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Drafttime season 2 DLE
The Rotenbach Razorbacks are up very soon to make their very first pick in the DLE.

Here is a bit of the pressconference before the first draftpick. Live from the Rotenbach Stadium "The Pit". Paticipants from the organization is Owner SpecialOne and headcoach Johnson DeVille. Some people have been wondering why star thrower Martin Von Rijn isn't at this pressconference. Will the team draft a 2nd thrower?

Reporter #1: How did you prepare for your first ever draft?

SpecialOne: I don't have any experience from a draftleague, so besides our gifted Headcoach we have a grand network of infor... erhmm scouts around the league, looking at the other teams, looking at their style of play, we have read scouting reports on every player and we keep a keen eye on injuries on the other teams leaving spaces open that they want to replace.

DeVille: And we have joined the DLE7, so we ourselves can form the crop of the future DLE players. A projekt we have great faith in.

Reporter #2: Did you say informants? Isn't that against league fairplay?

SpecialOne: Yes is it, and we ofcourse doesn't endorce anything of that kind. But. It wasn't a surprise when Valen and his San Luis 49'ers picked one of the best catchers in the draft. Their style of play will be something we need to take into account when drafting, as we are meeting this rival twice a season.

Reporter #1: Who will you draft first?

SpecialOne: We will draft the best player available. Just as we told you last time we met up here.

Reporter #1: you can do better. You are up to draft in only 5 picks, as the draft is already going.

(SpecialOne and DeVille mumbles away from the microphones)

DeVille: We will go for a good takedown man. A blitzer, a lineman, even a catcher if that player has the takedown abilities that we are looking for. And we will not give you nosy boys more info than that. But we can tell you that our priorities will shift throughout this draft.

SpecialOne takes over: And we are very exited so finally be part of this great league. Not one game was a forfeit, and only one game was one day late of schedule. That speaks of a league in good balance, and with dedicated coaches all over. Indeed a stabile and good league to part of.

Reporter #2: Will you draft a 2nd Thrower?

DeVille: No we will not. Tannehill is already gone, and we have great faith in Martin Von Rijn. He is out leader and captain of the in this comming season. Lot of the young players will be looking to him, if some kind of sh*t, hits some kind of fan. We know he will take that responsibility on his shoulder and prevail.

(It looks like the supposed rift between DeVille and Von Rijn atleast is under control at the moment)

This was the end of this pressconference, we will be back when the draft is over to evaluate on the new players and the composition of the team.

Rotenback Razorbacks. Gong Ho! Gong Ho!

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Posted by bghandras on 2016-06-24 23:22:31
Posted by Meanandugl on 2016-06-25 17:02:39
Posted by SpecialOne on 2016-06-26 09:10:57
First pick is in the books!

Overall pick 13. Player #34. Brandon Taylor, blitzer, Mighty Blow/PO/Tackle.

A nice help to our MB/Tackle Blitzer, who joined the team before the draft. They can now help eachother out if one of them gets stuck in a brawl elsewhere on the pitch.
Posted by SpecialOne on 2016-06-29 09:29:45
Second pick is in.

Overall pick 39. Player #29. Casey Hayward, Catcher, +AV/Block/Tackle/Shadowing

This player can be really annoing and is surely meant to be on defence, even though he is a catcher.

Rotenbach Razorbacks are really going for a strong defence in this first draft.
Posted by SpecialOne on 2016-07-05 08:18:47
After what seems like an eternity of waiting the 3rd pick is in.

Overall pick 94. Player #157. Jeff Feagles, Lineman, Wrestle/Jump Up.

This pick is though as a protectionplayer for the stars on the team. Jeff will one of guys who need to get in there and take some beating, so the stars go free. Rotten job, but somebody got to do it!
Posted by SpecialOne on 2016-07-08 11:58:35
4th pick

Overall pick 107. Player #86. Danny Trevathan, Blitzer, Dauntless/Pro/Jump Up.

Danny gives us a totally other angle on how blitzers can help the team, and we look forward to him giving all those +ST players a lesson or 2!
Posted by SpecialOne on 2016-07-08 12:02:03
5th and final pick.

Overall pick 130(3rd last pick). Player #123. Justin Ellis, Ogre, Stand Firm/Guard.

Justin is brought in to give the team some backbone, and the much needed guard that the team lacks a lot. The centre must hold! And Justin will provide just that! We are exited to have him on board, and we expect him to play a major role in the season to come.