paws on her shoulders and turns her gently around, while Turbin secures the bottle. “No! ‘Is my bottle!” Hughes follows her away as Turbin assures her: “You’ll get it back at the party tonight, for sure. Right now, however, you have had enough!”

Hertha: (to Günther) “Not your greatest fan, that woman?”

Anders: “You have to excuse Janine.” Anders shrugs. “She gets carried away sometime”

Günther: (harrumphs) “Well, anyway. Anders, how far can you get in the play-offs?”

Anders: (grins) “To the top of course.” He laughs. “But then we would need a lot of luck. Realistically, we may get past the Wreckers, but then the next hinder is the Knights, and we won’t get past them. They are simply too good. But we are happy with what we have accomplished. Anything better than what we already have is icing on the cake!”

Hertha: “So what will you do now?”

Catharina: “It’s party time…. You can come too, if you want,” She suddenly looks nervously at Anders. “They can, can’t they?”

Anders: (blandly) “Of course.”

Günther: “Uhm. I think maybe meeting Janine again right now is not my smartest move… Don't think I can handle a piling on.” Anders laughs. “But before we end this wonderful night here in sunny San Luis, what about next season, coach? What are you looking for?”

Vatn: “We got three picks. Unless we lose more persons in the play-off, my priority is an agility catcher to replace Mitchell ("oh my God" can be heard from Catharina...) and a couple of skilled linos, preferably with guard if possible. They will replace Crazy Crawford and rookie Emma Wieser. And then Markelle Martin will come in to replace Lehning.”

Günther: “And the goal?”

Vatn: “We want to win the divisional title. But that will be hard, with Wolfskins and Grizzlies getting better and better, and Vikings won’t give up easily. So we will have our hands full!”

Hertha: “And with those words, we get back to studio. But the party is still on here in San Luis, as today’s victory gave the team in our hearts a place in the play-offs. Tomorrow’s game between Grizzlies and Vikings will decide if it is enough for the divisional title!”

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung
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Posted by SpecialOne on 2017-05-27 09:05:11
Very nice. Keep it coming!
Posted by sonrises on 2017-05-27 09:55:23
if Grizz had known CCC wanted the division so badly...we could have made some arrengments...

Next time come over to our offices...we could find a way for the right compensation...

Posted by neubau on 2017-05-27 10:19:31
well done and good luck in the playoffs! rooting for the cascade of course.
Posted by ttorvatn on 2017-05-27 21:55:57
Just a note: Out of the 12 play-off teams, Günther called 11 correctly (see blogs). The only one he didn't call was Crimson Cascade. He guessed Avalanche for the last Wild-card spot in SHC. So what do you think? Does Janine have a right to be angry...? :)