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2021-09-02 11:32:40
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FUMBBL BB2020 Status
There's been a fair few questions regarding the status of BB2020 on the site, and I figured I might as well write things down in one place and direct people here instead of answering the same questions repeatedly. So this blog entry will be a summary of the current state and I will keep updating it as work progresses.

2021-09-06 01:10 Update
The bugfix release that was mentioned below turned out to be highly successful. Zero reports of the missing skill issue, and zero reports of pass skill reroll not working. We're calling this issue fixed and continuing with other minor fixes while moving forward with additional features and getting closer to BB2020 compliance.

The major missing features and issues with BB2020 on the website have also been resolved, with predetermined skills functioning as expected. Existing teams will need to re-pick their skills though.

With these last major site-issues resolved, the competitive division has officially opened for teams and play. The new division is still only open for new teams and work continues towards getting the new gamefinder functional, followed by seasons and blackbox 2.0 as described below.

It's been an incredibly long and tough journey, and it's almost surreal to be able to say that FUMBBL is officially running BB2020 rules now, while at the same time fully supporting BB2016 rules. The ability to run both rulesets in parallel is something I honestly didn't think would be possible but here we are.

That being said, there's a long path ahead to complete the migration. One step at a time will get us there!

Initial post

The client version that is deployed on the live server has BB2020 support, covering all the core gameplay mechanics. Work is currently focused on fixing bugs and issues as they are reported. Once work with bugs fades out, we will resume work on adding additional features with Star Player specific skills being next in line.

On the client side, the BB2016 ruleset will continue to be supported, and bugs will be addressed as they are found. No additional BB2016 specific features are likely to be added though.

This is the primary focus of new development. The goal, as has always been the case, is to support 100% of the most current ruleset to the best of our ability. We may never get there, but it's a good guide for the direction of where the client is going. On top of the "official" rules, there will be continued work in this space to allow leagues to run variant rulesets as per normal on FUMBBL. Features like official support for Sevens would of course be awesome, but it is a huge development task and isn't likely to happen soon.

Known bugs
Bugs that have been reported and noticed by the FFB developers are tracked on an off-site project management tool called Asana. I don't want to maintain a copy of the bug list manually in this blog, and instead have a separate page where these are automatically synchronized: Asana Bugs.

Non-functional skills
Outside of those issues, we are currently trying to figure out a very complex issue where certain skills sometimes don't function in games. This can be resolved by having all players and specs disconnect from the game and then rejoin (which causes a server-side reload). This is the highest priority bug we are working on right now, and have done a couple of passes of adding more logging to the system on top of improving pieces of code where we have been guessing the problem have been. As I write this, we have deployed an update with a potential fix, and are awaiting feedback to see if it happens again.

We have also been tracking an issue with the Pass skill reroll not working. The skill sort of half-works, but the reroll is never made. The root cause may be related to the bug above, and we have added more logging to the pass sequence to have more details of the internal state if this bug reappears. We're continuing monitoring on this as well.

On the website side, we are not quite as far advanced. The update of the BB2020 version of the client was a huge milestone though and it will allow me to keep progressing my fairly extensive todo list of things to get done.

There are a number of minor bugs (which again I won't maintain in this blog post). The overall status is as follows, roughly in order of implementation:

BB2020 in League
- BB2020 is available as an option for custom ruleset leagues
- This is not fully supported, and there are a few known issues (which are high-priority for me to fix)
- Standard BB2020 skill progression is functional
- Predetermined skills has issues (teams get to pick bb2016 skills isntead of bb2020 ones, which will have mixed results)

Competitive Division
- Once the core issues are resolved, the competitive division will be opened up
- At the start, seasons will not be enabled and no re-drafting will take place.
- Gamefinder and Blackbox will not function for this division to begin with.

- Season support will be added a bit down the line.
- This will likely begin in the League division to get some real-world testing done prior to being added to the competitive division.

Gamefinder 2.0
- Gamefinder 2.0 will be deployed before the new Blackbox.
- It's a complete rewrite and I am hoping the new method will be well received, and should improve the process of finding games.

Blackbox 2.0
- Another complete rewrite. Both of these are rewrites to get rid of some legacy technology and complex development platforms.
- There are no planned significant changes to the scheduler algorithm, and will simply allow competitive teams to participate as described in an earlier blog regarding the plans for bb2020. I won't reiterate them here, but will probably do another writeup at a later date.

Team Migration
- Old R and B teams will be able to migrate over to the new Competitive division.
- There has been a preliminary "migration script" shown before, and work with this script will be finalized and teams should be able to migrate over to the new Competitive division
- The current intent is to not actually move teams, but to archive the current teams and create copies of them for the competitive division. This maintains a snapshot of the "glory days" for certain long-lived teams.

BB2016 -> BB2020 migration for Leagues
- Once the above things have been addressed, I will look at the state of Leagues and see if there is a need for updating the migration script to assist L leagues to migrate their teams to bb2020. Given the length of time between now (when you can essentially create new teams for bb2020) and this step happening, there's a chance that this step won't be worth the time and effort. It's currently on the todo list though but will be re-evaluated once the site has come further along.
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Posted by Araznaroth on 2021-09-02 12:42:45
Amazing work! This site is the best!!!
Posted by bakadon on 2021-09-02 17:01:52
Site and support is truly inspiring in the current www. If I were better paid I'd support more than my pittance. Thank you as always.

Just need a script to make me a better coach now :)
Posted by The_Murker on 2021-09-04 03:58:11
Cool to hear about the progress. Thank you.
If the Black Box pairing algorithm will be very similar, does this mean the new one will (still?) have a small bias against racial 'mirror matches', and/or cause certain teams to face their racial nemesis less often than a 'racially unbiased' scheduler? (AKA.. an amazon protection feature, saving ladies from beards)
Posted by Arioso on 2021-09-06 07:39:34
We couldn't ask for more. Thanks for all your effords!
Posted by sokeeffe on 2021-09-06 11:43:33

Fantastic work Christer and Candlejack, and all the others who slaved hard on this.
This is why FUMBBL is the best place to play BB.
Posted by Niebling on 2021-09-06 12:06:28
Hey I have been out of the loop for a while, is this a new client or is it the old client updated?
I am wondering if maybe IOS was supported now?

Great work, this might just bring me back to fumbbl :)
Posted by Candlejack on 2021-09-06 20:16:12
"Just" an update of the old client to support the new rules. So no mobile support.
Posted by RustyVector on 2021-09-07 13:30:44
As someone who only recently got into blood bowl with the 2020 set, this is awesome!

iOS support would be a dream, but I’m still happy to see this progress!
Posted by sebco on 2021-09-07 19:47:11
That is so much fun for us and it should have been so much work for you, thanks a lot!
Posted by Teowulf on 2021-09-10 13:00:12
Awesome! Thanks a lot!!!