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DLE fluff - for DLE coaches and interested readers!
DLE: Vikings must bow to their conquerors as CCC takes the divisional lead

It was not meant to happen in Carroburg. Erengrad was designated as site for the week 9 divisional match-up between CCC and the Vikings. But with the Low City Compound in Erengrad closed for renovation, the Vikings suddenly showed up in Carroburg, asking to play the match here. In record time, the Pool was made ready and tickets sold to everyone who looked like they could cheer the crimson shirts on. And what a game we got! CCC started with the ball, sent two Vikings off immediately as the ref blew his whistle, and never looked back. Although Vikings had a 9-2-3 record against our home team before this game and were favourites, this time it was to be different. A Lexer in max form scored two kills, two badly hurt and a VK Bronze Medal on her four fouls before the ref had had enough and sent her off. Goode followed up with two more casualties in the first half, and when Bluhm ran in the TD at the end of the half, the only Viking left on the field was Stipe.
Although the Vikings managed to score in the second, they had to do so in a hurry and did not have the manpower to hold the crimson shirts in defense. Star reporter The_Nabster as usual left an excellent commentary on Discord for those who want to follow the replay minute by minute. We turn to the inner field where our star reporters Hertha and Günther have cornered a happy head coach.


Hertha and Günther stand beside the blond head coach and two of her players, a short youngster with spikes all over and a solidly built woman with curly, black hair.

Hertha: (to Inga) “Congratulations, Inga! What a match this was!”

Inga: (smiling broadly) “Glad you liked it. We knew we had this kind of game in us, and we finally got to prove it. And I have to tell you, when Goode and the runt here…” She ruffles the youngster’s hair spikes “… goes at it, they can almost clear the field by themselves! As they proved today!”

Hertha: “I should also wish you welcome back!”

Inga: “Thank you! I was happy to return in time for this game, even though it doesn’t seem like I was deeply missed, when you look at the job the team and Cody have done while I was away!”

Günther: “And now you are at the top of the division, Inga. And you have 12 points already. Do you still expect 15 this season, or have you changed your goals?”

Inga: (laughs) “OK. You got me there. The way I see it right now, we should be able to get at least 4 more points out of our own division, and I will also increase my expectations for points from the SHCS from three to four. So we should end up at 20. Satisfied?”

Günther: (grins) “Very!”

Hertha: “And you have brought some players with you as well.”

Inga: “Yes. It’s time for you to talk to Ann-Katrin again!”

Hertha: (to the spiked girl) “Lexer, two kills, two badly hurt in four fouls. How do you do it?”

Lexer: (preening) “It’s all in the f*=/%# footwork. Of course, you also need a godamnedawful lot of training. I really hate that, but what can a wee lassie do? ‘specially when ah got grannie ‘ere (she indicates Inga) watchin’ me like ah wanna steal her #%&# gold spoon?”

Günther: “This season you passed IK Enemkpali to become the greatest fouler in DLE history. How does it feel to be a DLE legend?”

Lexer: (shrugs) “Nah. No blasted legend, jus’ a plain Carroburg gutter rat.” She grins “But with what ah’m getting paid ‘ere just fer walkin’ around this field, ah’m the richest gutter rat there is. By far! It’s a real %&#%# rip-off!”

Hertha: (to the other woman) “You are another newcomer to the CCC this season, Adrienne, and you showed some fancy footwork tonight. Your shadowing Washington ended up tripping him into KO’ing himself. How does that work?”

Adrienne: “It’s basically a technique were you follow the opponents moves as best you can, keeping close on their heels and thus forcing them to keep on dodging. You need to look mostly at their legs and center of mass. If you are good, sooner or later they will either have to stop or fail their dodges. This helps locking players down in positions and prevent them from staying mobile. Works best with slow players, though.”

Hertha: “I see. It certainly worked well on Washington. And I hear you taught it to Berndt, who caused an injury on Enemkpali using that technique in the Sluggers match?”

Adrienne: “Yep. It’s useful, and one could argue that it is a potential gamechanger. At least it paid off handsomely against the Sluggers and now tonight against the Vikings. Inga has talked about even more CCC players learning the skill.”

Günther: (to Inga). “So how long do you think the CCC will be able to carry on their lead?”

Inga: “Well, we won tonight and will savour that, but we do not for a moment think that the Vikings will give us an easy time. Rather the opposite, they will be more eager than ever to win in our next meeting, and they will surely follow us to the door for the division. They are still fully capable of that. And Wolfskins and Grizzlies are on the way up as well. We have nothing but respect for that.”

Günther: “I noticed no other team has increased their tw more than CCC since the start of eth season. A total increase of 180! And do you plan any trades for midseason, or are you satisfied with what you got?”

Inga: (smiles) “We won’t tell you much about that, of course, but I would be surprised if we see more than two new players among the crimson shirts after midseason.”

Hertha: “And with that, we end the first part of the season, and eagerly await the next chapter. Could this be the big chance for the Crimson Cascade? Come to the Pool after midseason and follow your heroes.”

Brought to you by Hertha Wendlinger and Günther Schiele, Carroburg Tageszeitung.
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Posted by spelledaren on 2020-05-07 18:37:16

We really got destroyed this time. Already excited for the rematch!
Posted by Danish_Dan on 2020-05-08 11:40:50
Ahh I really miss playing against you, and the brilliant fluff we had going on. This another fantastic example of it.

Keep it up Ttor, and congrats on beating Spelle!
Posted by SpecialOne on 2020-05-08 21:42:52
Good stuff ttorvatn! Good stuff. Maybe Robbert Graaf should start working on something again.